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Men and women alike are searching for the perfect method to help them lose weight but not only this, a solution that can help them keep it off for good! If this sounds like you I may have an option for you. Have you considered utilizing the world of interactive games?

Millions of people around the world have gotten rid of their gym memberships and now conduct their own personal workouts from home with the help of trainers and instructors. "Gold’s Gym Dance Workout" Video Game is one of the most popular Wii fitness games available today and I am going to take you through the specifics to help you determine if this is for you as well?

How Does "Gold’s Gym Dance Workout" Video Game Work?

Below is a video which gives you a good picture of the way that the "Gold's Gym Dance Workout'  Video Game works. This video clip demonstrates the features and benefits of this dance workout that will help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

This interactive game has been created with a unique combination of current popular songs, dance moves and the Wii balance board to help you focus on your fitness and weight loss as well as fun. Gold’s Gym Dance Workout offers a 2-player option as well as different customization options to help you choose different trainers and features to create the perfect workout for your fitness level.

The Wii hand sensors help you replicate the moves of the on screen instructors so you can ensure you are completing each dance move properly. It can be amazing that dancing can help you lose weight but it works and it is fun!

What Are Others Saying- Does "Gold’s Gym Dance Workout" Video Game Really Deliver?

Below you can watch an expert giving her personal view of this game as well giving a short demonstration of this dance workout cardio boxing game.

In order to narrow down a few top choices of fitness programs in the world of interactive gaming, it can take a lot of research. Luckily I am here to help you do just that! Finding out what others think about "Gold’s Gym Dance Workout" Video Game can really help you learn what consumers like yourself think of the fitness program.

Kathleen Greene is a first time user who has been disappointed in the past when it comes to interactive fitness games but was pleasantly surprised by Gold’s Gym Dance Workout. The trainers within the program start you off slowly and then before you know it you have just participated in a high intensity cardio workout and likely had fun!

Mary Casey has been attending a gym for over 13 years and found this interactive game to be a great addition to her fitness regime. What’s interesting about this game is that you will never be bored because you can choose between Latin dance, canoeing, running and cardio boxing to name a few so you always have something different to enjoy.

Doreen was happy that the personal trainer option within the game was able to create for her a personalized workout and training plan. You simply input what you’re looking to accomplish (lose weight, tone up, etc.) and you will have a predetermined workout plan you can easily follow.

"Gold's Gym Dance Workout" Video Game demonstration

In the video below you can watch a short demonstration of this "Gold's Gym dance workout" video game.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

If you are purchasing this interactive game to help you get back into shape, in shape for the first time or to help you lose weight, it can definitely help you. This program focuses on low impact cardio training but you will get intense results as if you were participating in high impact cardio.

The programs are on average 30-minutes long but as with many of the other features of this program this too can be customized to fit your busy schedule. By being consistent with this program you will quickly see yourself progressing and enjoying the program more and of course watching the weight melt way.

It is absolutely essential to ensure you are pairing this workout regime with a healthy diet in order to get the most of every workout.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable
  • Customizable
  • Easy to follow and therefore perfect for beginners
  • Large variety of cardio workout options


  • Instruction may be a bit too fast for beginner or novice dancers
  • Mini games associated with the main workouts are seemingly pointless

Problems and Complaints

With fitness games such as this, everyone has a different opinion and a different experience to share. With this being said, one of the most common complaints I found associated with this Wii game is related to the speed and complication of the dance moves.

Although this game is rated for beginners and advanced dancers alike some users felt the instruction was incredibly fast and not only this but a great deal of coordination is needed to complete these workouts. On the other hand, the more often you use this game the quicker you will pick up on the moves.

How Does "Gold’s Gym Dance Workout" Video Game Compare to Wii Fit?

The Wii Fit was the very first interactive fitness game on the market today but today there are already more superior versions that have surpassed this revolution. From what I have read for Wii Fit users, they prefer "Gold’s Gym Dance Workout" because there are more options, more variety and more customizable to make for the perfect workout combination.

Wii Fit was not quite as user friendly and certainly was not as fun to use as "Gold’s Gym Dance Workout".

How Does "Gold’s Gym Dance Workout" Video Game Rate Overall?

Overall, this product has received a 4 star rating from The vast majority of buyers were 100% satisfied with this game and found they experienced the results they were looking for as well.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for "Gold’s Gym Dance Workout" Video Game ?

If you have decided it is time to increase your fitness level, you can purchase the "Gold's Gym Dance Workout"  at a great price through Here you can read more reviews and learn as much as you can through user comments and opinions. Good luck with your weight loss and fitness journey!

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