Handling Dieting And Hunger. Weight Loss Needn’t Mean Starving

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Why is it that the minute you go on a diet your appetite kicks up a notch or two and you spend the whole time feeling like you’re starving? Is your mind playing games on you? How can you avoid the dreaded hunger that is often associated with dieting and often leads to diet sabotage? Read on for these handy tips on handling dieting and hunger.

Inappropriate breakfast.
Eating too little, or the wrong things in the morning can set you up for an awful diet day. Research consistently shows that those who skip breakfast weigh more than those who don‘t. Avoid high sugar, high fat, high GI foods for breakfast as these will have you hungry and searching for unhealthy snacks sooner rather than later.

Foods containing lean protein, and low GI foods, such as oats with skim milk, will leave you satisfied for longer, without the dreaded sugar crash and starvation. Great breakfast selections include yogurt and berries, grainy breads, and scrambled eggs or omelets.

Liquid meals.
Meals in containers and cups may well be convenient, but you will often get hungrier faster. Additionally, those supposedly healthy smoothies and juices can be loaded with calories, fats, and sugars. Worse, the drink will empty out of your stomach rapidly, leaving you with all those calories on board and looking for another meal.

Hot soups can be a little more filling as a meal if grainy breads or a little protein is added. Select skim milk with your mocha, and go easy on those extra flavourings.

Low fat everything.
We all know that too much of most fats and oils are bad for us, but none at all can leave us literally hungry. The reason? Fats tend to leave us feeling sated, so that non-fat replacement will leave you feeling unsatisfied wanting something else.

Try adding a little lean protein to your meal to increase the satiety factor. This can compensate nicely for the missing fat.

Eating at the wrong times. 
Small snacks frequently will not only keep the hunger pangs at bay, but will also keep your metabolism humming along nicely. Plan ahead if you have to, and carry some healthy snacks in your bag.

Aim for a little something every 3 hours. If you are currently eating 3 larger meals daily, split those 3 into 6 smaller portions.

Dinner blowout.
You skipped breakfast or lunch and by the time dinner rolls around you are famished. So starving you have seconds, and then something sweet after.

Dinner should be your smallest meal not the largest. Your body will adjust and soon you will be waking up looking forward to that healthy big breakfast.

What and when you eat will go a long way in preventing unnecessary hunger when dieting. Weight loss campaigns do not need to be accompanied by feelings of starvation.  

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