FatTrack GOLD Digital Body Fat Calliper Review

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Okay, you’ve decided it’s time to start losing weight. Now that you’ve made this decision, it’s time to figure out a plan and execute it! A body fat calliper may be just the tool you need.

The FatTrack Gold Digital Body Fat Calliper can help you visually see your progress during your weight loss journey. I am here to help you go through the features of this product and find out if it’s the right tool for you.

How Does the FatTrack Gold Digital Body Fat Calliper Work?

This is an extremely simple device to use. You can store up to 3 different profiles to allow other friends and family members measure their weight loss in the same device.

The FatTrack Gold Digital Body Fat Calliper has an audible beep that tells you when you are applying enough pressure to get a proper fat percentage reading. The three places you want to measure for best accuracy are your thighs, your abdomen and your chest.

What Are Others Saying-Does the FatTrack Gold Digital Body Fat Calliper Really Deliver?

The weight loss journey takes a lot of persistence and motivation and this is not always easy. Having the right products at your disposal can help you visually see your progress which is essential in weight loss goals.

Lisa says that the calliper is the most affordable, simplest and most accurate alternative to the water submersion method—the gold standard of body fat measurement. Read her very thorough review here.

Lenny finds that the calliper gives her very repeatable measurements and is more accurate than her body fat scale.

W. Hill is extremely happy with the FatTrack Gold Digital Body Fat Calliper. The ability to measure your fat percentage on a regular basis can help you see even what one fatty meal can to do your body. This reviewer says, “Exactly and quickly measures body fat for any age and gender.”

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

The great thing about a digital body fat calliper is that it can be an amazing motivator. Many of the reviews I have read through state that even when they aren’t working out they continue to use this device and it shows them how much their fat percentage goes up and down after their chosen meals and snacks.

There is no greater motivation for weight loss than when you can visually see the fat being either added or taken away from your body. This type of device can assist you in reaching your weight loss goals and that’s why it’s a necessity.

Listen as Will Brink explains why body fat testing is the only way to know if you are making the correct progress--that is, losing fat and retaining or increasing muscle mass. Will finds that a calliper, like the FatTrack or the AccuMeasure provide very accurate measurements of body fat.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable
  • Provides detailed instructions to help you get started
  • Can be used anywhere


  • It opens only a few inches so it will not work for very obese people
  • Some reviewers say it’s hard to use even with the manual
  • Not 100% accurate and can provide many different measurements, if you aren’t good at measuring your skin folds with a calliper
  • Not always reliable in regards to quality and readings as mentioned above

Problems and Complaints

I have gone through the many reviews and found that many of the consumers who purchased this product found it either hard to use, inaccurate or their model broke after a short time of use.

These are important problems to address and although they may be individual, there are many similar reviews posted. Accuracy is incredibly important when it comes to a product such as this, and without it the product is useless.

Is The FatTrack Calliper Better than Just Measuring yourself?

Because of the advancement in technology, weight loss measurement has advanced as well from simply measuring your waist to actually measuring your fat content with callipers. If the callipers are accurate than yes, it can make a big difference.
It’s educational to know your body fat content and watch it vary as you workout and lose weight.

On the other hand if you have a product that does not show you proper or accurate readings than measuring yourself the traditional way can give you some idea of your progress as you continue with your weight loss.

How Does the FatTrack Cold Digital Body Fat Calliper Rate Overall?

Overall, reviewers on Amazon have given this product 3 out of 5 stars. There were far too many reviewers who could not get accurate readings, couldn’t figure out how to use it or simply couldn’t use it because it had malfunctioned already. These are major product malfunctions and if you can’t can an accurate reading there is no reason to own this product.

I can’t ignore the plenty of positive reviews it did receive and that many people had no problems with the readings. This is where trial and error is the only way to really know for sure.

Where Can I Buy & Read More Reviews for the FatTrack Gold Digital Body Fat Calliper?

The best place to buy the calliper at a discount and read more reviews is on Amazon.com. Here you will find dozens of different reviews showcasing different consumers’ experiences and what they honestly think of the product. Read more reviews, here.

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