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Coffee is for drinking, right? So what does it have to do with fat burning? I asked myself the very same question and I was curious to find out what effects green coffee would have on someone, I mean, would it keep me awake all night and give me that chance to exercise I never used during the day? Would it taste at all like coffee and ultimately, would it make me lose weight as the manufacturer claims?

So what is Green Coffee Extract and what does it do?

Obviously, green coffee is coffee that has not been processed for its normal consumption as a flavoursome drink but left in its natural seed form from which an extract has been produced. The manufacturer doesn’t claim any therapeutic or magical properties for its product but professes that the green coffee extract would have a very high ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) which could help with cellular growth and regeneration.

What do reviewers say about the product?

Well, according to many reviewers, the pills work and have helped them shed weight. On the other hand, a number of reviews class the product as a scam so I was very intrigued to find out more.

Indeed, there is a big cluster of two-line reviews on Amazon written around middle of July 2012 that are all applauding the product as worth buying but don’t give any specific details of what was achieved and how long the weight loss process took. There is a secondary trend in all these reviews: Dr.Oz’s name is repeated almost to saturation, in an attempt to bring some credibility, it seems to the naked eye.

Decreased appetite and the loss of a “few pounds”, lots of energy and great results in conjunction with Raspberry Ketones. Love Reviews tracks all these claims and comes to the conclusion that oddly enough the same reviewers seem to have written similarly positive notes on other DAB Industries products around the same time.

Will the Green Coffee Extract help me lose weight?

As I have expressed my suspicion about the cluster of reviews posted around mid-July I will try and answer this question based on the other replies and comments.

Roxy, the author of a review placed in August, sums it beautifully. Yes, you can lose weight at a fast pace but only if you use the pills as part of an intense exercise routine and careful diet.

Peter, another reviewer, who actually raised awareness about the cluster of reviews I was mentioning above, talks about the manipulation of review results in order to lead readers into buying a dubious product and falling victim of trusting these impressive reviews.

Betty Black, reviewing the product on October 1, talks about the same forged reviews, about following the advice that had been given and combined the product with Raspberry Ketones for maximal results and after limiting her calorie intake to a mere 1300 calorie a day regimen but not exercising at all, hadn’t lost any weight at all!

In conclusion, I would say, the coffee extract pills would help by giving a most important boost of energy you could use to exercise and plan your diet more carefully but on their own, there isn’t enough proof in the reviews to show positive results.

Pros and Cons


  • The manufacturer promises that the product isn’t harmful in any way and there is no evidence of it being detrimental to one’s health.
  • There is frequent mention of increased energy levels and decrease in appetite and if we’re to trust the reviews then the product could help you lose weight in an indirect way, by giving you the stamina to exercise and diet better.
  • It is a relatively inexpensive product worth giving a try if only for the reason mentioned above.


  • According to some reviewers, the dose of green coffee included in the recommended daily pill is too low and would not consequently assist with weight loss.
  • The product contains other ingredients, like cellulose, gelatine and magnesium stearate, as pinpointed by an anonymous reviewer, along the alleged green coffee extractwhich could compromise the quality of the product and reduce its efficiency.
  • People who are looking for a miraculous solution in the green coffee extract would be bitterly disappointed with the product as weight loss doesn’t occur without a regimen of exercise and a careful diet.

Is Green Coffee Extractbetter than other similar products?

There are literally hundreds of similar products on sale on Amazon. Comparing prices, quality and reviews of 100% Pure Green Coffee Bean or Green Coffee Bean Extract 800 with GCA, the only way in which Green Coffee Extract rates better is number of reviews.

As I drew the attention previously, the reviews in this case are dubious and probably unworthy of our trust so, as a whole, no, the product doesn’t rate any better than any other similar product.

As a rule of thumb, the reviews recommend using our common sense when trusting these products and ultimately using them as what they were designed to be, supplements and potential weight loss enhancers rather than panaceas and miraculous solutions.

Problems and Complaints

The complaints were generally centred on the validity of the claims made by reviewers that the product would help with weight loss, about the lack of customer care support and the overuse of Dr. Oz’s mention of the product in his show.

There were also complaints related to the inadequate quantity of green coffee extract, the daily dose recommended by Dr. Oz and other experts in the field being almost double of what the pills contain at the moment.

There were also concerns about the exact contents of the product as several customers complained about the small writing on the back of the bottle and the lack of relevant information even from the company’s website.

How does itrate overall?

The product receives a 4.4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. There are serious issues being raised about the veridicity of the rating so please take it with a pinch of salt.

Where can I buy and where can I read more reviews?

The product lists high on Amazon under diets for women due to its high number of reviews and T.V. personality figures mention. Read more reviews here if you were left intrigued by our article.

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