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Debunking Lies You’He Always Heard About Skin Care

All your life you have been told certain things about your skin that you have simply taken to be true. Things like greasy food will give you pimples, or that you are bound to age just like your mother. Luckily for you there are several misconceptions when it comes to skincare and we’ve compiled a few of the most common below.

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Genetics plays the biggest role in how your skin will age.

Many people think that because their mother started getting wrinkles when she was 38 that they will too. You have been taught to believe that you will inherit your family’s tendency to develop wrinkles early or that we are going to be wrinkle free well into our 50s because our grandmother was. That is simply not the case. You have to consider the life you live including your stress levels, sun exposure, how well you care for your skin, your diet and so much more. True you are genetically predisposed to how you look, but your habits are a major factor in considering how you will age. So check your bad habits at the door. You can start by not smoking, wearing sunscreen, maintaining a healthy diet and finding a good skin care regimen that works for your skin and sticking to it.

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Do You Need a Sports Drink?

Open any fitness magazines, turn on the TV or peruse the internet for exercise advice and chances are you’ll see at least a few adverts for sports drinks. The images used to promote these products make it look as though if you buy this particular product you’ll soon be sporting a six-pack, looking lean and mean and conquering all your opponents in your chosen competitive activity. You’ll certainly be crushing it in the gym! Reading between the lines it would seem that sports drinks are actually integral to your success but is this really the case?

Is IT in You?!

There are hundreds if not thousands of sports drinks for you to potentially choose from but in reality, there are three main types. They all share a common ingredient – sugar. This might be labeled as dextrose, glucose, fructose, xylitol or maltodextrin but the main reason any sports drink gives you energy is its sugar content. The amount of sugar in each type of sports drink is how it is characterized.

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Leptin Balance - The Secret To Easy Weight Loss

Every scientist worth its salt has been desperately trying to find the latest weight loss pill. Whoever does this will cash in on a market that's worth billions per year. But so far, there's been nothing lasting. Sure, a lot of promises have been made, but we're still pretty obese.


The secret may lie in our fat itself. Something that our fat is producing right now may be the key to easily losing weight. This is a hormone called "leptin," and it may prove to be just what we've been looking for.

Is Leptin Magic?

But hold the phone. If you Google "leptin," you'll find plenty of results for pills that have leptin. All you've41890_Leptin got to do is take some of this and you're good to go, right? 


Not so fast.


Before we understand how leptin works, we've got to understand our history. Not just the history of fast food or trans-fats, but the history of humans.


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How Does Your Weight Affect Your Salary?

We live in a shallow society, and this trend is evident everywhere- from magazine covers, to movies, and the comments that people make about someone who loses or gains weight quickly.

According to a study published by the Journal of Applied Psychology, as well as a variety of other studies, a person’s weight can also influence the amount of money he or she makes in a year. Although most employers are not supposed to make decisions based on a person’s appearance, often someone’s appearance plays a much larger role in their salary than most people believe.

Surprisingly enough, the size to income ratio is not the same for men and women. Women and men command their maximum salary when they are at different weights from each other.

Lighter Women Get Paid More

According to the study, women who weigh about 25 pounds lighter than the average weight for a woman can make up to $15,000 more than a woman weighing an average weight. Oddly enough, if a thin woman gains a few pounds, her salary has a chance of dropping significantly due to the few extra pounds of weight that she has put on.

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Healthy Ideas for Frozen Desserts

Frozen desserts – sweet, cold, delicious treats – who can resist them?! Though your options may be many, how do you choose the right kind to serve your family? Homemade or store bought? Ice-cream or frozen yoghurt? Sorbet or frozen custard? We look at what is healthy for you and your family and what is not; we also look at other aspects such as convenience.

Buying frozen desserts

Ice creams are delicious and their hundreds of different varieties are highly enticing. But we also know that they are not the best for health – and for those of us trying to lose weight they are an absolute no-no. So do we need to give up on frozen treats? Luckily the answer is no – there are many healthy alternatives to ice-cream. People are more health conscious now and prefer not to eat ice-cream for its high caloric content and also because many contain harmful ingredients such as transfats etc.

