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Professional Stability Ball 55cm by GoFit - Review and Exercises

Weight loss and fitness can be fun and exciting if you have the tools and products to help turn a boring fitness routine into something interesting and new. Fitness regimes aren’t meant to be used indefinitely.

It’s important to change up your fitness routines to avoid boredom and increase your interest in your weight loss or fitness goals. Professional stability balls are a great way to mix things up! I’m here to help you learn what to look for and find the right stability ball for your needs.

How Does the GoFit 55cm Professional Stability Ball Work?

Because this stability ball is made for professional gyms, it has a burst resistance of up to 2,500lbs which is incredible! This in itself should boost your confidence in the product enough to learn that it also comes with a workout DVD to help you learn some of the different moves that can be done with this piece of gym equipment.

You will also receive a workout booklet and of course the pump and plugs to get your stability ball ready immediately.

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Body By Jake Tower 200 Full-Body Exercise Gym Review

I can no longer use the excuse that I am too busy at the office or unable to leave home to go to the gym when it comes to working out because if I have a door, I have a gym with the Body By Jake Tower 200 Full Body Exercise Gym.

At least, that is what the description tells me, but there is a bit of controversy going around about whether or not this product meets its claims.

How Does the Body By Jake Tower 200 Gym Work?

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All you need is a door to set up this resistance based equipment that allows you to use its elastic bands to perform various movements that build and tone muscle. Included are instructions and a DVD workout that you can follow to get into a rhythm until you create your own workout routine. The entire premise of this exercise program is to use resistance training to simulate a weight lifting regimen.

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Chuck Norris Total Gym XLS Review, Exercises and Complaints

Endorsed by Chuck Norris, the Total Gym XLS accommodates both beginners and seasoned fitness masters alike. I always appreciate a gym that is tailored to help beginners get started without expecting them to adjust to the program overnight.

The idea of gravity based resistance allows anyone to get a great workout on this machine, regardless of previous fitness experience.

How Does the Total Gym XLS Work?

The Total Gym XLS works by using your own body weight as resistance. By adjusting the incline you are able to increase or lower that resistance. This is a great feature for anyone who is looking to start off from square one, as it allows you to gradually build strength and increase the resistance over time.

This gym can be used for a full body workout or to target specific areas and the DVD and exercise chart that is included provide you with plenty of exercises to get started right away.

Demo - What Exercises Can You Do With the Total Gym XLS?

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Omron Full Body Fat Sensor and Body Composition Monitor Review

Dieting is hardly ever easy, and I’ve found that losing weight after a certain point can really be hard. I was surprised to learn that a lot of the time, instead of losing body fat when on a diet, you can actually be losing muscle tissue. This is of course something you don’t want to lose.

Unless you get to a doctor or a gym, though, it may be hard to tell whether you are still losing fat or have begun to lose muscle. I think this is where the Omron Full Body Sensor can really help. It is simple to use and will give you all the information you need to keep track of the composition of your body.

How Does The Omron Full Body Sensor Work?

The Omron Full Body Sensor works by having you stand on the scale part of the device, and hold the hand sensor unit out in front of you. The Omron will then send a signal along your arms and through your body to detect the composition of your body.

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Exercises You Can Do With the Bender Ball - Video Demo

Shelly McDonald is the Group Fitness Director of Club Sportif MAA and is a Master Trainer for the Bender Ball.

In this video she demonstrates three great exercises using the Bender Ball that will exercise your abs, obliques, gluts, lower back, hamstrings and your inner thighs.

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Bender Ball Workout Targets Important Core Muscles

What is the Bender Ball? Shelly McDonald, Group Fitness Director of Club Sportif MAA, says that the Bender Ball is an exercise ball that strengthens and stabilizes your core when you’re doing any kind of exercise.

Shelly: From abdominal work, to hip work, to upper body work, the Bender Ball is very unique because instead of having a great big surface ( a big ball) you have a smaller surface. You have to really, really stabilize yourself before you do any of the exercises.

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Alex Little Jumpers Trampoline Review

In recent years it has been noted that many children have become overweight. Getting a child who is chubby to exercise can sometimes be difficult, especially if they are already involved in playing video games. If you want this child to get in some physical activity, it will have to be fun, expecting a child to go through a series of exercises is unrealistic.

Fortunately, your problems can be solved with the Alex Little Jumpers Trampoline. It would be hard to imagine any kid who could resist ‘working out’ on this trampoline, and it is just the thing to lure the overweight child away from the computer screen. I believe even children who have a normal weight will have plenty of fun using this trampoline.

How Does The Alex Little Jumpers Trampoline Work?

This trampoline is meant for children of 70 pounds or less and is not only great for exercising children with weight problems, but also for working off some of the high energy most kids have.

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Slendetone Flex Pro Abdominal Muscle Toner Review

The Slendertone Abdominal Muscle Toner offers a simple and easy way to work out your midsection. It is a great (and for some more effective) alternative to traditional crunches.

Simply put on the belt and let the muscles contract. Seem too good to be true? Well, perhaps it is, but from the reviews that I have read, the current users are fairly happy with the results. Perhaps you should strap it on and see for yourself.

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Powerline PCH24X Roman Chair Back Hyperextension Review

The Powerline PCH24X offers a great workout for not only your back but your hamstrings, abs, butt and your glutes! Keeping your back strong and tight is essential to promote good health. One bad back injury and you can be laid out for weeks or even months.

This is a great product to help tighten your back muscles and keep you on the right track. If you were like me you were paying for a gym membership just to use the roman chair. At this price you can afford to have one in your own home.

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Confidence Fitness Space Saving X Bike Review

Exercise bicycles can be one of the best ways to tone your muscles and lose weight. However, some of them are so large and take up so much room that they are impractical for a smaller living space.

If this might be your problem, the Confidence Fitness Bike may be exactly what you need to keep your body in shape. This exercise bicycle provides a great workout for your heart and lungs. It also strengthens your leg and abdominal muscles.

The Confidence Bike is well made, and should provide you with plenty of years of use.  It has a computer function, too, that will keep track of how many ‘miles’ you have covered, the amount of time you have exercised, your speed, and how many calories you have burned. You can adjust the tension, to give yourself a more difficult ride as you build up in strength. The frame of the Confidence is designed to fold, so that you can easily tuck it away in a closet when its not in use.

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