Food Allergies And Weight Loss. Are Allergies Hindering Your Diet?

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Are you genuinely struggling to lose weight? No matter how hard you try, you just can’t get the scales to budge? Does this sound like you? Well perhaps you have food sensitivities that are preventing you from losing weight. Recent studies have consistently shown that those dieters who just cannot lose weight can have remarkable weight loss successes after identifying their food sensitivities.

Now we are talking about the dieters here who really are dieting and exercising, and not those who are still eating pizza and doughnuts and are wondering why they are not losing any pounds. Be honest with yourself. If you don’t cheat on your weight loss campaign and can’t get the excess pounds off then maybe this will be helpful for you.

In a recent study performed in Dubai, 27 dieters who were unable to lose weight with a calorie controlled diet had blood tests performed to identify any food sensitivities. After 12 weeks of avoiding these foods the average dieter managed to lose a staggering 37 pounds, and on average reduced their body fat by one third.

Food sensitivities can be picked up on a blood test known as ALCAT. These foods trigger the immune system, but unlike a true food allergy that may result in an immediate fatal or serious reaction (such as peanuts); chronic inflammation tends to be the delayed result. So the more the substances are consumed, the more the resulting inflammation.

Other signs of food sensitivities and chronic inflammation can be migraines, diabetes, irritable bowel, skin rashes, and sinus problems. Another consequence of chronic inflammatory states is that the body starts to block the receptors for insulin, meaning that sugars will not be burned off, but stored as fat instead. The findings of this study have also been replicated by the Baylor Medical College, where 98% of dieters lost weight in a 4 week time frame after excluding food sensitivities.

Additionally, Dr Fred Pescatore, who studies the effects of foods on the immune system, states that he has regularly found the ALCAT test to be an effective weight loss tool for those individuals struggling with weight loss.

Your hidden food allergies may not only be giving you sinus, or eczema, but weight gain as well. The ALCAT blood test examines up to 300 foods and chemicals that commonly trigger immune responses in individuals. Those wanting this test should consult their medical practitioner.

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