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3 Benefits of Whey Protein

Your body needs protein in order to repair and rebuild, and the best proteins contain plenty of amino acids to support growth. Whey protein is sometimes called the ultimate protein due to the large amounts of branched chain amino acids that it contains, and it is one of the two types of protein that come from milk.

There are two main types of whey protein available. Whey protein isolate is the purest, as the fat and lactose is removed during processing. Although whey protein concentrate is also very low in fat, it is only around 75% pure protein (while whey protein isolate is over 90% pure protein).

If you’re interested in nutrition and bodybuilding, you will most likely already have heard that there are substantial benefits to including any type of whey protein in your regimen. However, you may not know exactly why the branched chain amino acids and other chemicals found in whey protein are often said to be so important. Let’s look at the three main reasons why adding more whey protein to your diet can improve your health.

Whey Protein

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Chocolate Consumption Connected to Decreased Risk of Stroke

A new study released this week in Neurology contains good news for chocolate lovers: research conducted in Sweden has found a positive correlation between men who consume large amounts of chocolate with a reduced tendency toward strokes. While the connection between chocolate and health has been illustrated before by past studies, this new research brings focused attention to the correlation due to the sample size of the men observed and the clear connection between chocolate consumption and reduced risk of stroke.

The numbers are striking: an analysis of the results of the study that involved over 37,000 men and women found that those who consumed the most chocolate had a 17% lower chance of suffering from a stroke, while a meta-analysis raised this figure to 19%. Researchers however were quick to point out that this was simply an ‘observational study’, and that further research will have to be done to conclusively prove the connection.

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Weight Loss and Muscle Gain - An Introduction to Whey Protein

What Is Whey Protein? Whey protein is the number one ingredient for building muscle mass and increasing body strength. But did you know that protein is also the perfect formula for weight loss?

Increasing muscle and maintaining a healthy weight requires your body to work as efficiently as possible, but even the most nutritious diet can benefit from an extra protein boost. Whey protein supplements build muscle and burn fat at the same time, helping you get even better results from your regular exercise regime.

Whey Protein comes in a powdered form, so you can drink it on-the-go by adding milk or water, as a quick snack or to replenish your muscles after a grueling work-out.

As well as helping to curb your appetite, protein supplements are very low in carbohydrates and feel less filling than solid food, so they won’t make you feel sluggish or slow you down.

The Science Bit

As a natural dairy by-product, whey protein has exceptionally high amino acid content, meaning your body will continue to build muscle even after you stop exercising. Whether you want to lose weight, achieve lean, toned muscles or simply improve your general health and well-being, Whey Protein Supplements will help you reach your ultimate goal.

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Midlife Fitness Relates to Old Age Health, Research Shows

While it’s no longer news for anyone remotely interested in a healthy lifestyle, dieting, or fitness that an active life will keep you relatively illness-free in your olden years, recent research has gone on to confirm this long-held assumption.

A recent study, published by the Archives of Internal Medicine also answers a question that many have asked, in light of other recent scientific investigation: if you’re fit when young, will you really benefit from lower risks of illness past the age of 65, or does fitness in youth simply delay the onset of chronic health problems?

It appears that the team of scientists at the Medical Center with the University of Southwestern Texas, led by Dr. Jarrett Berry, has managed to answer this pressing question. By staying active and fit in your middle age (i.e. at and around the age of 50), you statistically stand better chances of contracting such difficult diseases as coronary disease, heart failure, Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, kidney issues, and several types of cancer, among which those of the lung and colon.

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What Are the Components of Fatigue and How to Manage it?

Fatigue is a “state of mental or physical weakness” but this definition is still argued upon. The causes of fatigue can be listed by Exercise Psychologist but what brings fatigue, in reality, is still a question to be discussed. Fatigue can be athletic, i.e. a muscular component or mental i.e. a brain component can be involved. Mostly, athletes and sportsperson talk about muscular fatigue, which can be minimized by taking supplements or nutrients if fatigue is only muscular.

