Exercises For People Who Have Back Problems

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Back pain is a common problem not just for the elderly, but to young people as well.

According to an article from The Star, about 80% of the Malaysian population experiences back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain can be an indicator of a serious health problem, especially in the spine area. There are different causes such as fracture, infection, severe spinal nerve compression, aortic aneurysm, and even cancer.

Pain doesn’t usually originate in the lower part of your back. Cases reported show that 65% suffers from lower back pain, 25% is caused by the hip and sacroiliac joint, and there are causes unknown accounting for 10% of Malaysians.

Back Pain Affects Quality of Living

Feeling pain in your back can be a symptom for a more chronic illness but don’t panic just yet. Back pain can also be caused by simple reasons such as tension, stress, muscle spasm due to carrying heavy loads, and more.

However, even if the back pain you’re experiencing is not be a critical condition, it can still be a burden and affect your quality of life, in ways such as the following:

  • Immobility and inability to work
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Poor appetite
  • Anxiety, frustration, and depression
  • Increased vulnerability to disease
  • Negative impact on attitude, behaviour, and lifestyle
  • Dependence on medication

Exercise and Get Rid of Back Pain

Sometimes, lack of exercise can cause back pain. If you’re experiencing back discomfort, you might want to try the following back exercises first:

Stretching – Begin any strenuous physical exercise with stretching, which helps increase your range of motion and improve bone and muscle flexibility. This part is just as important as the exercise proper. Stretch before and after the routine. Do it carefully to avoid injuries.

Aerobics – This is also considered a cardio exercise. This routine is common for women who are into weight loss exercise programs. When doing aerobic exercises, you need to use your upper and lower extremities. Aerobics can help decrease feelings of stiffness in your back and joints.

Crunches – This is another popular form of exercise. Doing crunches is good for the back, as well as your abdominal muscles. However,  you need to make sure you do crunches correctly. Here’s how:

  1. Lie down on your back with one knee bent.
  2. For added support, position your hands underneath your lower back.
  3. Slowly lift your head and shoulder, then pause in that position for a short time.
  4. Relax and back down.
  5. Repeat.

Core Exercises – Core exercises help strengthen your muscles. They mostly involve more complex moves. Examples of core exercises are:

  • Pelvic tilts
  • Knee side-to-side
  • Cat and camel
  • Leg raise
  • Spread eagle

Follow these exercise tips and see if they can help lessen the pain or discomfort you feel on your back. If the pain persists for a long time, it’s better to consult your doctor if you need medical attention. Ideally, you’ll be covered with medical insurance to help in financing your medical needs.

Do you want more information about medical insurance? Check out our Medical Insurance page to see a list of top Malaysian health insurance providers.

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I do have back pain regularly throughout the day, not enough to go to the doctor or anything. But I think I will take your advise and maybe exercise will help me out

Back Problems

The truth is once you have problems they'll never heal. I'm 20 and my back was damaged 3 years ago. Despite all sorts of PT, doctors, specialists, etc it doesn't go away. The gnawing pain will always be there. Yoga can make it manageable some days but it is still there. It is awful

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