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New Research Reveals Converging Link Between Alzheimer's and Diabetes

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has long been feared as one of the most insidious and terrible of diseases to contract. Not only does it rob you of your sense of self, your memories and personality, but it has historically been nearly impossible to predict; for many people, it simply manifests late in life, and that uncertainty as to who will contract it or not has only added to the fear its name causes.

This is in part due because for many years Alzheimer’s has withstood our comprehension; we don’t know what causes it, or why it manifests in whom it does. Yet studies are being published providing new insight into the nature of this disease, and promising ever greater awareness of not only what it is, but why it occurs. The latest research suggests that this degenerative brain disease is actually a type of diabetes.

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Are Meal Replacements the Best Solution for Weight Loss?

Are you trying to move from your well-designed and disciplined diet patterns and try to become adventurous? This certainly may help in pampering the taste buds but at the same time will also increase those extra calories which you may have so carefully avoided eating with the help of your well planned diet programs.

On the other side of the spectrum you have those “miracle pills” which make very tall promises but they may not deliver on them. So, most of us would certainly look for replacement meals or diets which may include doing away with one meal and instead finding out ways and means to replace the same with healthier and less calorie-filling options. These replacement diets could include tomato soups, strawberry shakes and even chocolate bars during the day time.

What is Meal Replacement?

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Easy Ways To Feel Fuller For Longer

Do you find that even after a hearty breakfast you still feel hungry? Do you find yourself snacking on biscuits, crisps and chocolate throughout the day?

If you can’t resist the temptation to snack and find yourself piling on the pounds, here are some pointers to follow to feel more alert, be healthier and help with weight loss:

1.       Drink up!

Many people complain of feeling hungry when in actual fact, they are thirsty. The brain processes hunger and thirst in the same way, so a sensation of hunger could actually just mean that you haven’t had enough to drink. Regular sips of water and a small glass of water before each meal will make you feel fuller so will prevent you from overeating.

2.       Eat more protein rich foods

Many people experience the afternoon slump where you feel extremely tired and lethargic, this is usually caused through a high-carbohydrate diet which provides you with high energy but this is short lived as your sugar levels promptly dip making you feel tired.  By including more protein in your lunch, such as chicken and fish, the body will convert carbohydrates to sugar more slowly, leaving you feeling fuller and more energetic for longer.

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Why Do People Who Workout Take Protein Supplements

The answer varies from person to person. Some people take them because their friends take them. Others take them because their nutritionist told them to take protein supplements. Some people take them because they believe that protein supplements increase muscle size, and other people take them because they have fully researched the supplements and believe that they are the supplement for them. Before you decide which reason(s) is the correct one, let’s examine what protein is.

A protein is a chain of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of organic life and are what your genes (DNA) are made up of. They are tiny molecules, which when stretched into a string (a chain) create a protein. This means that protein can be found in any organic living thing (even jellyfish). It is also present in plant life, but in much, much smaller numbers. This is why vegetarians often need protein supplements, because they are not getting enough through their diet.

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Reasons Dogs are Better Than Gym

As a per a survey in U.K. walking your dog is more beneficial than hitting the gym. And if you are the one who wants to tighten your currency belts in more ways than one, than you can certainly replace your pricey workout membership to invest in a pair of walking shoes. Dogs love to go out, stretch themselves and breathe fresh air - like you do. Here are three compelling reasons for you to enjoy the evening with your dog than the gym instructor.

1. Get more exercise to benefit your waistline

UK researchers have found that taking a dog for a walk can help you burn calories for that slimmer waistline than exercising in a gym. A U.K. research team surveyed about 5000 respondents and found that dog owners get more exercise walking as compared to people who hit the gymnasium to burn those calories.

More over the time spent while walking in comparison to exercising revealed that dog owners walked a minimum of seven hours a week while gym enthusiasts spent one hour and twenty minutes each week while walking or running on a treadmill. In fact, this survey also revealed that 86 percent of dog owners enjoyed their walks with their pooch in comparison to a sheer 16 percent of workout enthusiasts who actually loved exercising at the fitness center. What’s more as almost 70 percent admitted that they felt it was a duty which they need to abide to on daily basis.

