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Are You Toxic? Time You Did A Cleansing Diet

It may not be something you think about on a daily basis, but are you toxic? What is your work environment like? What’s your home environment like?

The following questions will help you find if you are toxic.

Ask yourself these questions:

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What You Need to Know about Propylene Glycol, "Fuel" of e-Cigarettes

A worrying proportion of heavy smokers are reluctant to quit, since research has revealed that a pack of 20 cigarettes per day will burn roughly 150 calories. As such, letting go of a pack-per-day habit will no longer burn those calories and cause weight loss. However, NRTs are slowly changing that bleak landscape, as they allow smokers to gradually decrease their nicotine intake and eventually quit for good. One such therapy makes use of electronic cigarettes, hailed by some as the best way to quit.

Are E-Cigarettes Healthy?

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It’s Baby Season: How to Stay Active When You Have Kids

Baby season is quickly approaching us. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more children are born in August and September than any other months of the year. While babies are bundles of joy, they usually come with an even bigger bundle of unwanted weight and also take up much of the precious time you used to workout. Even the most disciplined, healthy people find it hard to maintain their healthy habits after they have children.

 The good news is that you can find ways to stay active that won’t require a ton of extra time and that can be easily incorporated into your family life.

And remember: You can do your exercise in small chunks. Three 10-minute periods of activity spread throughout the day are just as good as one 30-minute period. Do what works for you! Try the following tips to balance a healthy, active lifestyle with your family life.

When Your Child is Asleep

As hard as parents have to work to get their children to sleep, you definitely need to utilize that time once they are finally asleep. This is the perfect time to work on your health and fitness.

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Dental Problems During Pregnancy

Women expect to experience a wealth of changes to their body during their pregnancy. From first-trimester nausea to third-trimester back pain, women face a number of side effects and symptoms throughout these nine months as their baby develops. Dental problems, which range from minor to significant, are a less discussed but equally common side effect of pregnancy. Understanding these dental problems can help you identify and even prevent them during your pregnancy.

Common Dental Problems During Pregnancy 

You might not expect pregnancy to affect your gums and teeth, but often, it does. One of the first dental issues you might notice is tender, swollen, and even bleeding gums. This pregnancy-caused dental issue occurs for a number of reasons.

First, hormones are surging during your pregnancy, which can cause gum inflammation and sensitivity. Blood flow increases in your body during pregnancy, and your mouth is not immune to this increased amount of blood. At the same time, your gums are more sensitive to bacteria and plaque, which can cause them to bleed. Known as pregnancy gingivitis, this dental problem can develop early in your pregnancy but usually peaks in the second trimester.

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How to Avoid Putting On Weight on Your Summer Vacation

Victoria who invites you to find out more info on Weight Watchers and the trx coupon. Image credit: Free Digital Photos

You’ve worked your socks off at the gym and are beginning to fit back into some of those jeans you were ready to discard when you realize that summer holidays are back. Oh dear, you sigh, remembering the binge eating and lazy basking that are the hallmarks of summer vacations year in year out. And what makes the temptation to abandon your regimen even greater is often friends and family who encourage you to indulge.

Before you know it you’re being invited to one barbeque after the other and we all know how difficult it can be to say no. Or you’re stuck at a hotel with a limited menu in which low-calorie meals hardly feature. But you don’t have to surrender the fruits of your faithful commitment to your new-found healthy lifestyle so meekly. You can keep the flab at bay as you enjoy your time off. Here’s how.

Choose your destinations wisely

Gastric Sleeve & Insurance Coverage: What Should You Know

Gastric sleeve & insurance coverage as a combination pair is not too common in the medical field. As a weight loss surgery, the gastric sleeve is becoming a popular choice with people looking to shed some extra weight. There are insurers who cover at least a portion of the procedure.

A good grasp of the relationship between the innovative weight loss procedure referred to as the gastric sleeve and the health insurance system is vital when a patient considers this procedure. Restrictions differ widely and the same company may offer different payment options on the basis of the particular coverage the patient carries. A few basic facts about the gastric sleeve and insurance considerations that may affect payment can help individuals make an informed decision.

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Research Reveals that Blood Type Affects Heart Disease Risk

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the causes of heart disease these days.Common wisdom prescribed by the government indicates that a diet high in saturated fats will lead to heart disease, while many new voices are claiming that in fact diets high in refined carbs are the leading cause of such ills as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

While the truth is probably more complex than any one sentence can summarize, a new set of studies have revealed what seems to be a basic fact: your blood type can affect the probability of your developing heart disease.

Two new studies have been reviewed by researchers that track a total of almost 90,000 patients over the course of 20 years, and the results are in. Coronary heart disease is least likely to develop in people with type O blood, while those with type AB were 23% more likely to have heart disease. Type B blood were only 11% more likely, and finally type A were only at an increased risk of 5%.

These two studies were conducted by Harvard researchers. One tracked 62,000 women over the course of 26 years, while the second tracked 27,400 men over 24 years. Of these test groups, about 2,500 developed heart disease.

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Food Addiction Causes and Prevention

Food addiction is a contemporary term used to refer to compulsive overeating. This abnormal food intake can be directly attributed to one's brain chemistry. People suffering from this pathological disorder have hormonal and neurochemical imbalances that trigger these cravings.

What is the real cause behind food addiction?

The phenomenon of food addiction is more of a psychological problem rather than a physiological one. Even with the full knowledge of the effects of this destructive behavior, an individual suffers from loss of self control.

A change of diet can also lead to this condition. When you ban certain foods from your diet, you might end up craving for them. A change in eating habits may also increase your chances of suffering from this condition. For example, if you were used to eating dessert after dinner, a sudden crave may take effect once you stop. Low self-esteem can also be linked to food addiction in selected cases.

Which Foods lead to addiction?


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Can NordicTrack iFit Live Motivate You to Lose Weight?

One of the most intriguing technologies to come out on a treadmill is iFit Live.  It is found on ProForm and NordicTrack fitness equipment and is designed to motivate you to achieve your fitness goals.  Through iFit Live your treadmill can communicate with the Internet, which allows you to download programming.  There are primarily two aspects of iFit Live...  

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Weight Lost and Diet Can Effectively Ease Your Tortures

It is no wonder for everybody as obesity is quite a widespread problem in the United States, even in Africa there were some cases closely connected with obesity. At Stanford University School of Medicine scientists tried to find out if weight lost program can really recover female menopause, get rid of skin problems and avoid hair loss.

A quick review of the weight loss research

All women proved the scientists’ points that menstrual disturbance happened as result of their high body mass. As soon as a woman gains some pounds hormonal changes occur in her body. The scientist examined 126 women between 18 and 50 years old. They assisted them to lose their weight and get a healthy weight. Special diets for each woman were developed and they were under permanent attendance of dietitians.

The research was going on for 12 months. 82 per cent of women could shed pounds and got their healthy weight. Some of them noticed that they started having regular menstruation. The majority of women reported that the state of their hair and skin became much better than ever and they didn’t expect such prolific outcomes.

Outcomes of the investigation from the Dr.Thomas Price’ words

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