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Carbo-Loading – Separating Fact from Fiction!

Nutrition has undeniably been an integral part of performance in the field of sports, training and athletics. We've come a long way in terms of identifying peak performance foods and supplements that help us perform and train better. Endurance sports is one popular subculture. It is also a category for which a plethora of research related to nutrition has been done. Which food to eat? What should be the timing of the food intake? What should be the macro-nutritional breakdown? Which micro-nutrients are important for performance? These questions are a few of the basic ones that nutritionists and dieticians try to answer.

Like every other field of sports, endurance sports has been plagued by many myths and misinformation, 'Carbohydrate loading' being a prime example. The myth goes:

'Carbo-Loading is essential for performance enhancement in endurance sports such as marathon running, triathlons, long distance swimming and cycling.'

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