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Vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) is also referred to as gastric sleeve surgery. It is a weight loss surgery option that has grown popular because unlike other procedures it does not involve food malabsorption or intestinal rerouting. VSG simply reduces the size of your stomach. What adds to the popularity of VSG is that it has recently been covered by a number of insurance companies.

Town Surgery Center in California, Los Angeles, is a bariatric surgery clinic that specializes in Gastric Sleeve. The clinic is situated on 24510 Town Center Dr., Suite 180 in Valencia, CA 91355. They can reached at (661) 260-3021.

Sleeve Gastrectomy in Valencia, CA

The Gastric Sleeve surgery is one of the most effective options for patients to lose weight. It reduces the risk of developing serious and life threatening diseases that can be caused by obesity, like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and sleep apnea.

Many insurance companies are in the process of expanding coverage to include gastric sleeve surgery. The reason behind this change is that VSG is a necessary treatment for morbid obesity for qualified individuals.

Dr Marc Lussier offers this innovative type of bariatric surgery in Los Angeles. Dr Marc Lussier, MD, FACS received his medical degree from the University of Minnesota. He is a Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Lussier is a surgeon at Town Center Plastic Surgery Valencia, Santa Clarita, CA. He is proud to offer this effective weight loss option as it results in significant weight loss and reduces the risk of serious obesity-related diseases. Dr. Lussier however stresses that there is a risk in all forms of bariatric surgery.

VSG and Gastric Band

VSG is different from banding procedures as it does not involve the placement of a plastic band around the stomach. The band leads to weight loss at a slower pace VSG.

Unlike gastric bypass surgery or gastric banding procedures, VSG is not reversible. However, the stomach continues to function normally. More importantly, the gastric sleeve procedure requires fewer dietary restrictions. Another advantage of VSG over other surgical methods for weight loss is that it can be performed when certain medical conditions disqualify the patient for other types of weight loss surgery.

Certain lifestyle changes and follow up care is necessary for people who have undergone gastric sleeve surgery. They are as follows:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Follow dietary instructions for the rest of your life. Eat slowly, consuming small quantities of food at a time, chewing thoroughly and swallowing the food only after its mashed well. Avoid eating and drinking at the same time.

The vertical sleeve gastrectomy is one of the latest advancements in bariatric surgery and may improve the health of patients suffering from morbid obesity. For some, weight loss surgery may seem like the easiest way to lose weight. However, it should be viewed as the last resort for obese people when diet and exercise have failed to improve one’s health.


Very long, in-depth and scientific post. I never knew much about VSG but glad to know now.

Great post Parkar.

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