The Muscular Component

Our body produces energy when muscles work or contract due to the stored glycogen in the muscle cells. As soon as the muscle glycogen is used up, the residue, free radicals accumulate giving rise to low energy, less work and a feeling of fatigue. A decrease in lower level of Branched Amino Acid is also noticed, which are mainly responsible for maintaining the oxygen supply to the muscle cells during the workout or muscular activity.

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Belly Fat a Greater Risk for Heart Disease Than Obesity

Your body weight may be normal and yet your risk to die of heart attack may be high. New research shows that it's not just your weight but your body shape (waist-to-hip-ratio) that determines your death risk.

As the obesity rate in the country continues to creep up, with over a third of all adults in the United States classified as obese, there is a tendency to think that being generally obese is the greatest risk to your health and chance of living a long and productive life.

New research presented at the European Society of Cardiology conference in Munich however shows that people with big bellies, also known as the ‘metabolic syndrome’ and otherwise normal weight bodies suffer from greater risk of death.

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7 Things That Motivate You to Go to a Gym

Working out as expected enhances your mood, generates endorphins and sheds weight efficiently. These benefits notwithstanding, a lot of people still keep away from the gym like the plague. Why?

Probably, for the fact that it is just not that fun. Even before getting started many people lose their motivation to exercise. They have a lot of excuses like being very tired, the gym is boring and there is no sufficient time among other excuses.

Nevertheless, consistent exercise is imperative to your fitness routine irrespective of whether it is cardio, stretching or weight resistance, if you really want to be in good physical shape. Ordinarily, to keep your body in top physical shape you need to devote at least 20 minutes a day to working out in a gym.

Hence, identified below are 7 things that will motivate you to go to a gym regularly particularly if you are bored with your current workout program or you have even lost it completely.

1. Dance and lose your weight

Ritual  Dance at Embera Drua Village

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Losing Weight Can Indeed Be Very Simple

Thousands dream of weight loss but they become frustrated trying to figure out how to achieve it. Among the most substantial obstacles to weight loss is an absence of sound information. Use the guidelines you've read in this guide in order to help you in losing weight. With these ideas, you can reach your goals quickly and efficiently.

Soup or salad will help: Make a wise choice for your appetizer when dinning out. Pick a clear soup or a salad with dressing on the side. Soup or salad should be considered when counting calories. Keep then in mind when choosing your entree.

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Increasing Prevalence of Addiction - Obesity

Alcohol abuse is responsible for 1.6 million hospitalizations each year, and is the 3rd leading lifestyle-related cause of chronic disease and conditions in the United States. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), over 11 million people reported non-medical drug use in 2011, an increase of 2 million since 2009. Prescription drug abuse and addiction has exceeded the use of illicit drugs at an alarming rate. Marijuana continues to be the most prevalent illegal drug used in the US, with self-reports from 14.6 million users in 2009 (NIDA, 2010). New research suggests drug and alcohol abuse affects health, weight, and activity in people of all ages.

Health Trends and Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Addiction

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5 Steps for Women to Get Sexy Abs – What to Eat and How to Exercise

While it’s every lady’s dream to have a flat mid-section, it takes a lot of commitment and sacrifice to get it. Sitting and dreaming about those abs is much easier than getting up and working for them. The mistake most of us make is looking at the work involved from bird’s eye view and despairing when we think about how long and how hard we have to train. But what most women don’t realize is that they too can have that well-toned stomach if they just committed to making the first step. The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one tiny little baby step.

Speaking of steps, here are a few to set you on your way to getting sexy abs.

1.      Change your diet

Believe it or not your diet is the most important element of achieving sexy abs. In fact, is it 80% diet and only 20% exercise.I would advise you arrange a meeting with a dietician and discuss your goals. Most likely your dietician will put you on a high-protein, low-fat, low carb, calorie-controlled diet.

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