Horizon Evolve SG Compact Treadmill Review

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It is always handy to have a treadmill lying somewhere in your house. You will not always have the luxury to go to a gym, or the time to drive by to the nearest park. That’s because 21st century job routines aren’t very sympathetic towards our health. The Horizon Evolve SG Compact Treadmill offers that sympathy at an extremely affordable price.

What Are The Specs Of The ‘Horizon Evolve SG Compact Treadmill’?

This treadmill doesn’t require any set-up. It is compact. It comes with a running belt area with a size of 17 by 45 inches. The manufacturers claim that it is spacious enough for most strides. You can go from 1 mph to 6 mph on this one.

Expect 2-watt Audio Speakers with Input Jack. So if those arm bands annoy you, or if you haven’t as yet invested in an mp3 player, you could use the speakers “on-board” during your workout.

The panel has also got a thumb pulse heart rate monitor.

The warranties are as follows: frame - 10 years; motor - 5 years; electrical component, parts and labor - 1 year.

What Do Customers Say? Are These Specs For Real?

  • No Set-up: It works like they promise it does - almost like a ‘plug and play’. Amazon customer, Steve, from Colorado says, he threw away the packaging and started using it the very first day.
  • Compact: It fits underneath the bed, behind the sofa; it has even found space in a customer’s kitchen! This is good news for people with small apartments / living areas.
  • Audio Speakers and Jack: It works, yes! But these are 2-watt, and if you’re starved for technicalities, this is a claim but not a very powerful one. “The speakers leave a lot to be desired”, reckons Samuel, from Wisconsin.
  • Warranty: Jenny's machine was delivered with its locking mechanism stuck. She immediately contacted tech support, but the best they could do was to suggest that she install a new locking mechanism on her own! The last she reported, it was 10 days and counting, and there was still no response.

Will You Lose Weight?

Sure, if you end up using it. Most people who have used this machine, and then, reviewed it at Amazon, are happy with it. They know that it is a no-frills package, so you get what you pay for.


  • Small, compact and sleek; weighs only 99 lbs.

  • Easy and fast to set up. No assembly required

  • Built in audio speakers.

  • Requires no assembly.

  • Very mobile, with good wheels. It folds into 10 by 59 inches for storage (upright or horizontally!).

  • Handles in the front, not side, which is good for adopting a positive walking posture


  • Since the Horizon Evolve SG is, indeed, compact, it is not the most comfortable for runners. They ought to go for a wider, longer belt.

  • It comes with an electrical cord, too short.

  • The speaker quality isn't about to pump you up.

  • The heart-rate statistics are averaged/standardized. There are no input fields for your own age and weight.

  • The safety key is located on the right-hand side, not the centre of the panel. Kimberly, from Arizona, feels annoyed with that. She uses the security clip, and it annoys her that its positioning on the panel means that she just keeps knocking it off!

Problems And Complaints

William, in New York, got a faulty piece. He found the belt slipping underneath him, which means that he has never really used this treadmill. It is scary but quite a few other reviewers on Amazon have had similar complaints.

Just as much, others have encountered a faulty heart-rate monitor. In a couple of cases, it wasn’t working, and in others, it was dysfunctional in constantly trying to calculate heart-rate (perhaps, from vibration) even while the handle was not being held.

However, in the majority of cases, the Horizon Evolve SG Compact Treadmill users enjoy its unique features of convenience and comfort. That’s what this treadmill was made for, and for this purpose it is one of a kind.

How to UnPack, Set Up, Tear Down and Store The Evolve Treadmill

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