How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat Effectively

We often hear “If I could just lose a few pounds around the middle I would feel better!” or “summer is coming soon and I want to look good in my new bikini but I can’t with this belly fat!” And so trimming down the tummy has become a concern of many people who have dreams of a chiseled six pack of abs.

But many at the same time are confused on exactly how to approach the problem toward losing belly fat. Also many have spent a pretty sum of money trying to lose a few pounds and are no closer to reaching their goal of a flatter mid-section. So what is the solution to lose stubborn belly fat?


The Secret for Losing Belly Fat

To lose stubborn belly fat effectively is no secret but is in fact a combination of actions taken to create an environment where belly fat is burned more efficiently. A study performed at Penn State University by Dr. Kris-Etherton has yielded the following suggestions: eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and eat a healthy amount of whole grains.


Eat a Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet means including an ample selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, beans, nuts, poultry and fish. These food varieties are low in fat but they are all good sources of the protein, vitamins and minerals your body needs to produce the energy necessary to burn off those extra pounds of belly fat.

Remember that no one food group can deliver all the nutrients necessary on a daily basis and so a balanced diet rich in a selection of foods is best for ensuring proper nutrition. It is especially important to give the body the nutrients it needs during a weight loss program.


Exercising Regularly

The phrase “exercise regularly” tends to scare some who are not as active as they should be, but we are not talking about running a 10k race or triathlon here. A sufficient amount of exercise according to the good doctor is an hour of exerted effort. Brisk walking or jogging will do just fine.

Of course the higher the exertion levels during your exercise program the more calories that will be burned off and the quicker your belly fat is going to disappear. Consistent and moderate levels of exercise each day will do just fine for promoting belly fat loss.


Whole Grains

The magic that whole grains bring to the table is they can replace highly refined carbohydrates. It is necessary to limit carbohydrates obtained from products containing high levels of refined sugar because they will inhibit the fat burning process. Including whole grains in your diet to replace refined carbohydrates is important.

Whole grains which tend to be low in sugar will not invoke the hormone insulin when ingested. Whole grains also contain a large amount of fiber which will inhibit hunger pangs as they will fill you up longer thereby helping with appetite control as well.

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