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So many people today are looking for better ways of losing weight and staying healthier. This has led to a lot of new products hitting the market. Green Lean Body capsules are just one of the products that can work for you. This product is from the Ling Ze Diet and is sometimes known as “Weight Reduction Fruit.”

Why Use Green Lean Body Capsules?

The Green Lean Body Capsule is a fast acting appetite suppressant that helps you to get rid of stubborn fat. Besides the appetite suppressant you also get the benefit of a product that helps with facial beautification. Two benefits for the price of one makes this a great deal! This product for weight loss is easy to use by just taking one capsule a day. What could be easier than following this diet plan?

Makeup of Green Lean Body Capsules

These capsules are made mainly from fruit extracts mixed with green plant extracts. Some of the ingredients are koncing nut, garcinia camnogia, apple, kiwi fruit, konjaku extracts, Jerusalem artichoke, and sweet potato cellulose. It also contains saponine extract from plants.


How it Works

The processing method and makeup of the capsules work in the body by accelerating energy metabolism for that obstinate fat accumulation. It also prevents fat from your current meals from accumulating. These capsules suppress the appetite making it easier to stay with a well balanced diet.

Side Effects and Caution

Always check with your doctor prior to starting any diet program. Take only one capsule per day either before breakfast or right after breakfast. Don’t take it with any other medication. Don’t take it if you are pregnant, have heart disease, high blood pressure, or kidney disease. Don’t take it if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Side effects may include but are not limited to dry mouth, nausea, increase fatigue and even some insomnia. If a severe reaction occurs stop taking the capsules immediately and consult a doctor.

Complaints and Problems

One of the biggest complaints that were found with Green Lean Body capsules was the fact that a number of people experienced problems with their sleep patterns. The majority of those found that after a week or two their sleep patterns improved. The sleep patterns for some people were so bad that they did have to stop taking the capsules altogether. There were very few people who used the medication and complained of headaches or even stating that they felt “weird” after taking the capsules.

Knowing You are Getting a Good Product

The trouble that some people have with this product is that they are unsure of the suppliers. Some have gotten their capsules from different suppliers and have reported having very different reactions to the capsules. Their reasoning for choosing different suppliers has been based on cost which may explain the cases of receiving a product that is not as reliable.

One of the ways to prevent this issue is to buy from a reputable supplier that has great reviews from different people on their products. Not everyone’s metabolism and bodies are the same so not everyone will experience the same reactions to the capsules. It is important to know your own body and what is right for you when you diet.

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How long does it actually

How long does it actually take to work and can I still eat my regular meals

Is it safe ?

hi am shadiat from rhode friend intoduce me to your Grean Lean Body Slim and just want to ask if i can used it right now because right now am planning to get pregnant.


Dear Sir/madam
I'm 45yrs old female. I have high blood pressure, is under control with medication. Is it safe to take Green Lean Body Capsule in my case?
pls advice.
Thank You.




I'm on my second day of taken the pills and they. Make me sleepy. And mouth is dry.but always. Thirsty ... should I keep on taken them and will it get better.?

about len body capsule

I am 65 years old ,i dont take any medication,I am 200 l.
I want to know if i can take the copsules ,with no side efects?
Did you have old people taking?


today is the third day for me using green lean capsul , I have low blood presure and i get use to take a medicine for that.

When I started to take green lean capsul , I stoped the regular medicine for low presure to avoid any problem and I noticed the following :

My pleasure almost become with a normal range 120/85 , but , number of heart nock become 90 istead of normal one 70.

Please need your advise in such a case.



i want to know if my daughter cann use green lean capsule she's 15years old

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