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The Benefits of Fighting and Training to Lose Weight

Keeping yourself fit and healthy is a key aspect of both your physical and mental health. Exercising, whether it is being involved in a sports team, a session in the gym or just going for a run has a whole host of benefits. Combat and fight inspired training has been popular for many years but since the popularity of MMA (mixed martial arts) and UFC (ultimate fighting champion) significantly increased, it has become the number one choice for many wanting to improve their fitness and wellbeing.

So why is it becoming so popular? Here are some of the great ways fighting- and fight-influenced training can benefit your body and mind.

Great for fitness

Professional fighters, in particular boxers and MMA fighters are some of the fittest athletes in the world as their sport is so physically demanding. This kind of training promotes endurance, core strength, coordination, resilience and flexibility making it the popular training and fitness programme it is today.

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Weight Loss and Older Adults: A Caregiver’s Guide

By Sarah Jennings

Sarah Jennings has been taking care of others her whole life. In 2005, she moved her mother into her family home. She uses her personal experience to share with others about caring for the elderly. She currently writes for Brookdale assisted living


For those of us that specialize in the care of older adults – whether we work in an assisted living facility or provide in-home care for our elderly parents – concerns about weight loss can manifest themselves in different ways. 

For some senior citizens, shedding a few pounds through healthier eating and the incorporation of a more physically active lifestyle can be tremendously effective in prolonging and increasing the quality of life.

On the other hand, in some instances the loss of weight among older adults – especially if it occurs in a rapid fashion – is the cause for major concern and a sign that there may be some potentially lethal underlying issues that must be dealt with immediately. 

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The Possible Post-Exercise Effects of Testosterone on the Brain

At this point, it is a widely-known fact that maintaining a regular exercising regime has some effects on the brain, with the main ones being an improved memory and thinking capability.

As a matter of fact, scientists have actually demonstrated that exercising can stimulate the growth of new brain cells. However, until recently, it was widely unknown why exercising had such effects on the brain. Why until recently?

Well, a study was published not long ago in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, demonstrating that right after exercising, sex-related hormones shoot into the brain, something which heavily contributes to its transformation. While the study was only conducted on male rats, the researchers are positive it applies to females as well, not to mention, humans.

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5 Ways To Get Fit Like a Fighter

For Mixed Martial Arts enthusiasts (like we are over at Havoc), nothing is better than watching two professionally trained fighters go toe-to-toe in a ring. But if fitness, not fighting, is more your thing, there’s a lot to learn from these incredible athletes. Their sport requires them to have the explosive strength to charge, the maximal strength to lift an opponent, and the cardiovascular endurance to stick through several rounds of intense competition!

So while you may not want to take a beating like contact athletes do, you can still take a page from their training logs. Here are 5 easy ways to integrate the training of contact sports into your workouts!

#1. Get Heavy With It

Hitting a heavy bag (aka a punching bag) is a fantastic workout. Not only will you get an abdominal, shoulder and triceps workout from punching, you’ll also work on your cardio as you duck, dodge, and move your feet. Make the most of your heavy bag use by constantly moving to keep your heart rate up.

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Can Weight-loss Surgery Eliminate the Risk of Developing Diabetes?

There is another piece of good news waiting to bring joy and hope in your life. You have probably heard of weight loss surgeries that people undertake to get rid of excess fat burden. But are you aware of the recent announcement that medical experts have made about the ability of weight loss surgeries? Well, now you can reduce the chances of developing type II diabetes with the help of weight-loss surgery. This is not a mere declaration, but a proven fact that scientists demonstrated after analyzing study results.


The research included a study period spread over approximately 15 years. The research result demonstrated that obese men and women who had any one of the three different types of bariatric procedure, had 80% lower possibility of developing type II diabetes than the people who tried to reduce weight by following strict diet and exercise regimen.

Besides, the participants with worst blood sugar level, who showed pre-diabetes symptoms, noticed most favorable results after the surgery. For them, the chances of developing diabetes reduced by 90%.

Netball for Fitness and Weight Loss

Played by over 20 million people in more than 70 countries, netball is now one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S, having been introduced to core USA education curriculums.  It’s a fast paced, exciting team sport which has a lot in common with basketball, although there are seven players per team and the rules and equipment used differ slightly.

