Healthy Ideas for Frozen Desserts

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Frozen desserts – sweet, cold, delicious treats – who can resist them?! Though your options may be many, how do you choose the right kind to serve your family? Homemade or store bought? Ice-cream or frozen yoghurt? Sorbet or frozen custard? We look at what is healthy for you and your family and what is not; we also look at other aspects such as convenience.

Buying frozen desserts

Ice creams are delicious and their hundreds of different varieties are highly enticing. But we also know that they are not the best for health – and for those of us trying to lose weight they are an absolute no-no. So do we need to give up on frozen treats? Luckily the answer is no – there are many healthy alternatives to ice-cream. People are more health conscious now and prefer not to eat ice-cream for its high caloric content and also because many contain harmful ingredients such as transfats etc.

Fruit sorbet is a good option for those who are health or calorie conscious. Sorbets can be delicious, refreshing and can be healthier than ice creams or soft serves because they are fruit and water based rather than cream and milk based. However, it would help to avoid the ones with added artificial coloring of any kind. Many peoples' throats today, especially children's, react badly to artificial coloring. 

Though traditional sweet desserts are still the most popular, the more sophisticated palate likes some variety and tartness in their dessert; mere sweetness may be too cloying. This is why frozen yogurt has really come into its own recently. 

Frozen desserts

The health benefits of yogurt have been well known literally for ages. Now the taste and convenience of frozen or flavored yogurts as a healthier alternative to other desserts have added to the popularity of this food.

Unlike ice cream, frozen yogurt uses milk and its derivatives rather than cream, which is far more calorie dense. Various options are available for the health conscious – there are sugar free varieties, fruit flavored varieties, low fat types and no-fat types as well. Most outlets also offer a lot of fruit topping options as well that make it a considerably healthier for our bodies. 

The health giving properties of yogurt are well known – it is a natural probiotic, and contains healthy protein. Added to this, yogurt is a form of dairy that may be consumed even for those who have milk allergies or are lactose intolerant.

Since it is made from cultured or fermented milk, yoghurt also has a tarter, more interesting taste; which the more sophisticated palate may find more appealing.

Frozen yogurt can be very versatile too: you can add a topping of your choice to it or you can add chopped fruits and nuts to create various different concoctions.

For these many reasons, frozen yogurt has come to replace ice cream in a lot of homes as a frozen dessert of choice.

Homemade frozen treats

When you decide to make frozen treats at home, this would of course be the healthiest option. You can pick ingredients of your choice, use fresh fruit and nuts, and avoid using any additives or preservatives. You can also create concoctions that suit the tastes and palate of family members. You can create sorbets, snow cones, mousses, ices and various other dessert varieties.

However most of us don’t have the luxury of time today and have to opt for buying ready to eat frozen desserts rather than making them from scratch. Since this is true for most of us, the convenience, variety, and healthful properties of frozen yogurt appeal to us.

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Ice creams are delicious and their hundreds of different varieties are highly enticing. But we also know that they are not the best for health – and for those of us trying to lose weight they are an absolute no-no. Sarika Periwal is a huge fan of frozen desserts and swears by the flavors and toppings available at Yoforia. Walk into your nearby outlet today to try their low fat yogurts and smoothies.  

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Are frozen desserts healthy

Are frozen desserts healthy for those people undergoing weight loss regimens?

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