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RachelBarnard's picture 12 healthy snacks that will help keep you thin

It’s mid day and your stomach is longer for a bag of chips while your mind is telling you to drink a glass of water and wait until dinner. Which is right? Do you listen to your gut or your brain?

When your tummy sounds like a rabid bear after a honey pot, you shouldn’t ignore it. Sure, we’ve been convinced that snacking leads to weight gain. However, if you indulge yourself with a healthy snack you can actually lose more weight and feel great in the process!

There’s zero need to feel guilty about snacking if you snack wisely. In truth, healthy snacks not only help manage hunger—they reduce the overpowering need to binge on fatty, sugary foods when you succumb to a snack attack. Think of it this way: you can enjoy a piece of fruit and a small carton of yogurt to curb hunger mid day or weaken to the first fast food drive thru on your way home from work. Which is better? The apple and yogurt by far!

Healthy snacks will keep the metabolism up between meals—which actually aid the body’s fat burning abilities and keeps you fueled throughout your day. So if you’re trying to lose weight for say, a wedding or to fit in one of the lovely dresses for 2012 homecoming, snacking the right way can actually help you attain your goals. Remember, we most often succumb to unhealthy binging when we’re really hungry, so healthy snacking will actually help you stick with your weight loss goals.

How snacking promotes weight loss

The key is to plan ahead by preparing healthy snacks to take to work and school. This way, you will be able to resist that drive thru bacon double cheese burger when hunger pangs set in. Create a routine of healthy snacking and resist binge eating in your household by:

  • Eating a healthy snack when you feel hunger
  • Consume a small healthy snack before attending a party where there will be lots of unhealthy options—this way you will better resist the fatty h'orderves
  • Pack a few healthy snacks in your lunch box as well as your kids’ lunches to curb unhealthy binge eating at work and school
  • Make sure you have fresh fruit and veggies cut and in the fridge for healthy snacks at home and one the go

12 healthy snack recommendations include the following:

  1. A cup of low fat yogurt and apple slices
  2. Two cups of baby carrots and celery stalks with homemade hummus spread
  3. One small bag air-popped popcorn
  4. A large apple smeared with a teaspoon of almond butter
  5. ½ can of chunk light tuna on rice crackers
  6. A rice cake smeared with almond butter
  7. ½ cup of almonds and dried cranberries
  8. ½ cup of grapes and ½ cup of low fat cheese cubes
  9. A bountiful cup of fresh, colorful veggies
  10. Lean chicken or turkey on a ½ pita with veggies and mustard
  11. Egg whites on a ½ whole grain English muffin
  12. ½ cup of low fat soup with 6 whole grain crackers

One last tip for healthy snacking…

The goal is always balance when it comes to healthy eating. Every snack you consume should ideally provide a balance of fresh veggies (i.e., carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, celery, spinach, zucchini, and cucumber), fresh fruits (i.e., grapes, melon, apple, pear, pineapple, banana, and berries), healthy whole grain carbohydrates (i.e., whole grain crackers, brown rice, and fiber-rich cereals), and lean protein (i.e., egg whites, nuts and seeds, nut butters, lean turkey or chicken, low fat dairy or yogurt).

Bio: Rachel Barnard is a self-confessed shopaholic and contributing writer for Style Cynics, a fashion and celebrity gossip site that features the latest buzz and the hottest styles.

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