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Bariatric Surgery in Oklahoma City - Dr. Russell Gornichec

The Weight Loss Center of Oklahoma is a premier bariatric surgery facility serving those suffering from obesity in the Oklahoma City Metroplex and surrounding areas. By offering potentially life-saving procedures such as gastric bypass (Roux-en-Y), gastric sleeve, gastric banding (Lap-Band® and Realize® Band) and a new procedure called iBand, or Imbricated Band, patients have the opportunity to improve or resolve many of the diseases associated with obesity. These diseases, also called co-morbidities can range from adult-onset diabetes to sleep apnea, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Dr. Russell Gornichec, MD, FACS

Dr Russell performs bariatric surgery in Lakeside Women’s Hospital in the State of Oklahoma. In the following video he explains some of the benefits of Lap Band Weight Loss.

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Endurance Training Exercises for Rowers

Endurance training for rowers is a crucial component of being successful at competitive or long distance rowing because it gives you the long-haul stamina you need to keep going. Since most rowing competitions involve covering long distances, your endurance is just as important as how strong you are. But this kind of training isn’t just for individuals competing on ergometers or rowing on the water. It’s also a healthy part of any fitness routine because it increases your cardiovascular health and can prepare you for a variety of other kinds of competition, including marathons and triathlons.

Results of Endurance Training

Anyone who does endurance routines on an indoor rower will quickly see results in both their cardiovascular health and their overall physical conditioning. Because it isn’t strength oriented, endurance training is a great way to do overall sculpting and toning of your muscles without adding a lot of bulk. Because you aren’t increasing muscle mass, it’s also a good way to lose weight because you’re burning calories without adding heavier muscle tissue to your body as you shed fat. Increased lung capacity is another great result of endurance exercises.

Why Playing Golf Helps You Lose Weight and Keep Fit

It is common knowledge that if we want to lose weight and stay healthy, physical activity needs to be included in our day to day lives. What a lot of people get confused with or sometimes misunderstand is that if you plan your day to day life properly and make the right decisions you can exercise without realising. Not only does this apply to using the stairs when at work rather than the elevator or walking home from the train station rather than getting a bus but also to when you participate in sports such as golf.

Golf is often taken up by individuals in later life which is probably when you need to focus more on keeping fit. After you bypass the 40/50 bracket your muscles can begin to wane leading to increase chances of disease and your bones become more fragile which can lead to an increased likelihood of fractures or breaks. When playing sports such as golf you should always make the workout as strenuous as possible.

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You're Wasting Time If You Aren't Doing HIIT

Like almost everyone these days, your time is limited and you'd better learn to exercise efficiently. Unless, that is, you're one of the few people in our country who has too much time on their hands.

But if you usually find yourself trying to squeeze two day's worth of activity into one day, let me tell you that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) allows you to use your fitness minutes most effectively.

What is HIIT?

In the following video, trainer Aaron Ribant of uses an elliptical to demonstrate the basic principle of interval training.

High Intensity Interval Training Isn't New...Just Most People Think So

Anyone who's been involved in long distance sports anytime after about 1950 is most likely amused by all of the breathless enthusiasm at fitness clubs surrounding interval training. After all, performing a workout that alternates extremely hard efforts with recovery intervals has been a mainstay in running, cycling, and swimming for decades.

Five Of The Worst Weight Loss Gadgets

Well, Black Friday is just behind us, ushering in the holiday shopping rush - and as we look for gifts to improve the lives of our friends and family, many of us might be tempted to get a little something for ourselves.

But if nobody wants a lump of coal for Christmas, even fewer people want a handful of magic beans at least not once the promise of "dieting magic" has worn off and their wallets are a few pounds lighter.

With that in mind, let's take a look at a handful of awesomely bad weight loss gadgets that don't deserve a spot in your stockings...

The Sauna Belt

Why It Sucks: If you've seen advertisements for this product on TV, you'd think your local station canceled those Seinfeld reruns and put something funnier on instead. Since delivering tiny electric shocks to the abs was getting a little passe, the people behind the sauna belt offer to "melt your fat away" by delivering a steady stream of heat to the midsection.

How to Get Motivation to Lose Weight

This post is to encourage people who wish to lose weight but feel lazy to do so. Whether you’re exercising the natural way or using diet pills and weight loss equipment, do so under supervision.

