How Raspberry Ketone Extract Works for Weight Loss

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As people struggle with their desk jobs, as well as unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles, obesity has emerged as perhaps the biggest threat, which triggers many other serious ailments over the years. The resolve to stick to a stringent diet or visiting the gym often runs out of steam midway, which does no good to the person who has enthusiastically vowed to do these things to avoid being plagued by obesity. If you have been suffering from obesity or fear that you are slowly inching towards the treatment zone, it’s time to think about feasible and effective alternatives that would help you stay fit. Raspberry ketone extract - a popular health supplement, is one such solution, which has helped many people steer clear of obesity.

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Raspberry ketone – what is it?

It is a natural phenolic and the key aromatic compound in red raspberries. Apart from its antioxidant properties, it’s also popular for those looking to lose weight as it encourages fat loss. But before you think about using raspberry ketone extract to lose weight, it’s important to know about the underlying science of weight loss.  In a lab experiment on mice, it was found that raspberries  play a big role in reducing the amount of fat accumulation in the liver and visceral adipose (abdominal fat). It also helps in increasing norepinephrine-induced lipolysis (the decomposition of fat) in some rat fat cells.

Adiponectin is a protein which is used by the body to regulate metabolism. High levels of adiponectin in the body means lower fat levels.  Researchs  were conducted on effect of raspberry ketons on in vitro fat cells and its was found that it lead to the higher secretion of adiponectin which can significantly help in reducing fat level

Losing weight – the basic science behind it

Before embarking on your goal to shed fat, you have to understand that your body has several different metabolic actions that can influence the outcome. To encourage fat loss, three key actions should happen, namely:

  • A boost to calorie expenditure
  • Decrease in fat absorption, and
  • An increase in fat breakdown

These can be achieved if you act as mentioned below:

  • Boost your Calorie Expenditure: Enhancing oxygen consumption and thermogenesis can cause your calorie expenditure to increase, which in turn would encourage healthy fat loss.
  • Decrease your fat absorption and buildup: Pancreatic lipase – an enzyme, acts to help in the digestion of dietary fat. By restraining the activity of pancreatic lipase, you can decrease dietary fat absorption and also bring down the extent of fat build-up (lipogenesis).
  • Increase your Fat Breakdown: Fats – a significant energy storehouse in humans, are typically stored in adipose tissue as triglycerides. When your body needs energy, these triglycerides are broken down into FFAs (free fatty acids) and glycerol. But for proper triglyceride breakdown, HSL (hormone-sensitive lipase), which is your body’s most potent fat-burning enzyme, should be activated. To trigger the breakdown of triglycerides, HSL should move to the fat cells’ lipid droplet from the cytosol so that it can do the job. So, you have to use supplements that support this translocation of HSL so that you shed fat and achieve your weight loss goals.

Losing weight with raspberry ketone extract

Now that you know how to trigger fat loss, let’s take a look at how the consumption of the raspberry ketone extract can help you in your endeavor:

  • Encouraging fat breakdown: This supplement supports the translocation of HSL to the fat cells’ lipid droplet from the cytosol so that triglycerides are broken down the right way and fats stored in them are released as energy.
  • Improved ability to metabolize fat: Some research results indicate that raspberry ketone extract stimulates adiponectin’s production. The hormone adiponectin is found in fatty tissue that gives your ability to metabolize fat a boost. So, it’s no wonder when some other studies revealed how thin people with improved fat metabolism had higher levels of adiponectin as compared to their obesity and overweight counterparts.
  • A boost to calorie expenditure: Supplements containing raspberry ketone extract as their key element improves your body’s oxygen intake and trigger BAT (Brown Adipose Tissue), which helps you burn more calories. According to many health and fitness experts, raspberry ketone can offer substantial help in your weight-loss efforts, particularly when you complement its intake with regular exercise and a well-balanced diet that comprises of healthy and whole foods.

What do studies and experiments on animals show?

In one experiment, scientists fed mice with a high-fat diet along with raspberry ketone for almost 10 weeks to test the effect of raspberry ketone on obesity. Some experiments were carried out in vitro (in petri dishes, test tubes, etc.). Results showed that the amount of fat in the liver and abdominal fat (visceral adipose) tissues of mice were significantly reduced by raspberry ketone. In some fat cells of rats, a significant increase in norepinephrine-induced decomposition of fat (lipolysis) was also observed. The animal test results on raspberry ketone showed how it prevents obesity and fatty liver in certain animals. Though the exact mechanism is still not understood thoroughly, scientists and researchers believe these effects to be triggered by raspberry ketone as it alters the lipid metabolism, or more specifically, in boosting norepinephrine-induced lipolysis in fat cells.  

Studies in Mice

What do these test results mean for humans?

In biomedical research, rats and mice are the most extensively used animal models. So, the positive results in the lab during the early stages are taken as a promising sign. However, such results don’t necessarily mean that humans consuming raspberry ketone would experience the same outcomes. So, even when many people proclaim the benefits of raspberry ketone, experiments and studies are still on to find conclusive proofs.

Why can’t you simply eat the berries?

Many people ask why they can’t simply eat the red raspberries to benefit from it, instead of taking the extract. The answer is because the extent of raspberry ketone in the berry is small, which is why you would need to consume about 90 lbs a day if you want to enjoy the weight loss benefits that a concentrated, single 100mg dose of the ketone extract would offer. But 90 lbs a day of red raspberries would mean loads of fiber, which is almost impossible for a human to consume. So, the next best thing that you can do is to opt for the raspberry ketone extract from a reliable store.

You should buy your raspberry ketone extract from a reliable store, because several similar products are available in the market, which may not offer good results. It has been seen that such products often have:

  • Not enough raspberry ketones to offer speedy and effective results.
  • Extra ingredients like caffeine, acai, kelp etc to give the impression that it has more dosage, whereas they actually take away from the effectiveness and quantity of the pure raspberry ketones.
  • Ketones grown in labs and not from actual raspberries.
  • Extra binders or fillers.

Remember – your supplement should use 100% pure raspberry ketones to offer weight loss results that you desire. So, choose the store carefully from where you buy your raspberry ketone extract.

Bio: This post is written by James Hundson a fitness expert. I help people in their weight loss goal and write on health , bodybuilding and fitness.

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Interesting, any time table on human trials

Hi James,

This is very interesting. I was wondering if there is any time table regarding the human trials? Trying to find info on that but can't seem to locate anything. I'd like to watch this!

Similar effects from teas, specially green teas and white teas.

The effects and the processes mentioned are similar to when one also consumes tea in raw form. That is without milk and sugar. Not all teas are said to have the same effect. All green teas and white teas of the world are equally suited to perform the same.
The post on raspberries is very infformative and an article on its benefits, till date overlooked, is commendable.

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