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Leptin Balance - The Secret To Easy Weight Loss

Every scientist worth its salt has been desperately trying to find the latest weight loss pill. Whoever does this will cash in on a market that's worth billions per year. But so far, there's been nothing lasting. Sure, a lot of promises have been made, but we're still pretty obese.


The secret may lie in our fat itself. Something that our fat is producing right now may be the key to easily losing weight. This is a hormone called "leptin," and it may prove to be just what we've been looking for.

Is Leptin Magic?

But hold the phone. If you Google "leptin," you'll find plenty of results for pills that have leptin. All you've41890_Leptin got to do is take some of this and you're good to go, right? 


Not so fast.


Before we understand how leptin works, we've got to understand our history. Not just the history of fast food or trans-fats, but the history of humans.


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