Netball is predominantly played by women and girls (it was originally known as ‘women’s basketball’) and as well as offering fitness benefits it is generally a very social sport and a great way to build confidence and meet new people while getting fit at the same time.

About the game


Two teams of seven players compete on a rectangular court. Each team has three attackers, three defenders and a center who is the ‘all-rounder’.  The aim is simply to score more goals than the opposing team. Only two players from each team (the goal shooter and the goal attack) can score goals by shooting the ball through a 10-feet high hoop – and unlike basketball, there is no backboard. Typically a game consists of four quarters of 15 minutes each, although sometimes games can be shorter.

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Massage to Lose Belly Fat at Home


Overweight people are often seen stuck with a big fat belly. They often deal with the critical question that is 'how to reduce belly fat' effectively. It is not so uncommon thing among them. It is the result of eating disorder and unhealthy lifestyle. In very few cases, it is hereditary. Whatever be the reason, it makes the person feel awkward and which results in decreasing their confidence level. 
In order to lose belly fat, a number of people often go for crash diet, fat reduction pills, ointment and sometimes injections. These steps are extremely unhealthy ways to reduce abdominal fat. Therefore, it is better to go for organic and natural therapy. Belly fat is the most difficult fat accumulated area of the body which takes a long time to get reduced. There are a number of ways by which you can give a whole new shape to your belly. A rigorous training, well planned diet and belly massage. 

Why to choose Massage therapy ?

Control de peso

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Behaving Like a Gentleman in the Gym

As you are probably aware, going to the gym is obviously a great way to trim some of that excess weight or to add some extra muscle mass; and so it is no surprise why it is a popular place with our fellow man. However, what you may not be aware of is the unspoken code of conduct that exists in every gym. So I’ve created my own little list that will serve as your guide to behaving like gentleman in the gym.

Wipe Down Equipment after Use

You wouldn’t be too pleased if you came to use a piece of equipment only to find a nice little puddle of someone’s sweat on it, would you? So do unto others as you would have done to yourself, and wipe down all equipment after use.

It will take a few seconds out of your work-out and you won’t be building a bad reputation for yourself at the gym where you are a regular. Most gyms will provide towels and a form of disinfectant for users; so once you’ve finished on piece of equipment give  a quick wipe down – even if you can’t see any sweat marks!

Don’t Sound Like a Hippo in a Labour

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The Connection between Cows and Omega-3 Oil

The Oemega Moo Connection

So-called health nutritionists trying to prove that beef is one of the causes of heart diseases and getting people to eat fish instead because of the benefits of Omega-3 must have gotten a rude shock when new medical research has proven that the highly touted fish oil has no connection whatsoever with benefits for the heart.

According to a new study conducted and released in the Journal of the American Medical Association, there is no correlation or connection between taking fish oils rich in Omega-3 - whether taken with fish meat or in pills - and the prevention of heart attack, stroke, myocardial infarction, and other heart disease.

Of course, the connection between heart diseases and beef is just complete hogwash, especially if the beef comes from grass-fed cows.

It has been some time since beef - particularly juicy steaks - have come under attack by weight watchers and environmentalists. The attacks come from misconceptions that eating beef is connected to obesity and heart diseases while raising grass-fed cows will damage the environment because the cows will eat so much grass and not give grass enough time to grow back, stripping many pasture lands of greenery.

Let us start by answering all the above in a collective manner.

Based on actual agricultural medicine and medical association studies, grass-fed beef compared to grain-fed beef has a dramatic difference:

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Use Garnell As One for Fast Recovery Post Exercise

We all know it’s important to push ourselves when it comes to training, as regular sessions will build-up strong, lean muscle mass over time. Sometimes however, pushing yourself too hard during training can make you take one step forward, and two steps back. The reason for this, is that a lot of us forget about how important the recovery period after a workout is to really maintaining muscle growth.

Taking time to recover from intense exercise is vital

(photo credit:

Taking time to recover from intense exercise is absolutely vital when it comes to your health, and building strong, healthy muscle. Whilst many assume that just physically resting after exercise is enough to help your muscles, there are in fact substantially more benefits to be had from taking specific muscle recovery supplements that include unique protein matrix and premium amino formulas.

Why do muscles need to repair?

Most health science sources advise that carbohydrates and protein are the two most important nutrients for  the muscle recovery, and new supplements to speed the process along are often featured in health headlines.

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