Former Dallas Cowboy Nate Newton Partners with Gastric Sleeve Surgeon Who has Performed His 1,000th Procedure

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Dr. David Kim of Texas has performed over 3000 weight loss surgeries at his two offices in Texas, one in Colleyville and one in Dallas. Over 1,000 of these surgeries have been for the vertical sleeve gastrectomy in the past three years, as he has broad experience with gastric sleeve bypass.

Dr. Kim received his medical degree from Northeastern Ohio University School of Medicine, where he was also their Chief Resident. Dr. Kim also received two Fellowships, one being for Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass at the Medical College of Virginia.

Some may remember “big” Nate Newton as the former offensive lineman in the NFL who played for the Dallas Cowboys from 1986-1998, and then for the Carolina Panthers his final year (1999) in the NFL. After retiring from football, he began to notice that he felt his injuries more and began having difficulty walking.

Nate was unable to work out as he once had. This soon led to weight gain, with Nate ending up at over 400 pounds, on a 6’2” frame. He was also experiencing diabetes and high blood pressure. At this point, Nate felt that he needed help, and met with Dr. Kim.

Big Nate Before Weight Loss Surgery


Dr. Kim Teams Up With Former Three-Time Super Bowl Champion for Weight Loss

At 400 pounds, Nate Newton was considered “super obese,” which constitutes a body mass index (BMI) of 50-60. Although many patients in this category would be good candidates for the LAP-BAND System, after speaking with Nate, Dr. Kim and Nate decided to go with the gastric sleeve.

Dr. Kim was noted as saying that some patients prefer a less invasive method of help; one that doesn’t require anything implanted or much follow up care. While the technique is newer in the U.S., it is rapidly gaining in popularity. Instead of surgery, the gastric sleeve only requires 5-6 1” incisions, which is much less invasive.

The gastric sleeve procedure removes a portion of the stomach, and reduces it to approximately 15% of the original size. This procedure leaves the pathway the same (unlike some other methods), but reduces the capacity of the stomach. Dr. Kim says that this also helps the body to reduce the amount of hunger hormones.

Nate Lost Over 160 Pounds Within 5 Months Post-Gastric Sleeve

One month after having the procedure done on April 19th, 2010, Nate had lost over 70 pounds, was no longer diabetic, and had significantly lowered his blood pressure within one month.

"Big" Nate After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Dr. Kim has been following Nate’s progress on his center’s website as well as on his Facebook page, Live Life Again Center for Bariatric Surgery, where Nate is making journal entries for anyone interested in following his progress.

In a recent update Nate has said that he is down to 232 pounds, with a new goal of weighing between 215-220 pounds. He is only 12-17 pounds from his goal, less than five months after surgery.

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