GoFit Stability Ball Review - Strengthen Your Core Without Breaking Your Back

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Do you want to develop a picture perfect set of six-pack abs without straining your neck and back muscles? Try the GoFit Ultimate Burst Resistant Core Stability Ball with Workout DVD for total body resistance and flexibility!

How Does The Gofit Burst Resistant Core Stability Ball Work?

GoFit’s Ultimate Core Stability Ball is a 65-centimeter vinyl exercise ball, which is, as the name suggests, burst resistant. The complete product package offered on Amazon.com includes a 25-minute workout DVD, a poster that also demonstrates other exercise techniques to use with the exercise ball, and a manual air pump for inflating the ball.

The exercise ball is designed for use in a variety of fitness activities, ranging from resistance training to stretching and even physical rehabilitation. The extra-thick wall construction and slow-deflation design make it perfect for heavy use, either in your home gym or neighborhood health club. The 65-centimeter size makes the ball ideal for users between 5’7” (170 cm) and 6’ (183 cm) in height.

The Ultimate Burst Resistant Core Stability Ball is a safe, low-impact way to improve muscle tone in your back, abs, and entire core. Users of nearly any age and fitness level should find the exercise ball a terrific means of both stretching and working out that won’t leave them stiff and sore the next day.

Top 10 Stability Ball Exericises For Abs, Back and Core 

Does The Gofit Ultimate Burst Resistant Core Stability Ball Work?

The majority of online product reviewers  raved about the quality of the ball’s manufacturing as well as its effectiveness in their workout regimen. The majority of users strongly recommend the GoFit Ultimate Burst Resistant Core Stability Ball as a great alternative to more strenuous crunches and sit-ups for people with back injuries or chronic back pain.

Rossetti Stunner, a user in Minneapolis, MN, described that she had used the ball after a major back surgery and said it saved her back and helped her recover from a limp.

“Using the exercise ball helped me strengthen my back and my core and now, a year later … I feel virtually no pain and have forgotten this horrible time in my life”.

Karen Amore-Mueller from California, who bought the GoFit Ultimate Burst Resistant Core Stability Ball  as a gift for a co-worker, also touted the ball as a must-have for people with back problems who want to remain fit.

“Her husband is an automobile mechanic with a back injury and he must bend over cars all day, so lying face up on the ball and doing exercises that strengthen his “core” muscles (abdominals and back) have really helped alleviate his back pain.”

Several users testified to the ball’s durability. One said she had used the ball for more than a year with no problems and another said her exercise ball had survived several “attacks” from a frisky pet cat with sharp claws.

Diane Porter from Texas said,

“The reason the GoFit ball is my favorite (and I am reordering it) is the strength of the ball--it holds more weight and holds it better.”

Problems And Complaints

Other reviewers, however, weren’t as impressed with the ball’s quality and durability.

A woman in Boston, MA, who was using the fitness ball as a part of physical therapy, claimed the ball exploded while she was using it.

"I'm furious that the ANTI-BURST proclamation obviously meant nothing, I strongly warn others about this false claim.”

The majority of online complaints about the GoFit Ultimate Burst Resistant Core Stability Ball with Workout DVD were related to inflating the ball.

J.M. Tullis of Arizona best summed up most users’ complaints.

“The ball did not include plugs to keep the air from escaping, I spent 30 minutes pumping it up with the manual pump, only to find that there was no way to plug it up. There were also no instructions included on pumping the ball up.”

Despite the few complaints, the Ultimate Burst Resistant Core Stability Ball is a highly popular item and has been given excellent reviews on Amazon. The customers’ consensus is that it is definitely effective if you want to exercise your abs, back and core.

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