Fad Diets, Weight Loss Myths

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Is the Lemonade Diet Effective?

Fad diets have been around forever it seems and some people seem willing to try just about anything to lose weight in order to fit into a sexy swimsuit come summer or to wear their old favorite clothes. Truth is though, most of these fad diets are not strategies to lose weight and to eat better in the long run, but interesting marketing lures that actually amount to starving oneself with the promise of some type of liquid concoction on a regular basis so that you don’t dry out and die. So what about the Lemonade Diet?

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Is the Grapefruit Diet Effective?

You may have heard of at least one friend bragging about weight loss while on the Grapefruit Diet, which begs the question – is the Grapefruit Diet effective or is weight loss on this diet just a coincidence? We take a look at this diet more closely to get the skinny on what some people consider the diet all-star.

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Unhealthy Teenage Diets

A typical teenager is going through a lot of changes, both mentally and physically. Their bodies are going through hormonal changes and they’re still gaining new muscle and bone, which is why it’s extremely important that they eat properly. Without a proper diet, they won’t get the vitamins and nutrients they need to develop properly. Not only that, but they can actually gain weight and find themselves face to face with deceases, such as diabetes.

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The Main Characteristics of Dangerous Fad Diets

Food Replacement
One of the easiest ways to identify dangerous fad diets is to see if they replace normal food intake with pills, powders or supplements. The body cannot thrive on the nutritional value offered by these products. Although they may lead to fast fat reduction temporarily, they do not contain the necessary recommended levels of vitamins and minerals for good health.

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6 Common Myths About Weight Loss: Digging Out The Facts!

There are a lot of myths associated with fitness and health and unfortunately many people still adhere to them. Likewise, the widespread practice of weight loss is no exception and has its own fair share of such myths. In reality, believing these rumors can actually do the opposite as several people often end up gaining weight instead of losing, causing more harm than good.

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