Fruit sorbet is a good option for those who are health or calorie conscious. Sorbets can be delicious, refreshing and can be healthier than ice creams or soft serves because they are fruit and water based rather than cream and milk based. However, it would help to avoid the ones with added artificial coloring of any kind. Many peoples' throats today, especially children's, react badly to artificial coloring. 

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Where Are the Germiest Spots in Your Office?

Once in a while, you have the penchant for cleaning your cubicle or workspace, but unless the rest of your office is germ-free, you are most likely carrying another person's microbes back to your desk.

Have you ever wondered how cough and colds get around your office? Cough and colds spread in the office because you and your co-workers are carrying loads of bacteria and germs with you. For this reason, a lot of studies suggest giving an elevator button or the bathroom faucet a good cleaning first before actually using it.

While coexisting with microbes and germs is a natural and sometimes necessary part of life, there are still germs that can cause viruses and diseases. It is vital to be aware of the hotspot for germs in your office to avoid carrying the germs with you.

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Behaving Like a Gentleman in the Gym

As you are probably aware, going to the gym is obviously a great way to trim some of that excess weight or to add some extra muscle mass; and so it is no surprise why it is a popular place with our fellow man. However, what you may not be aware of is the unspoken code of conduct that exists in every gym. So I’ve created my own little list that will serve as your guide to behaving like gentleman in the gym.

Wipe Down Equipment after Use

You wouldn’t be too pleased if you came to use a piece of equipment only to find a nice little puddle of someone’s sweat on it, would you? So do unto others as you would have done to yourself, and wipe down all equipment after use.

It will take a few seconds out of your work-out and you won’t be building a bad reputation for yourself at the gym where you are a regular. Most gyms will provide towels and a form of disinfectant for users; so once you’ve finished on piece of equipment give  a quick wipe down – even if you can’t see any sweat marks!

Don’t Sound Like a Hippo in a Labour

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How Mindful Living Can Improve Your Life

The moment by moment awareness of life is commonly referred to as mindfulness. Although it sounds so simple, practicing it daily is not that easy since human beings are easily caught up in self-talk and own thoughts that make it hard to notice life going by.

This tendency to rush through life is also reflected in eating habits. Most people eat one meal after another without being aware of what they are eating or how much they have consumed. Applying the art of being mindful simply means a return to paying real attention to life. It is amazing how people notice all sorts of good aspects of the food they have been eating once they really begin to pay attention.

Girl-looking-up-aimlessly-while-holding fork-full-of-food

What Does Mindful Eating Mean?

Mindful eating does not mean going on diet or giving up certain foods, rather it is about experiencing the food in a deeply intensive way such as the pleasure of eating it. You could be eating a hamburger or any other snack mindfully which means that you get to enjoy it more than if you were gobbling it down. On the other hand you can eat it halfway and decide you body had enough.

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New Research Shows that Acupuncture Benefits Are Real

While it has been practiced and observed in China for centuries, acupuncture has never found mainstream acceptance in the US. To many, this ancient practice was merely the placebo effect in action, an unproved method of alleviating pain by harnessing the power of the mind through unsubstantiated claims to true medical benefit.

A new study however shows that acupuncture delivers a 30% decrease in chronic pain. While not the first medical study to show demonstrate this, the new study is unprecedented in its size and thoroughness.

Acupuncture's Recent Growth

Acupuncture has grown rapidly in the last decade, with over 3 million Americans using it to help alleviate chronic pain of all kinds. The military now prescribes it as part of the rehabilitative treatment given to wounded war veterans, and California recently passed legislation that includes acupuncture in the list of treatments covered by the nation’s new health law.

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5 Ways For Women to Deal With Unwanted Facial Hair

This article is written by Jim Banks who writes for where you can find out the Cost of levitra.

You might be surprised to learn that every person, male or female, has facial hair. For many men, the facial hair grows in darker and thicker, and will require shaving to remove. Unfortunately, some women also have to deal with visible facial hair. According to a recent study done by BristolMyers, more than 20 million women in the United States alone remove their unwanted facial hair each week. Since there are so many different methods and products on the market, it is hard to tell which is the most effective. Here are five different ways for women to deal with or remove unwanted facial hair.

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