EXTREME HCG Advanced Weight Loss Formula Review

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Shedding those few extra winter pounds can be a daunting task. The busy, ever moving life most of us lead isn’t very kind to our health habits. Surely, being on the move doesn’t promote the best eating and menu options. Not unlike some of you, I need a little extra help once in a while. I decided to look for that help in Extreme HCG Advanced Weight Loss Formula Diet Drops.

How Does Extreme HCG Diet Drop Work?

Extreme HCG claims to help me melt away 30 pounds within the first month of use with a 98% customer success rate. The diet drops contain a potent formula of HCG and other dietary herbs to promote weight loss. Directions state to take ten drops per dose, four times a day. Extreme HCG includes a dietary plan to follow as well. It is recommended that you follow the plan for 2 months which requires a two to three bottle supply.

What Are Others Saying - Does Extreme HCG Really Deliver?

General consensus says that Extreme HCG works, period. Reading multiple reviews and others’ experiences, I found that most users have experienced success using this product and the HCG protocol. During my research I found many that claimed to easily lose a pound a day, with some exceptions claiming two to five pounds a day.

Other users noted multiple times of the taste, but from my experience most herbal supplements have a poor taste. Those that complained often decided to bare the grit and keep at it because of the results.

It also seems this product doesn’t cause a queasy stomach feeling. From the binders in most supplements I found my stomach often upset after use unless used with a full stomach. I found the drops don’t do this. A big plus.

I read a few users mention that the only reason that I would lose weight was because of the 500 a day calorie diet you must follow. It’s true that limiting my self to five hundred calories would help drop pounds, but the herbal blend in Extreme HCG Diet Drops help to boost your metabolism to process the extra weight more efficiently while providing that extra boost of healthy energy so you don’t experience that groggy two o’clock feeling. I found the diet plan provided with Extreme HCG compliment each other like a glass of fine wine with a good meal.

How Much Weight Will It Help Me Lose?

Extreme HCG claims to help melt away thirty pounds within the first month. While researching the product and the HCG protocol I often found a pound a day to be very common. Some success stories state that they have lost 2 or more pounds a day. Remember that a course of two months is recommended to complete the full regimen.

Side Effects

I found very few side effects. I experienced none and have only read about two common complaints. The first is, again, the bad taste. The second is that many found themselves to be grouchy or irritable the first few days of use. This is probably attributed more towards the new diet plan, but it is something to be aware of. I should mention one other potential side effect. HCG is a hormone that is detected by pregnancy tests. While taking HCG supplements of any kind I found that some women may have a false positive test for pregnancy.

Problems And Complaints

The number one complaint I found was being hungry. For some, the diet drops did not help suppress their appetite thus making the diet plan hard to follow. I also read a few people saying that the product simply did not work. No other complaints were really mentioned.

What’s So Special About HCG?

HCG is the newest craze in weight loss formulas. There have been studies that link HCG with helping to boost your metabolism and help process various nutrients during early child birth. The HCG hormone is effective in men and women. Because of this being the newest craze though, I have read that you should watch which company you purchase your supplements from. There are some companies that contain little or no HCG and are looking to make that quick dollar.

How Does Extreme HCG Diet Drops Rate Over All?

Customers on Amazon seem to love this product. Most gave the diet drops a five star rating. I found many more that swear by the HCG formula and protocol. The diet plan may be a tough start for some, but the end result has been praised by many. While looking at Extreme HCG Diet Drops I noticed the price is very competitive to other weight loss formulas.

Where Can I Buy Extreme HCG Diet Drops And Read More Reviews?

Extreme hCG Diet Drops used to be available at Amazon. Unfortunately, Amazon has discontinued this version of hCG. However, you can buy the similar product "Green Web Homeopathic Oral Diet Drops for Dr Simeons Quick Weight Loss Diet". Currently, the product is on sale and you can find many other reviews from consumers who have purchased and tried this product.

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HCG Diet Plan

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Weight lossing

Yes surgical-blog you are right i do agree that these should be continue till you whole life to control your weight or you must change your habit of eating and have active life style.

Good one

Well as far as read this article I come to know that it is good for weight loss, but I think whatever side effects are there in this process you should specify that also.

HCG really works!!!

I have been on the HCG extreme diet for three days now, and have been faithful on the food you can eat. In the three days i have been on it i've lost 12 lbs!!! yee haa thanks Dr simone!

Whatever you have explained

Whatever you have explained about HCG here, is nice and having lot of information about it. I just want to know is it safe, does it have any side effects. It is good way of weight loss.

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Great post...really inspired

Great post...really inspired by the article

EXTREME HCG Advanced Weight Loss

Well in my point of view these weight loss formulas are workable till you keep them in your whole life.. is that so...

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