How a Macrobiotic Meal Plan helps you to be Healthier and Slim Down

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Macrobiotic meal or macrobiotic diet is a nutritional ideology which focuses on the food that is to be eaten based on a person’s health, the climate of the area he belongs to, age, gender, and different considerations. The diet is based on different variables. All it contains is organic food. The word macrobiotic has initiated from the words ‘macro’ which means big and ‘bios’ means life. Therefore, Macrobiotics means the key to a long lasting life. Macrobiotic meal plan simply means you can never have MARGARITA AND CHEESE!

The Macrobiotic food plan includes the following meal in their plan:

  • Vegetables – Veggies are one of the most important parts of your meal plan. They should constitute a minimum of 30% of your meal. All green veggies are essential to have apart from Spinach.
  • Grains – The basic element of a macrobiotic meal is Grains. 40-60% of the meal should be of grains such as wild rice, millet, barley, whole wheat etc.
  • Beans – Fermented bean product such as miso is also important for us. They should make-up a whole of 10% of the meal.
  • Fruits – Say NO! Fruits, which is considered healthy for a change is considered as an absolute no in macrobiotics food plan. Bananas or pineapples should be avoided. Fruits should be eaten very less times in a week.
  • Seaweeds – Seaweeds are very rich in vitamins, minerals, and keeps human body healthy.
  • Fermented Food – The ideal fermented food is Tempeh.
  • Fish – White meat fish can be eaten like 1-3 times a week. For vegan it’s not necessary.
  • Whole Food – The lesser one consumes the processed food, the better health condition he or she must attain.


  • Foods to be avoided, absolutely! : Anything that includes white or brown sugar, fruit juice, refined oils, caffeine, alcohol, heavy uses of spices, white rice as well as food containing chemicals, dyes, preservatives etc.

The macrobiotic diet indicates the fact that if the food is consumed wholly, then body will be healthy and ideal. The individual must chew the food and eat thoroughly, and divide its whole consumption into several intervals Macrobiotics lead to a healthy life and every individual must follow to remain fit and keep the body slimmed down!


The proper diet consumption of food helps to keep the body healthy and fit that gives the feeling of mental satisfaction and confidence to human beings.

Author Bio : Amit is a full time health blogger working with and a wildlife photographer. He loves discovering new kinds of music, heading out without a plan to discover cool places, food and talented people.

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