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How I Stay Healthy While Balancing Work and Home?

Being a working woman means that I have less “me” time, but that doesn’t give me an excuse to be unfit. In fact, I see loads of opportunities to stay healthy and fit even with my busy schedule. There are just a few things which I have incorporated into my lifestyle that spell the difference between healthy fitness and certain illness.

Eat Healthy

Firstly, as I start my day I make sure I have enough energy to get me through not just the morning but throughout the day. I have a nutritious breakfast consisting simply of grains (oats, cereal), protein (low-fat milk, egg) and fruit.

Preparing the same for my family ensures that they, too, are given proper nourishment. For the rest of the day, I consume a balanced diet as best I can. Some of the basics that I follow on a daily basis are:

How Vitamin D Can Boost Weight Loss

It is a known fact that proper nutrition is an important part of maintaining a healthy weight, but many consumers are not aware of the specific impact of vitamin D. As new studies and research is put into the vitamin, more evidence is coming out that suggests vitamin D can help improve weight loss results.

Learning more about the research can make it easier to bring in enough vitamin D to have an impact on losing those extra pounds.

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Vitamin Solubility

Vitamin D is a fat soluble material. As a result, it has a direct impact on absorption of phosphorus and calcium in the body. The impact of proper calcium and phosphorus absorption is an improvement in immune health, reduced risks of certain cancers and a lower risk of developing insulin dependent diabetes.

Those who do not have enough vitamin D will find that they have reduced bone and muscle mass, higher fat content and a higher risk of developing colon cancer, breast cancer and diabetes in the future.

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Treadmill vs. Elliptical - Which is Better for Getting in Shape

As someone who reviews fitness equipment professionally, I continually get asked which is better for getting in shape, a treadmill or an elliptical trainer? They are the two most popular types of fitness equipment on the market. Treadmills have been around for about 30 years, and elliptical trainers first came on the scene approximately 10 years ago. Since the introduction of elliptical trainers, otherwise known as cross trainers, they have continually gained market share on treadmills.

Treadmill Benefits

The popularity of treadmills is based on the fact they accommodate the most common forms of exercising - walking, jogging and running. You do not need a special talent or coordination to use a treadmill. You just turn on the machine, set the speed and you are off. There are several features that make treadmills appealing.

25 Tips to Lose Abdominal Fat and Tone Your Body

If you follow proper exercises and eat healthy, you will remain fit and look great for life. Abdominal fat has become one of the major worries for most people and often struggle to figure out different ways to lose belly fat and tone their body.

In order to simplify lives, there are 25 effective tips given below on how to lose belly fat and tone your body. If you put in best of efforts to follow these tips, you will certainly succeed to lose abdominal fat and have a perfect shaped figure in no time.

1. Start your day with a glass of warm water along with lemon and honey. Drink plenty of water throughout the day as it increases the metabolism level in the body.

2. Having green tea in the morning helps as it acts as natural caffeine and also helps in keeping your body active.

3. Try to avoid sugar as much as possible and use honey as a substitute for sugar.

4. Engage yourself in cardiovascular workouts for thirty minutes daily as it keeps your body active and helps in losing belly fat effectively and tones up your body as well.

5. Instead of eating three large portioned meals, have 6 small portioned meals as it helps in quicker digestion.

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3 Great Online Workout Sites

Memberships to your local gym can get a little pricey, especially if you don't actually go to the gym. Luckily, you can cut that membership, save some cash money, and still stay in shape. All from the comfort of your own home and thanks to online workouts.

Now usually when I bring up working out at home my friends scoff at me. They wonder how they can actually get a proper workout in, push themselves as hard as they need to, and actually stick to a regular routine in order to reach the goals they have set for themselves.

They just don't know how to make online workouts work for them. Fortunately, cyberland does!

When I first decided to cancel my gym membership, I started dropping the ball. I would slack and not really give it 110% when I was working out. I started losing momentum and I knew I had to change things up.

Luckily, I found three tools online that helped to get me back on track while costing me nothing. Bonus!

If you are thinking of taking the plunge and leaving your gym, keep reading as these three online tools are the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The Nike Training Club App

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What Should You Expect From a Weight Loss Boot Camp?

The thoughts that people have on weight loss boot camps are often skewed simply by the name of such a place. While the main goal of a boot camp is essentially weight loss, the objective behind these venues is so much more detailed than what you’ve come to imagine. If you’ve ever wondered what you can expect from a weight loss boot camp, it’s time we let you in on the benefits to these intensive programs.

Weight Loss

Arizona Boot Camp|Feb Bring-a-Buddy Boot Camp AZ Workout

The main goal of any boot camp is weight loss. Not only is it an objective for the short period of time that you are away at camp, but weight loss boot camps focus on changing your mentality as a whole so that you can continue you weight loss program far beyond that of the program itself. Weight loss boot camps provide immediate results, but also give you the knowledge to harness the same techniques over a longer period of time.

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HCG Shots: Hope or Hype?

The weight loss industry has always had a soft spot for out-of-the-ordinary dieting plans and weight loss products. Some of them were scams and others had serious side effects. Consumer vulnerability in this industry has always been manipulated and that is mostly because of people’s lack of knowledge. There is no short cut to having a healthy lifestyle or a nutritious diet, but there are certain supplements, which when wisely used, could help ease the weight loss process.

HCG shots gained a lot of popularity since the airing of Kevin Trudea’s controversial infomercial where he explicitly stated that that HCG’s effectiveness in curing obesity was kept a secret by the government because they did not want the pharmaceutical companies to run out of business.

Everybody loves a rebel and consequently, Mr. Trudea’s weight loss plan enjoyed an improvement in sales. Personally, I do not fancy poking myself with a needle, filled with a “miraculous” weight loss hormone; mainly because I know so little about it. So let’s break down what HCG is and whether HCG shots are any good for weight loss.

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Top Five Cosmetic Injectable Treatments

Cosmetic injectables have become more and more popular because of the fact that they provide an immediate impact and that they require just about no recovery time. While Botox is perhaps the most well-known of all the injectable cosmetic treatments, there are several other injectable treatments that provide similar benefits. Whether you're looking to smooth out some of your facial wrinkles or are looking to make your skin look a bit tighter and healthier, these five cosmetic injectable treatments can help you look your best.

1. Botox

Botox is still the top cosmetic injectable treatment. Perfect for smoothing out brow wrinkles, Botox is FDA-approved and works with your body's muscles in order to provide lasting results. Botox also can be used to fix several other ailments, such as migraines, oversensitive bladders, spastic limbs and severe underarm sweating. There are several Botox NYC clinics that can tell you more about these treatment options.

Top 5 Xbox Kinect For Fitness

Xbox Kinect offers a lot of different fitness games for you to choose from. Of course, not all games are created equally. With this in mind, here are the top five “must have” fitness games for Xbox Kinect.

Dance Central 2

Dance Central 2 has a fitness mode wherein you can dance along with the game. It will even track how many calories you are burning and keep track of it over time. This is a great way to learn some hot dance moves while getting a good workout too.

The TreadClimber20 by BowFlex Review

Purchasing the right kind of workout equipment for your home is never easy. Not only are most machines a great expense (or an investment if you like), but they can take up an exceptional amount of space and may not provide you with the type of workout that you feel worthy of the price.

One type of in-home workout equipment that can often be seen advertised on TV is Bowflex's TreadClimber20. It is one of Bowflex’s most advanced incline trainers that hels you work out smarter and more efficiently.

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