Fatigue after Gastric Bypass Surgery

The fatigue after gastric bypass surgery that many patients experience can be the result of several factors and will vary from patient to patient. The main reason for this lethargy is the result of your body adjusting to the lower caloric intake that the gastric bypass requires. Because you have a smaller stomach volume, you will be eating smaller portions and it will take time for your body’s metabolism to adjust to this new level of nutrition. Over time your body will adjust and you will start to get your strength and stamina back again.

Another reason that some patients feel fatigue after gastric bypass surgery is because their muscles have atrophied somewhat from the inactivity associated with their recovery. Because they are forced to limit their activities during recovery, their muscles become a little weaker and lose their tone somewhat. Most patients find that once they are able to return to a normal schedule, the fatigue after gastric bypass surgery they are feeling subsides.

Keep in mind that a little fatigue after gastric bypass surgery is normal but if it continues be sure to mention it to your doctor. Although complications from gastric bypass surgery are usually minor, prolonged fatigue after the procedure should be addressed if it continues after your recovery.

Gastric bypass surgery has become a very popular and effective way for severely overweight patients to lose the weight they need to stay healthy. The procedure is done through several small incisions in the patient’s abdomen and takes about 3 hours to complete. The surgeon will actually create a small pouch out of the upper portion of the stomach that has a much smaller volume than the original stomach. The intestines are also shortened a bit and attached to this newly created pouch for the processing of food. By decreasing the size of the stomach, the patient will be able to eat less and will feel full with a much smaller volume of food. This lower caloric intake will help them lose weight without the hunger pains associated with most diets. Also, because the intestines have been shortened somewhat, even the food that is eaten won’t be absorbed as fully into the body and this helps to further reduce the calories a patient consumes from these smaller meals.

The normal recovery period for a gastric bypass procedure requires a hospital stay of at least a day after the procedure has been completed for observation and recovery. This is followed by 4 – 6 weeks of recovery at home during which any heavy lifting or physical activity should be minimized. There will also be a bit of fatigue after gastric bypass surgery that can require additional rest.

Your doctor will suggest a customized diet and exercise program for you before the operation that can help minimize this fatigue after gastric bypass surgery and will also help you with a quicker recovery. This diet will start to get your body accustomed to smaller portions and help you build lean muscle mass for after the surgery.

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