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Cutting Edge Research on Fruit Fly Enzymes Promises Diabetes Cure and Weight Loss Drug

Fruit flies

It sounds almost too good to be true: contained within the simple brains and biochemistry of the humble fruit fly may hide the answer to the obesity and diabetes trend that is sweeping across our nation. Despite advances in medicine, sports science, and nutrition, the population of the US has become ever fatter and more prone to becoming diabetic, to the point where many are calling the number one health crisis on hand. Yet this October’s issue of Genetics, available online today, reveals a fascinating study by neurobiologists at Wake Forest that might hold the secret to reversing this trend once and for all.

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Exercise Increases Lifespan - 4 Tips to Help You Workout Daily

Spend Time to Get Time: Take care of yourself to live a longer life.

We all know how important consistent exercise and proper nutrition are. By now, you have probably heard it over a hundred times.

In a study conducted between 2007 and 2008, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that over 33% of adults age 20 and over were obese.

It’s wild, isn’t it? Just to put this figure into perspective. Think about your plumber, your doctor, and your accountant. If this statistic is applied to those three people, then one of them is obese. Now repeat this process for the entire US population. It gets to be pretty out of hand. All those people live lives that are affected by obesity.

You also have to realize that these results are from over four years ago. Today, how high do you think that percentage is?

Where is the disconnection between what people know and what they actually do?  It’s important to remember that people are usually more emotional than they are logical. That’s why people use excuses.  If they don’t “feel” like they are emotionally prepared to do something, they won’t do it. It doesn’t matter what the benefits are.

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How to Lose Fat - 6 Key Rules

If you have tried every popular weight-loss trick in the book, only to find yourself still overweight, then it’s high time to take a reality check. After months or years, if you are still frustrated about your belly, love-handles or wide thighs, then it’s about time to change your life.

Before all the specifics, the first step is to dump everything. Dump the fad diets, the Weight Watchers meetings, the diet pills, the thousands of crunches, the hours on the treadmill and the “low fat” foods. These strategies have proven ineffective for millions, wasting everyone’s time and money.

I have researched how to lose weight for years; I have been down that frustrating road of crunches and cardio, diets and “low fat” foods, and I have corrected my mistakes along my journey. Below you will find the six methods I incorporate into my daily routine to maintain a healthy, athletic body.

Method 1 – What is “Weight?”

What weight do you want to lose? People are often confused when confronted with this question, since the media, experts and gurus have always taught the concept of “weight-loss.” However, in reality, this phrase is inaccurate.

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Treadmills: Wonder Machines for Weight Loss & Fitness All Year Round!

For the purpose of weight reduction, exercise certainly aids the process of burning fat with the additional benefit of promoting one's general health and fitness. There are a myriad of ways of achieving the aforementioned but not all are practical for various reasons, weather being one.

For decades now, treadmills have been the undisputed ruler of weight loss machines. This is despite the fact that newer, fancier, but not necessarily better machines for weight loss have emerged. Owing to the ease of use and versatility of the machine, some people have even become addicted to them.

Furthermore, they are a ‘fit all sizes’ wonder machines that not only help weight loss but also aid in rehabilitation. They offer numerous advantages for those wanting to lose weight. However, some fitness pros over the years have expressed concerns over the possible injury potential of treadmills.

But before we go into the details, let us get to know a bit more about their history and development as an efficient fat burning tool. A check list for buying one of these wonder machines is also given later on.

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Get on the Path to Optimum Health with a Vegetable and Herb Garden

This guest post is from Sarah who blogs at Sarah offers a Plow and Hearth promotion code and a savings discount. She recommends you visit for all your garden and home needs.

We are constantly bombarded with health fads that promise to improve our physique or medicines that are designed to take care of a health problem after it has already occurred. What if you wish to follow a realistic health plan and to carry through with effective methods of preventative medicine?

Whether you are already suffering from a health problem or would simply like to optimize your health so that you can minimize your risk for a variety of health problems, growing a vegetable and herb garden is a great way to get started.

Maintain a Healthy Weight with a Garden

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