Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor Review

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Whether you are new to the fitness world or not, you may be noticing that the presence of heart rate monitors is becoming more and more prominent. A heart rate monitor can be a great weight loss tool if you understand how to use them to your advantage.

This is not only about ensuring a safe workout but getting your heart rate to a target zone where you can burn as many calories as possible in one workout session. The "Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor" is one of the top rated monitors on the market today and with the Garmin name you can be sure the quality is behind it as well.

How Does the "Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor" Work?

Below is a very interesting video where an expert gives a thorough description of the way that the "Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor" works. The video talks about how to fasten the monitor on your body but also how to make it work and give the data that you need through the various settings that it features.

This particular heart rate monitor has a soft, fabric strap that is to be wrapped around your body, through the middle of your chest at a comfortable tightness. It is important that the monitor stay in place even through the most intense workouts in order to establish a consistent reading.

If you already own a "Garmin GPS Receiver", this heart rate monitor has the ability to send your heart rate readings wirelessly to this device for instant reading. This monitor is compatible with a number of different Garmin devices and you must own one of them in order to utilize the heart rate monitor to its full potential.

What Are Others Saying- Does the "Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor" Really Deliver?

There are so many different heart rate monitors and GPS receivers on the market today that it can be hard to know a good one from a bad one without the proper information. I have done the research for you and gone through dozens of user opinions and comments in order to find useful advice for a potential buyer like yourself.

J. Lance from Atlanta has the Forerunner 405 and says this, “my 405 picks up the signal immediately.” By wetting the heart rate monitor before putting it on you increase its reliability. This can be done with water or specialty gels.

An Anonymous user from Charlotte says the greatest aspect of this product is its ability to stay on during any type of workout. Whether you are mountain biking or running, this heart rate monitor stays in place and never loses its signal which is essential.

This product offers dependable and reliable intelligence throughout the entire duration of your workout and according to G. Anderson is it comfortable as well. This is just a small taste of what users have to say but it gives you an idea relating to the quality of the product.

"Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor" - Heart rate options

In the video below, an expert describes the unique settings the user can access when he uses this device for heart rate training.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

A heart rate monitor can be a great tool to help you lose weight. Everyone has a targeted heart rate zone and it varies depending on your current weight and fitness level. There are many different guides to help you establish your targeted goal but once you do you can use this “zone” to help you optimize your calorie burning opportunity.

A heart rate monitor can also keep you safe during your workouts because a heart rate that is too high can be dangerous. As you begin to progress through your fitness levels you will see your heart rate zone needs to be higher and higher in order to continue losing weight.

By wearing your heart rate monitor on a regular basis you can reach the zone where the most calories can be burned and therefore are putting the odds of success on your side.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable
  • Compatible with a number of different Garmin products
  • Works wirelessly
  • Stays in place no matter how intense your workout


  • There is no buckle on the strap, instead you have to step into it instead of snapping it on your chest
  • Does not work underwater for swimmers

Problems and Complaints

After reading through dozens of user experiences and opinions, I found one common complaint in regards to the "Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor". After a few weeks or even months of usage, some users experienced malfunctions in their readings and the monitor became completely unreliable and inaccurate for any activity being conducted.

In a situation like this, it is hard to say if this is a coincidence or something that is bound to happen to every heart rate monitor. Trial and error is the only way to know unfortunately.

Is the Strap Adjustable?

This is an excellent question that should most definitely be asked before deciding whether or not to purchase this product. The problem with this particular model is that it is not adjustable but it does stretch to fit your size.

After a long period of usage you may find the strap to stretch out even further and this is where you will have to invest in a new strap which can be quite costly to replace. It must be associated with Garmin because of the heart rate monitor unit itself and at this point, buying a new heart rate monitor altogether may be the more affordable solution.

How Does the "Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor" Rate Overall?

Overall, the "Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor" has received a 4 star rating from Every product is bound to have complaints associated with it but for the most part, the majority of users were completely satisfied with their purchase and how it worked with other Garmin electronics they already owned.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for the "Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor"?

If you are interested in buying the "Garmin Premium Heart  Rate Monitor" for yourself, you can quickly and easily buy this product at a 38% discounted price through Here you can read more reviews and educate yourself on the product before making that final decision to purchase.

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