Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix 750g Review

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You are a vegetarian. Perhaps, allergic to dairy. Or maybe you need to up your intake of cholesterol-lowering foods. Added to the woes is that you’re overweight too.

High protein, nutritionally balanced meal replacement shakes, like Herbalife Formula 1, can be life-savers and weight-reducers for those of you who fall within one, a few or all of the above categories.

In fact, meal replacement diets have been clinically proven over and over to be effective "for producing robust initial weight loss and for achieving improvements in a number of health-related parameters during weight maintenance".

What Is Herbalife? The Science Behind Herbalife Formula 1 Shake

Herbalife is pro-life! It is an effective, easy, safe and enjoyable way to lose weight.

ShapeWorks offers its meal-replacement, protein-rich drink formula, in the form of Herbalife.

The protein is soy-based rather than dairy-based and is low in fat.  Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Herbalife Formula 1 Ingredients and Flavors

Each serving of Herbalife includes 9 grams of soy protein and is enriched with vitamins C and E, aminogen, bromelain and papain.

ShapeWorks encourages you to be creative, to think - and drink! - out of the box, and add your own flavorings, like fruits and spices, to suit your own tastebuds.

The brand itself offers several flavors: tropical fruit, cookies n cream, wild berry, french vanilla, dutch chocolate, wild berry, pina colada and cafe late.

What Others Are Saying - Does Herbalife Formula 1 Shake Work?

Yes. But you are better advised to add your own flavorings to the mixture. An idea floated by consumers is to go for “versatile” Vanilla, and to add a different fruit to the mixture each time. It kills monotony and keeps you looking forward to a different meal-replacement drink every time.

You can even think wilder than fruits. Mix it with “sugar free pudding mixes, powdered peanut butter, spices, sugar free davinci's syrups, flavored yogurts”, recommends Hillary, from Iowa, who has been on Herbalife for three months now and has dropped a lot of weight. Frozen pineapples is another suggestion!

It works if you can be creative; having it no-frills, in just skimmed milk, may get you off it just as quickly. Mix it with strawberries, non-fat milk and a natural sweetener (i.e stevia) and you have the perfect breakfast!

How To Make HerbaLife Formula 1 Shake

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Many people have used Formula 1 Shake successfully to manage their weight and gain better health.

  • L. White reports losing 20 pounds in 6 months by replacing one meal a day

  • J. M. Desy used the product for 3 months and lost 35 pounds.

  • A mother of a newly born is thrilled to have lost 10 lbs of her baby weight within two weeks, by consuming the shake twice a day.

  • Another user said:

“Taking a shake a day made me lose about 16 lbs in about 2 month without any effort or drastic change in my eating habits. “

Pros and Cons


  • Satiating: Formula 1 meal replacement shake gives you a feeling of fullness. Users report that the protein shake fills them up very well. Even those living an active lifestyle do not feel hungry.
  • Great Flavor: There are several flavors you can choose from. Jammie says:

“The cookies and cream flavor of this product is DEEEEEEEEEEElicious, if it's not the best flavor, I don't know what is.”

  • Convenient: If you are on the go, you will find that Formula 1 shake an excellent nutritional meal for the breakfast or lunch.

Emily says:

"I'm using it because it's quick and easy to pack in the mornings before dashing off to school, but it tastes pretty good."

  • Allows for 'add-ons' to the mixture: As already mentioned, you can try all kinds of low-fat, low-sugar or no-sugar flavorings to go with the mixture.

  • Mixes well. Easy to digest.

  • Non-Dairy. It is soy protein so people who are allergic to dairy products have a friendly meal-replacement on-board.

A number of people will recommend you to be creative with additional flavorings. That means, Formula 1 shake can't be had on-the-run unless you can accept the tastes as they are for each flavor. After all, taste is relative.


High protein, low fat meal replacement shakes are always a healthy alternative to one of your full-fledged meals everyday. Herbalife's Formula 1, in particular, is a successful nutritional shake since it is friendly to people with dairy allergies, cholesterol, and those, at risk of heart disease.

Herbalife Formula 1 versus Chronic Kidney Disease

Is it safe for somebody diagnozed with the irreversible Tubulo-Interstitial Nephritis (a form of chronic kidney disease)to take the herbalife formula 1 shakes? If it is safe then what is the recommended dosage?

Recepies with Herbalife formula one and fresh fruits

Hi, I recently started taking Herbalife as a part of my weight loss propgramme. I am exited and want to know if I can try some good recipies with fresh fruits which I can get in India along with Herba life formula one protein shake.... Thanks

Formula 1

Using shake from 1 week. feel very light. Planning to take for 3 months and want to continue after words atleast 1 meal replacement.

i will give you results.


I lost over 30 lbs. after 2 months

I take the Herbalife Shake at least 2X a day. I still have the habit of going to a buffet once a week although after starting Herbalife I avoid as much fried food as I can.
With regained strength, I also exercise almost everyday now for at least 30 mins.
I lost a total of over 30 lbs. in 2 months (still counting), and 10 inches around the waist.
If you want advise with regards to losing weight and Herbalife, email me.

Allen Bandril

Informative post. I

Informative post. I absolutely appreciate this post as it glued me in. I always prefer herbal products. As they has no side effects. And also take fresh fruits and vegetables they are tastes good and nutritious too. Thanks for nice sharing.

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