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When you are ready to get into shape, there can be no better way to do this than by using the "Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit". Many people mistakenly think that you need fancy equipment costing thousands of dollars, or need to join a gym or will have to pump iron to get the kind of body you want, but this simply is not true.

For a minimum of cost and some effort on your part, you can use the "Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball" to tone and firm nearly every muscle on your body. Both men and women (and even kids) can use these balls for a great workout. The included DVD will help you get the most from your Balance Ball, too.

How Does The "Gaiam Balance Ball Kit" Work?

The "Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit" comes with a balance ball, exercise DVD, and resistance band. As with any exercise ball, the "Gaiam Balance Ball" helps you to build core muscles while using it precisely because it provides an unstable surface on which to work out.

When using a balance ball, your body will continually try to compensate for the imbalance caused by the ball and will use more muscles than you would when exercising on a hard surface.

The exercises in the DVD will also help you to target specific muscles that need attention, including back, abdomen, and hips. The resistance band will augment the regular exercises, making your program even more rewarding.

What Are Others Saying – Does The "Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit" Really Deliver?

Jessica Wilson “Tree Climber” not only reports that she has gotten “Rockhard Abs” from using the "Gaiam Balance Ball kit", but has bought one of these for her mother and can report that, “It is great for having a strong back and stomach.

Although JR was not seriously overweight, she did want to peel off 5 to 10 pounds. She has found that the Gaiam Balance Ball Kit is giving her the workout she needs and is having a great time exercising and losing weight.

A boring, repetitive exercise program is more likely to be abandoned than one that is peppy and fun, and this reviewer says that she would, “recommend this to anyone looking to tone up at home but have fun while doing it.” This user found that the DVD really did provide good instructions.

Not only is the "Gaiam Balance Ball Kit" great for getting a good exercise workout, it is also good for losing weight, as D. Ridgway has discovered. This happy reviewer is able to state that, “I've lost 12 pounds and still have a long way to go, but with this ball kit, I know I will succeed.”

Not only is this user pleased with the weight loss, but also goes on to say that she is able to do sit ups and crunches which would have been impossible to do without the ball.

Will The Gaiam Balance Ball Kit Help Me Get Into Shape?

From the many positive reviews for this product on Amazon, it is obvious that the "Gaiam Balance Ball Kit" is great for getting into shape. The kit was thought to be especially helpful for those who were just starting an exercise regimen, and most of the people who purchased the kit loved being able to exercise right at home.

The reasonable price of this kit makes it accessible to anyone who wants to firm up their muscles and lose some weight. The "Gaiam Balance Ball Kit" provides a good variety of exercises on the DVD to tone every part of your body. Please bear in mind, however, that you must get the right size ball for your height to get the maximum benefit.

Pros and Cons


  • The "Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit" will exercise nearly every muscle in your body, especially your abs, legs, and back.
  • The kit is inexpensive.
  • This balance ball kit comes with the ball, resistance band, pump to inflate the ball, and an exercise DVD.
  • The ball can also be used as a chair, or can be used while watching television.


  • The pump was thought to be flimsy by many reviewers.
  • There was a disagreeable odor to the ball which sometimes took several days to wear off.

Problems and Complaints

Most of the problems with the "Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit" revolved around the size of the ball. A good many of those who bought the ball found the recommended size to be too small, and generally traded that in for the next size up.

Usually, once the correct size was obtained, the problems disappeared. One person was also unable to keep air in the ball for very long, although this seemed not to be an issue with the majority of users.

Is The "Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit" Better Than The GoFit Exercise Ball?

The "Gaiam Balance Ball" seems to be a superior product to the GoFit Ball. While the Gaiam ball is sturdy and rugged, the GoFit ball is much thinner and liable to deflate more easily.

Users of the GoFit ball also complained that the surface was slick and that they tended to slide around while exercising on it.

How Does It Rate Overall?

The "Gaiam Balance Ball Kit" received 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. A great majority of those who bought the Gaiam ball and its accessories were very pleased with their purchase. The kit measured up to its description and provided a great way to exercise at an economical cost.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews?

You can purchase the "Gaiam Balance Ball Kit" at a 14% discounted price on Amazon. Additionally, this product is eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping. The "Gaiam Balance Ball Kit" is currently in stock. You can also read more reviews for this balance ball here.

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