Children, naturally remain active, and it takes a while before they compose themselves and walk straight on the road, instead of hopping, skipping and jumping from one room to another under the same roof!

In adolescence, the pressure of remaining slim and acquiring an hour-glass figure, especially in case of women is so overwhelming, that even a favorite flavor of ice-cream becomes a taboo.

However, after marriage and a couple of children, we enjoy plunking down the office chair, in front of the idiot box, and dream we too possessed the kind of figure Jane Fonda would be envious of! As complacency sets in, lethargy overtakes your enthusiasm to kick the flab.

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My Review of Phen375 - Side Effects - Does Phen375 Work?

I was introduced to Phen375 a few months ago when a friend of mine told me she bought it. When it comes to diet pills, I like researching whether they work or not so I thought I would share my Phen375 review with you.

To start with, Phen375 comes in the form of pills. The company claims that Phen375 is actually the old Phentermine pill (which was banned) but with enhancements. They say they took everything out of the original pill that causes it to be banned and maintained the good stuff. This might actually be true since Phen375 is produced in an FDA registered facility.

However I find it hard to believe that they maintained all the benefic aspects of the original pill. I think it’s more that they managed after a careful research to keep as many good aspects as possible.

Three Steps To A Creative Workout

Weight loss solutions vary for different people. Some enjoy stricter dieting by portioning out smaller meals and adhering to weight loss program protocols. Others choose grueling exercise regimens akin to Jillian Michaels’ “boot camp” or more relaxed - but still useful - routines like Yoga or Pilates. And others may choose surgical procedures like the lap band or other gastric bypass operations to see them through.

Whatever the case may be, the goal of weight loss is the same across the board: self-discipline for better living. Determination is crucial for everyone who either wants to shave off a few pounds or go for a complete overhaul.

Make Your Pre-Workout As Wholesome As Possible

I’ll share three ways I changed up my routine for the better, but before that, I must mention to everyone working out, it’s essential you don’t do it on an empty stomach. I tried it once and couldn’t last more than 30 minutes without feeling utterly depleted. People think that if they workout on an empty stomach they’ll lose weight quicker, but in reality, the opposite wins out. Empty stomach exercises put more strain on your body because there are no carbohydrates to expunge energy from, meaning you’ll tire faster.

So fill that belly up with good carbs and keep yourself hydrated before every workout. The more wholesome you feel, the faster and longer your body can naturally break down the weight.

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Rapid Weight Loss Tips

Many of us today that have extra weight or fat to lose usually want to cut right to the chase. Instead of fully grasping all accompanying aspects of this subject, many just want to learn or find out one or two special tricks or methods and then stick to them. Sounds like a good plan right? Well, when it comes to weight loss, it isn't.

If you want to lose weight quickly and keep it off you’ll have to become pretty savvy in several areas of health in order to achieve such rapid losses. Also, a better understanding of regular weight loss should be comprehended prior to rapid weight loss methods.

Fasting and Smoothie Dieting Plans

A fasting diet is literally the fastest way to lose weight. Many assume that a fasting diet means not eating anything for days on end, but this certainly is not the case. Fasting programs and plans break up light eating into small increments scheduled throughout your week. However, I wouldn’t recommend a fasting diet to anyone that has a busy, energy zapping, and hectic schedule. This approach can be best applied more on one’s downtime.

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Weight Loss Cardio Kick Review - Does it Work?

Weight Loss – Cardio Kick is another DVD released by Acacia. Violet Zaki, a black belt holder in karate leads this weight loss video assisted by 2 background exercisers. Zaki is no stranger when it comes to this kind of video. Previously, she also did Weight Loss – Cardio Sculpt.

You don't need to be a karate belt holder to do this workout because the moves can be performed by normal average people.

What is the Cardio Kick DVD About?

What is the content of this video? Here is a snippet of the DVD.

Although the DVD cover says “2 20-Minute Fat-Blasting Workouts”, there are several different options for you to customize your exercise.

The Main Menu consists of Introduction (short introduction to the workout), Workout Options, Bonus Features, Video Clips from other Acacia production, and Credits.

Workout Options takes you to several submenus. First, if you pick Play All Option (51 min.) you’re gonna play 2 20-minute workouts in a row completed with Warm Up (5 min.) and Cool Down (6 min.) chapters. Those 2 20-minute workouts are

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