How To Lose Weight On A Budget - Save Dollars And Lose Pounds.

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Tightening the purse strings doesn’t necessarily mean waving goodbye to the weight loss diet and workouts. With these smart strategies you can save money and still lose weight, all at the same time.

Swap to Drinking Water. Water is extremely healthy and an essential part of everyone’s intake. Better yet, water is free and has absolutely no calories, fat grams, or sugar of any kind. Think strategically and take a water bottle from home when you are hitting the gym, or going for a walk or jog. This way you won’t have to be paying to rehydrate yourself when you are thirsty. If you like your water cold, leave it in the freezer or fridge overnight.

Learn How To Cook Your Own Home Made “TV Dinners”

Like many other people, you probably use microwave meals at work. These pre-portioned little lunches are so convenient! What if you knew how to prepare them yourself? What if you could fill your freezer with delicious home cooked diet meals, eat what you love and save money at the same time? Mrs Jonni Good has developed a very practical approach to cooking her own frozen diet meals. If you are looking for a natural weight loss solution and healthy diet food, visit her website. Jonni's easy diet plan lets you lose weight while eating delicious home-cooked meals.

Workout DVDs. If you can’t justify the cost of the classes at the local gym hire or buy a quality workout DVD. There are literally hundreds to select from.

Free Exercise. There are plenty of activities that do not cost anything that will keep you fit. Walking, jogging and running are all great examples. These can all be combined into a family outing. Dust off bikes and rollerblades and head to the nearest park or exercise track.

Walk or Ride a Bike as Transport. Use your legs as a form of free transport. Can you walk or ride a bike to work, or to do the errands? Burning more calories and saving on transport or petrol is a win-win situation.

Select Healthy More Cost Effective Meals.  It is always going to be cheaper to prepare a meal yourself than buy it ready made.  Take a salad, last night’s leftovers, or a healthy wholemeal sandwich to the office. Cut back on meats and use filling vegetables to take their place. Vegetarian meals tend to be less costly to make than those laden with meat. Buy supplies in bulk, and then freeze the portions you do not eat.

Gym Memberships. Before you cancel your gym membership read the fine print and see if there are going to be any financial punishments.  If it is going to cost you more to quit than stay, then maybe you should just avail yourself of all of their facilities included in your membership. Increase the frequency of your visits so that you are getting maximum value for your money. Try out as many different classes as you can. The more you mix it up, the better the results will be. Once you are outside the penalty time frame then you can quit.




Tough economic times need not sabotage your diet and workouts. Buy smart, prepare in advance, and incorporate free workouts, and you can save money and still drop a dress size.  

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