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5 Ways To Get Fit Like a Fighter

For Mixed Martial Arts enthusiasts (like we are over at Havoc), nothing is better than watching two professionally trained fighters go toe-to-toe in a ring. But if fitness, not fighting, is more your thing, there’s a lot to learn from these incredible athletes. Their sport requires them to have the explosive strength to charge, the maximal strength to lift an opponent, and the cardiovascular endurance to stick through several rounds of intense competition!

So while you may not want to take a beating like contact athletes do, you can still take a page from their training logs. Here are 5 easy ways to integrate the training of contact sports into your workouts!

#1. Get Heavy With It

Hitting a heavy bag (aka a punching bag) is a fantastic workout. Not only will you get an abdominal, shoulder and triceps workout from punching, you’ll also work on your cardio as you duck, dodge, and move your feet. Make the most of your heavy bag use by constantly moving to keep your heart rate up.

Netball for Fitness and Weight Loss

Played by over 20 million people in more than 70 countries, netball is now one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S, having been introduced to core USA education curriculums.  It’s a fast paced, exciting team sport which has a lot in common with basketball, although there are seven players per team and the rules and equipment used differ slightly.

Netball is predominantly played by women and girls (it was originally known as ‘women’s basketball’) and as well as offering fitness benefits it is generally a very social sport and a great way to build confidence and meet new people while getting fit at the same time.

About the game


Two teams of seven players compete on a rectangular court. Each team has three attackers, three defenders and a center who is the ‘all-rounder’.  The aim is simply to score more goals than the opposing team. Only two players from each team (the goal shooter and the goal attack) can score goals by shooting the ball through a 10-feet high hoop – and unlike basketball, there is no backboard. Typically a game consists of four quarters of 15 minutes each, although sometimes games can be shorter.

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Massage to Lose Belly Fat at Home


Overweight people are often seen stuck with a big fat belly. They often deal with the critical question that is 'how to reduce belly fat' effectively. It is not so uncommon thing among them. It is the result of eating disorder and unhealthy lifestyle. In very few cases, it is hereditary. Whatever be the reason, it makes the person feel awkward and which results in decreasing their confidence level. 
In order to lose belly fat, a number of people often go for crash diet, fat reduction pills, ointment and sometimes injections. These steps are extremely unhealthy ways to reduce abdominal fat. Therefore, it is better to go for organic and natural therapy. Belly fat is the most difficult fat accumulated area of the body which takes a long time to get reduced. There are a number of ways by which you can give a whole new shape to your belly. A rigorous training, well planned diet and belly massage. 

Why to choose Massage therapy ?

Control de peso

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The Connection between Cows and Omega-3 Oil

The Oemega Moo Connection

So-called health nutritionists trying to prove that beef is one of the causes of heart diseases and getting people to eat fish instead because of the benefits of Omega-3 must have gotten a rude shock when new medical research has proven that the highly touted fish oil has no connection whatsoever with benefits for the heart.

According to a new study conducted and released in the Journal of the American Medical Association, there is no correlation or connection between taking fish oils rich in Omega-3 - whether taken with fish meat or in pills - and the prevention of heart attack, stroke, myocardial infarction, and other heart disease.

Of course, the connection between heart diseases and beef is just complete hogwash, especially if the beef comes from grass-fed cows.

It has been some time since beef - particularly juicy steaks - have come under attack by weight watchers and environmentalists. The attacks come from misconceptions that eating beef is connected to obesity and heart diseases while raising grass-fed cows will damage the environment because the cows will eat so much grass and not give grass enough time to grow back, stripping many pasture lands of greenery.

Let us start by answering all the above in a collective manner.

Based on actual agricultural medicine and medical association studies, grass-fed beef compared to grain-fed beef has a dramatic difference:

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No Connection Found Between Omega-3 Supplementation and Heart Health

Long touted as an excellent way to reduce risk of heart attacks, stroke, myocardial infarction, and all-cause mortality, a new study published yesterday in The Journal of the American Medical Association found no correlation between taking fish oil pills rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and decreased chances of heart disease. It didn’t matter whether the fish oil was ingested from pills or actual fish in the diet, the researchers discovered—there simply wasn’t any evidence to link their intake with improved heart health.

