Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

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Losing weight naturally is an effective method for dropping those extra pounds. Some of the ways to lose weight naturally are the same as other plans but the food selections can vary. It is assumed a natural plan will contain as many vegetarian food selections as possible. Natural food selections and preparations will of course require a change in approach and thinking. A natural weight loss program can however be both satisfying on the palate as well as on the scale.

Implications of a Natural Diet
A natural weight loss plan is no different then other programs in that certain parameters need to be present for long term success. No diet is going to be effective without taking into consideration the number of calories eaten per day and the activity level of the participant. It is always a numbers game with the amount of food eaten and the energy expended that determines whether weight is lost or gained. A natural diet is no different.

Natural or not the weight loss will occur in any diet because of the deficit calorie count orchestrated by meal planning, food selection and exercise. High glycemic foods will interfere with any attempt at weight loss in a natural weight loss program as well. It makes no difference whether the food is natural or processed. These foods must be understood and regulated for effective weight loss. Exercise will also play a role in a natural weight loss program so it is a good idea to evaluate your activity level from the start.

Natural Advantages
One of the big advantages that a natural plan has over other types of plans is that the high calorie, high glycemic carbohydrates are not part of the menu. Complex carbohydrates with low glycemic indexes such as kiwi, cantaloupe and pineapple make great natural substitutes for muffins, bagels and breads. A natural diet embraces the fruits and vegetables which are plentiful and nutritious.

The foods available in a natural weight loss plan are going to be low fat but not necessarily no-fat. The body needs a consistent level of fat to perform biological functions but this is a smaller percentage and need not come from animal fat. Avoid preparing dishes by adding fat. Instead of using butter to prepare carrots, potatoes or cabbage use olive oil or lemon juice instead. This will not only season the food but prevent you from adding unnecessary fat into the dish.

One of the most difficult challenges for those eating a natural diet is to keep the weight on and this is generally due to a lack of protein. Good sources of natural protein include; cottage cheese, tofu, beans and eggs. Pine nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds are good sources for protein also. If you include breads with your meals they too are a good source of protein but use them cautiously because some bread has high glycemic indexes.

Sample Menu of Dishes

Breakfast Oatmeal-Cottage Cheese-Applesauce-Cinnamon-Almonds: cook oatmeal, add cottage cheese, sprinkle cinnamon for flavor and add almonds. Depending on personal activity level oatmeal and cottage cheese can be ½-1 cup each. This is a low fat, low calorie dish that tastes great first thing in the morning.

Lunch Grilled Cheese Sandwich: use 2 slices of oat bran bread, non-fat cheese slice, tomato slice, carrot stick, pickle and cucumber slice. When preparing the grilled sandwich use olive oil on grilled side of bread slices. Brown and add cheese slice and tomato. Enjoy with pickle, cucumber and carrot stick.

Dinner Tofu Fried Rice: Use low fat tofu, brown rice, carrots, onions red peppers, broccoli and mushrooms. Small Salad: Romaine Lettuce, non-fat salad dressing. Brown tofu, add cooked rice and vegetables, season with soy sauce and enjoy with a small salad. For moderate appetites use 1 cup tofu, 2 cups of salad greens and 1 cup of brown rice. This is a colorful meal with plenty of flavor to satisfy the taste-buds.

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