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How Raspberry Ketone Extract Works for Weight Loss

As people struggle with their desk jobs, as well as unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles, obesity has emerged as perhaps the biggest threat, which triggers many other serious ailments over the years. The resolve to stick to a stringent diet or visiting the gym often runs out of steam midway, which does no good to the person who has enthusiastically vowed to do these things to avoid being plagued by obesity. If you have been suffering from obesity or fear that you are slowly inching towards the treatment zone, it’s time to think about feasible and effective alternatives that would help you stay fit. Raspberry ketone extract - a popular health supplement, is one such solution, which has helped many people steer clear of obesity.

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How to Prepare for Your Boot Camp Holiday

Boot camps are creating a buzz in the health and fitness industry and it’s not hard to see why, when a course of early morning drills or a week of intensive exercise can improve tone, boost weight loss and even help you to drop a dress size or two!

But the work doesn’t start when you touch down in Spain or Thailand; to get the most from your boot camp holiday you need to prepare in advance. Here are my top tips on how you can make the most of your boot camp getaway.

Big Bay Boot Camp 2012

Shop Around

Think carefully about what you want to get out of your boot camp experience. Do you want to lose weight, tone up, learn a new skill, or a combination of all three? Shop around to find the best location and style of camp for you, and conduct an independent hotel search to make sure that the boot camp checks out. Better yet, look for testimonials from other happy campers before handing over any cash.

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Extreme Fat Loss using Intermittent Fasting and Paleo Diet Recipes

Intermittent Fasting is starting to gather some serious momentum in the fitness industry because of the vast array of health benefits. Scientists are uncovering evidence that supports that short periods of fasting can help one blast through the fat loss plateau by allowing the body to detoxify, reduce insulin resistance and restore optimal hormonal balance.

BBC Horizon Documentary  - Eat, Fat and Live Longer by Michael Mosley

I’ll go into the science behind why intermittent fasting is so effective at burning fat in just a minute. BBC Horizon recently published a documentary called “Eat, Fast and Live Longer” by Michael Mosley. This study identifies all the scientific research being conducted in the US bringing to light the multitude of health benefits associated with Intermittent Fasting. Watch the amazing documentary below:


What Do I Mean by Optimal Hormonal Balance

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The Best Fat Burning Tips For Banishing Muffin Top & Cellulite.

The numbers on the bathroom scales are getting smaller, but you still can't seem to budge that muffin top. Is that blubber ever going to convert to a sexy six pack? The answer is yes. You may just have to change your diet and exercise pattern for better fat burning results. Try these very best fat burning tips and say farewell to the love handles and cellulite forever.

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High Speed Fat Loss in 3 Easy Steps

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone knew how to achieve high speed fat loss?No more worrying. No more looking in the mirror with a grimace, wishing you hadn’t bought those expensive weight loss pills that don’t seem to be working.

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How To Increase Your Metabolism Naturally Without Pills Or Starving

Gray hair, wrinkles, muffin top. Aagh what's happening??? As we age, our metabolisms start to slow down. What does this mean? Realistically, after 25 it can start to get harder to lose the weight, and easier to put it on. You may notice that you have to eat less to maintain that dress size or the number on the bathroom scales. However, all is not lost. You do not have to starve yourself or resort to potentially unhealthy substances to keep your weight under control.

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5 Little Known Weight Loss Diet Tips That You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

If your goal is to lose weight, you may be sabotaging your own efforts and not even know it. There are a number of foods that people believe are healthy, but really aren’t. They then consume these foods, while thinking that they’re going to drop weight very quickly, but are surprised and disheartened when they continue to gain weight or see insignificant results.

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