How To Get Into The Best Shape Ever

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Most fitness enthusiasts who are trying to get into a better shape know that they need to work out on a consistent basis—and that’s no easy feat. To stay on the right path, you need to have ample motivation, the right exercise routines, and the proper eating guidelines that can help you lose the extra pounds without sacrificing performance for weight loss.

Therefore, if you’re really looking to get the perfect physic, here are a few practical tips that can help.

Eat Your Fat

Fat has a bad reputation in the health circles. But it shouldn’t because fats are not created equal. In fact, moderate amount of fat intake can help you lose more weight. You just need to consume the right kinds.

Monosaturated fats should you be on your daily menu; this type keeps you feeling satisfied by reducing hunger pangs, and have minimal impact on blood sugar levels. The good fats are usually found in vegetable oils, such as canola and olive oil, and avocadoes.

On the other hand, the bad fats—also known as saturated and trans fats—raise your level of DLL (the bad cholesterol), increase the likelihood of heart related problems and , and can lead to weight gain.

Lose weight with protein

Not only proper protein intake speeds up post-workout recovery and muscle growth, it can also help you shed the extra pounds by eliminating cravings for unhealthy snacking.

In a study published by the Cambridge University, people whose diet consisted of fifteen percent protein consumed 1036 fewer calories over a 4-day period than those whose diet was ten percent protein. And according to the same study, most of the extra calories came from unhealthy snacking.

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Build A Six-Pack With Deadlifts

Traditional abdominal-focused training (think crunches) is not the most efficient way when it comes to getting a ripped midsection. According to study at Southern Illinois University, subjects who performed this type of abs training for a period of six weeks reported no reduction in belly fat, bodyweight or waist circumference.

Nevertheless, the better approach for sculpting your abs is via working out with heavy total-body exercises such as deadlifts, pushups, squats and shin ups. These types of exercise will not only help you get a stronger stomach, they will also help you build a stronger core, boost muscle mass—by recruiting more muscles—and get into the best shape of your life.

Suppress Hunger With Running

When it comes to shedding the pounds and boosting fitness levels through the roof, running is the way to go. Furthermore, research published in The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine revealed that running can also help you suppress appetite and prevent overeating.

According the study, subjects who finished a long run at 50-70 percent of their maxim cardio power had lower levels of ghrelin—the hormone in charge of hunger—than those who remained sedentary. Therefore, make sure to incorporate running into your training program. Go for a long run just before a heavy meal—especially during the holidays when overeating is the norm.

David DACK is a runner and an established author on weight loss, motivation and fitness. If you want more free tips from David DACK, then go to to download his 35-Pages FREE "Weight Loss By Running" eBook.

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