Does Fenphedra Work - Review and Side Effects - Is It A Scam?

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Fenphedra has been listed by the Sybervision Pill Review as one of five best diet pills of all times that do not require prescription. It is a high performance diet pill of complex composition, and the way it causes weight loss is even more complex. It is also called “a happy pill”, because some of its ingredients’ effects. But, it has also been called “a scam pill”, “a dangerous pill”, and a number of other bad names.

The customers’ reviews are highly contradictory. The list of ingredients will make you wonder which one of them actually makes you burn fat, as advertized, since all ingredients affect mood, not fat.

  • Di-Caffeine Malate is a stronger version of caffeine. It is supposed to give you energy boost.

  • Synephrine is a cousin to the banned ephedra, raising all sorts of flags.

  • Chocamine is another mood-affecting ingredient, reducing stress and relaxing the body. It is supposed to increase metabolism rate, and as a consequence burn fat.

  • Phenylethylamine (PEA) is an endogenous neuroamine, a chemical that improves mood and increases libido (“Love Chemical”). Its dieting effect makes you feel full and lose appetite.

  • Humulus Lupus belongs to the Cannabinaceae plant family. It is a mild stimulant, producing agreeable, calming sensation.

How does Fenphedra Work?

According to the manufacturer, Fenphedra stimulates CART (Cocaine-Amphetamine-Regulatory-Transcript) production in your brain, whatever that is, sending signals to your body that you are full. What exactly it has to do with cocaine and amphetamine is not clear. The list of ingredients also does not inspire confidence.

Does Fenphedra Deliver?

Customers widely differ in their opinion of Fenphedra. Some claim to have lost up to 10 pounds in a week, others lost nothing at all. Many complained of feeling jittery and moody.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Between ten pounds a week and nothing.

Side Effects

Potential side effects are: headache, increased heart rate or slowing of pulse rate, nausea, sleeplessness, even paranoia etc.

Pros and Cons


None really


  • Uncertain weight loss benefits
  • Can be dangerous for health
  • Problems and Complaints

The manufacturers of this product are on many lists of “pill scammers” and “walls of shame”, not only for the pill that does not work and can be dangerous, but for poor business practices. They are allegedly facing a series of lawsuits.


Considering the number of dieting pills on the market, customers have a range of choices and should use caution when choosing the one to try in their fight to loose weight. When a product has so many bad and contradictory reviews, the best is to stay away from it.

The list of ingredients of Fenphedra does not justify its claim to be a powerful weight loss supplement. On the contrary, its mood-alerting and stimulating ingredients are a serious reason to give this product a miss.

Products that change how our brain works affect people differently and even at best times should not be taken without your doctor’s supervision. So, even if this product did make some people lose weight, it raised too many red flags, which should be taken seriously. Has a Different Opinion about Fenphedra - Best Weight Loss Product

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