Healthy Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight

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When trying to lose weight it can be easy to get caught up in counting calories, sugars, and fat grams, and totally forget about the actual nutrition of the food itself. Incorporating some of these foods into your weight loss program will ensure that you still lose the pounds, but also reap the health benefits.

Herbs. Many fresh herbs are rich sources for anti-oxidants, those little goodies that have been linked to anti-ageing, and anti- cancer. Another benefit of fresh herbs is that they impart a lot of extra taste, texture and color to your meals without any calories, or artificial chemicals.

Blueberries. No matter what sort of weight loss campaign you are following, you will notice that blueberries are allowed. Blueberries are low in all those things that are generally to be avoided on diets, and are extremely high in Vitamin C, and anti-oxidants. Go for the darker berries as these are the ones containing the most anti-oxidants. Experts state that frozen blueberries contain the same health benefits as fresh.

Oranges. We all know that oranges are a great source of Vitamin C. But did you know that oranges also contain phytochemicals that are thought to help prevent breast cancer and other inflammatory conditions?

Yogurt. Yogurt is a very rich source of protein, so a little can leave you feeling fuller for longer. Check the labels, to make sure the yogurt suits your style of diet. Ensure that the yogurt has plenty of probiotics included which assist with good digestive health.

Legumes. Legumes are low GI foods that contain a lot of fiber, and are relatively fat free. The results? You will feel fuller for longer, and will not suffer from blood sugar peaks after eating them. Black beans, kidney beans, and chick peas are all legumes.

Oats. A breakfast based on hot oats and skim milk will take you a long way. No craving muffins or donuts for morning tea with these goodies. Oats are low GI and will leave your blood sugar on an even keel. Oats are also high in fiber, and can help reduce harmful blood cholesterol levels.

Tomatoes. Tomatoes are another one of those foods that most diets allow plenty of. Tomatoes are packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants, and betacarotenes, and are thought to potentially protect against some forms of cancer.

Spinach. Spinach is loaded with fiber and folate. Folate protects against some birth defects and has been linked to protecting against bowel cancer and dementia.

Lean Beef. Feeling exhausted, can’t concentrate, or getting colds easily? Perhaps you are anemic and need to boost your iron levels. Lean beef is an excellent way to up your iron levels. Lean beef is full of protein so you will be satisfied for longer.

Raw Nuts. Raw nuts are rich in monounsaturated fats, which assist in lowering unhealthy cholesterol. Nuts are also a great source of fiber. In this instance, there can be too much of a good thing when trying to lose weight. Most diets will limit you to a handful daily. 

Including the above foods in your diet will allow you to receive maximum health benefits without compromising your weight loss.  

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