Growing Popularity

For over a decade evidence has pointed at the possibility that consumption of omega-3 fatty acids which are composed of the acids known as EPA and DHA could help protect against heart illness, though the exact reason why was not clearly understood. This stemmed from observations that people whose diets were rich in fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, and sardines were less prone to dying of heart disease, and a large study in 1989 found that those people who had already suffered from one heart attack were about 30% less likely to have a second heart attack if they added fatty fish to their diet.

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Five Ways to Stay Fit & Healthy During the Work Day

For most of us who work 9-5 during the week, staying fit and healthy can not only be difficult but often downright inconvenient. I'm writing from personal experience here, I work in an office and sit in front of a computer screen for the majority of my time in the office (and out of it really). I started to notice that I wasn't being very healthy with what I was eating and doing during the working day. So I did some research and decided to share my results with other people so that they can work healthily as well.

Take a Break from Your Screen

Rest your eyes and your back by taking a short break from your computer screen every hour or so. We've all had those days when our eyes feel dry and we have a pounding headache; odds are that this is brought on b the constant strain being put on your eyes by the screen.

If you don't trust your own willpower you can download the free Eye Leo app for your computer, which basically freezes your screen for a few minutes after the selected time period has lapsed.

How to Stay Fit With a Desk Job

First there was fat. Then there were carbs. Now there’s sitting. It seems like no matter what we do these days -- what we eat, what we do, how we work -- we’re endangering our health. In fact, just staying too long (more than three hours) in one position is enough to shut down the electrical activity in your legs, stop burning calories, lower fat-fighting enzymes to near zero, drop HDL cholesterol production, increase your risk of diabetes, and shave two years off of your life.

But with so much work taking place behind a desk these days, how is the average office worker to stay fit?

Stand up

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How Mindful Living Can Improve Your Life

The moment by moment awareness of life is commonly referred to as mindfulness. Although it sounds so simple, practicing it daily is not that easy since human beings are easily caught up in self-talk and own thoughts that make it hard to notice life going by.

This tendency to rush through life is also reflected in eating habits. Most people eat one meal after another without being aware of what they are eating or how much they have consumed. Applying the art of being mindful simply means a return to paying real attention to life. It is amazing how people notice all sorts of good aspects of the food they have been eating once they really begin to pay attention.

Girl-looking-up-aimlessly-while-holding fork-full-of-food

What Does Mindful Eating Mean?

Mindful eating does not mean going on diet or giving up certain foods, rather it is about experiencing the food in a deeply intensive way such as the pleasure of eating it. You could be eating a hamburger or any other snack mindfully which means that you get to enjoy it more than if you were gobbling it down. On the other hand you can eat it halfway and decide you body had enough.

How Steroids Can Cause You Harm

Despite the many bad effects of using steroids without a proper prescription, a lot of people still turn a blind eye to the dangers. Athletes aiming to perform better in their respective fields, body builders aspiring to sport a better built, or those who are just aiming for bigger muscles are still lured towards getting their share of this seemingly marvelous drug.

A survey of 500 users of anabolic androgenic steroidsconducted in 2006 by the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center shows that 78% of the users were noncompetitive bodybuilders and non-athletes (Parkinson & Evans, 2006). This was further confirmed by the findings of an internet-based survey of about 2,000 male steroid users in the US. The study shows that the steroid use was not motivated by athletics (Cohen, 2007). It was also found that the typical steroids users are adults with an average age of 31.

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New Research Shows that Acupuncture Benefits Are Real

While it has been practiced and observed in China for centuries, acupuncture has never found mainstream acceptance in the US. To many, this ancient practice was merely the placebo effect in action, an unproved method of alleviating pain by harnessing the power of the mind through unsubstantiated claims to true medical benefit.

A new study however shows that acupuncture delivers a 30% decrease in chronic pain. While not the first medical study to show demonstrate this, the new study is unprecedented in its size and thoroughness.

Acupuncture's Recent Growth

Acupuncture has grown rapidly in the last decade, with over 3 million Americans using it to help alleviate chronic pain of all kinds. The military now prescribes it as part of the rehabilitative treatment given to wounded war veterans, and California recently passed legislation that includes acupuncture in the list of treatments covered by the nation’s new health law.

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