"Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir" Book Review | by Jennette Fulda

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Obesity is a big problem, not only in the United States, but in all developed countries of the world. It seems to have really blossomed in the past couple of decades, until a significant portion of the population, both children and adults, have become extremely overweight.

Author Jennette Fulda suffered from obesity from childhood, but it was the onset of serious health problems that inspired her to finally lose weight and write her inspiring book, "Half-Assed". This woman weighed almost 400 pounds by the time she was 24, but it was the removal of her gall bladder that was the final motivation to lose weight.

What Is "Half-Assed" About?

In the video below you can watch the author of this book, Jennette Fulda herself, describing what exactly the "Half-Assed" book is about. In this video, the author is talking about her personal success story and how she managed to stay motivated and committed to lose her weight. She also talks about her blog and the tips that she gives to anyone wants to lose weight.

"Half-Assed" is not a diet book, and the author does not actually reveal what plan she followed to lose 186 pounds. However, the value of this book lies in the inspiration it can give to others who are struggling with a weight problem.

The number of diet books and plans is almost infinite, so losing weight can be difficult, especially if the diet you choose is too rigid or odd to maintain over the long run. Knowing that Jennette has been through all the problems you may be experiencing can help you to work through them as well.

Many people looking to lose weight will not be as obese as Jennette was, and just knowing that someone who weighed as much as she did and was able to do it, can certainly help someone who may have only 30 or 40 pounds to shed.

What Are Others Saying – Does "Half-Assed" Offer Any Inspiration For Losing Weight?

Karen M. Herbert enjoyed the book very much, and was happy that author Fulda was not simply trying to ‘sell’ something. This reviewer may be struggling with her own weight problems, but after reading "Half-Assed", she says that, “I was so inspired by how she added athleticism into her life that I signed up for a 5K Run/Walk myself.

Once again, "Half-Assed" helped P. Stewart with obesity problems; struggling to overcome eating habits can be very difficult, but it definitely helps to read where someone else has trod the same path and succeeded. She liked the honestly with which Jennette Fulda approached the subject, and realizes that “there will always be temptations, setbacks, cake and pie---but I can succeed.”

Obesity can bring a feeling of isolation, and this can serve to perpetuate the cycle of overeating, making weight loss impossible. Jolie was really able to identify with this book and recommends “Read it because if you really want to lose weight, your best chance is to have an honest idea of what to expect.

"Half-Assed" is not a diet or exercise plan, but it can help those with a weight problem come to terms with themselves and the world, as author Fulda did.

"Half-Assed" was just what K. Giewat “Bayou Binger” needed when trying to lose 30 pounds. Fulda helped this reviewer understand her worth as a person and states that “I am now motivated to make the choices I know that I need to make on a daily basis.” Realizing that there is no ‘one size fits all diet’ program has given Bayou Binger more insight into her weight loss journey.

Will "Half-Assed" Help Me To Lose Weight?

Anyone considering this book should be aware that there is no diet or exercise program included in the book, its value is mainly inspirational. However, this does not mean that "Half-Assed" will not affect your weight positively; indeed, it has proven helpful to many readers to understand that they are not alone and that weight problems can be overcome.

D. Yarbrough really appreciated the honesty with which Jennette Fulda chronicled her weight loss, and letting this reviewer know there are others working for the same goal helped her outlook.

Pros and Cons


  • This is a very honest memoir about significant weight loss and can help to motivate others to stick with their diet plan.
  • "Half-Assed" has proven to be inspirational to people trying to lose weight.
  • Jennette Fulda describes how she overcame her bad eating habits. This is not easy to do, so anyone on a diet will appreciate some helpful tips.
  • Most reviewers enjoyed the snappy style of writing and the humor.


  • Some readers were put off by what they considered the author’s ‘whiny’ manner of writing.
  • This book provided no inspiration or help to a few of those who purchased it.

Problems and Complaints

Most of those who did not enjoy the book thought it was either too flippant or sad. Some of the reviewers were offended by the title, also. The negative attitudes the author was said to display in the book put off some readers, and others felt the book was nothing more than a rehash of her website.

Is "Half-Assed" Better Than My Weight Loss Diary by Alexander Tse-Yan Lee?

Reviewers generally had a much better opinion of "Half-Assed" than they did of My Weight Loss Diary. The stilted, not quite perfect English bothered some readers of the latter book. The readers of My Weight Loss Diary did not seem to get much inspiration from the book, and it seemed to engender a certain amount of hostility as well.

How Does "Half-Assed" Rate Overall?

Half-Assed was quite well received by an overwhelming number of those who read it. This book was given 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Most reviewers found it funny and inspiring.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews For "Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir"?

There is a very attractive price reduction being offered now on Amazon where you can buy this book at a 32% discounted price. Amazon makes ordering easy, and the "Half-Assed" is currently in stock. There is no better place than Amazon if you want to take more information about this Book. You can read more reviews here.

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