How Can a BMR Calculator Help Me Lose Weight?

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A BMR calculator shows you your basal metabolic rate, or your rate of metabolism. This is the actual rate at which your energy is expended by your body when it is at rest. The workings of the body, even while you are at rest, make up sixty to seventy percent of the total calories you burn every day. Your BMR can be influenced by many factors, including exercise habits, gender, height, weight and age.

If you use a traditional, restrictive diet that doesn't allow you to take in many calories at all, your BMR may drop twenty percent. You're not giving your body calories to burn with diets like these, so it slows down your body's caloric usage.

BMR calculators are only to be used as rough guides to the energy you expend daily. You can't get actual values from the calculators, and the values may be plus or minus fifteen percent, since the readings will fluctuate. But they can give you a photo, if you will, of your BMR at any given time.

The Active Metablic Rate

When you are active, your body will, of course, burn more calories than it does at rest. After you calculate your BMR, you can then enter in the number of minutes, on average, that you are active each day. This will aid you in calculating your Active Metabolic Rate or AMR. Exercise can range from very light to very heavy, and the results will give you a good idea of how many calories your body needs in a day. Click the “calculate” button on your BMR calculator to find out what your Daily Energy Requirement is. This is the sum of your AMR and BMR results.

Using the BMR calculator will show you that weight loss is a simple mathematical equation that sadly, isn't so simple to accomplish. If you expend more calories than you take in, you will lose weight. If you take in more calories than you burn off, you will gain weight. This is a simple formula to calculate, but is much harder to stick to in daily life.

If your BMR calculator has figured that your energy requirement is 2000 calories a day and you ingest 2012 calories a day, these extra calories will be turned into fat, regardless of whether the foods you ate were healthy fruits and vegetables or candy. Your body will store those calories as fat until you need them.

By using your BMR calculator to determine your total requirement of energy (BMR + AMR), you can assess what your calorie expenditure is on a daily basis, and thus calculate how many calories you can take in and still operate at a deficit, meaning you are using more calories than you are taking in.

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