How To Get Affordable Tummy Tucks For an Inexpensive Great Look

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Get Your Tummy Tucked Affordably—South of the Border

Health travel, or medical tourism, has long been accepted and popular in Europe, and is starting to catch on in the U.S. and Canada too—particularly for elective procedures not covered by health insurance, such as most kinds of cosmetic surgery.

Currently an estimated half million US citizens travel abroad each year to exciting places like Mexico, India, Thailand, Singapore, and Central and South America for lower-cost medical treatments, often combined with enjoyable vacations in beautiful locations. The emergence of Mexico as a prime medical travel destination is particularly great news for American men and women interested in tuning up their physical appearance affordably.

Take the Tummy Tuck. For women who are still struggling with the aftereffects of pregnancy on a once-svelte profile or for people who’ve succeeded in losing weight but are left with stretched muscles and sagging skin that no amount of exercise will undo, a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a great way to restore both appearance and self-confidence. Often combined with liposuction, abdominoplasty involves the surgical removal of that excess fat and skin which diet and exercise can’t touch and the tightening and strengthening of stomach muscles.

Cost Of Tummy Tacks

Stateside, tummy tucks are likely to cost as much as $8,500, possibly more. In Mexico, the procedure can be performed by internationally trained surgeons for 50 to 75% less--as little as $2,700.

In Monterrey, for instance, one of the area’s top healthcare facilities, the Hospital San Jose TEC de Monterrey has an expert team of experienced cosmetic surgeons, many of them U.S. trained physicians like Dr. Jaime Rodriguez Sierra, who received advanced surgical training through fellowships in Houston and San Antonio, Texas and Oakland, CA. These doctors and facilities use the same tools and advanced techniques as the top plastic surgeons in the United States and around the world, with the best quality materials and safety protocols.

To help connect interested patients with the best experience, specialized medical travel agencies like Monterrey-based Travel For Care are emerging to serve this growing market. Travel for Care assists people in finding both top-flight medical care and first-class accommodations. Travel for Care manager Heather Wicklow notes that Monterrey is on the way to becoming one of the premier medical travel destinations for procedures like the Tummy Tuck—and a wide range of other elective and non-elective treatments.

Says Wicklow, “We offer excellent internationally trained surgeons and JCI-accredited facilities at very affordable prices. If you are considering surgery, you should have no where else to look. These prices allow US patients to bring along a relative, include leisure in their trip, and still achieve interesting savings.”

This is likely to be a growing trend well into the future, as more people experience the benefits and spread the news among their friends and colleagues in the States and Canada. As Dr. Sierra remarks, “Our former patients are going back home and showing their friends how inexpensive it was for them to get back a nice and youthful look.”

For more information about Travel for Care and “Medical Solutions Close to Home,” you can visit their website at, or contact General Manager Gabriel Senior.

I agree, medical tourism

I agree, medical tourism changed my life. I had liposuction and nose job and went really good! You can find the best surgeons at very affordable prices.

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