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TRX Suspension Trainer Professional Review

If you have recently decided it is time to lose weight, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of weight loss products and equipment on the market today. A great diet combined with a great workout routine is a good place to start and the TRX Suspension Trainer Professional may be what you’re looking for.

You don’t have to go to a gym to utilize this fitness equipment and you can be at home or on the go which makes it a great start for a weight loss journey to begin.

How Does the TRX Suspension Trainer Professional Work?

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This workout regime is built around two nylon strap that use your body weight as well as gravity to create the suspension you need to get a full body workout. The nylon straps need to be attached to an elevated surface such as a door frame or even a tree branch and that is all the setup it takes.

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Do You Use This Valuable Weight Loss Tool...A Bike Trainer?

There's a lot of interest in losing weight in the United States these days, and rightfully so. Just take a look around at the local mall and what do you see? Round faces and round bodies rolling through the stores just about everywhere you look.

According to Forbes.com, 74.1% of Americans exceed their allowable body mass index...and that was in 2007. I highly doubt that the figures have gotten better since then.

Dieting Alone Doesn't Cut It

It makes sense that getting down to a healthy weight involves correcting what goes into your mouth. But if that's all you do, you'll merely create a slightly smaller version of the flabby, puffy person you're trying to eliminate.

An healthy dose of regular exercise, along with the altered eating habits, is critical to achieving the type of weight loss that results in a strong and lean body.

It's the regularity of the exercise program that can be a real challenge, particularly if you live in an area that isn't blessed with optimum exercise weather for much of the year. Living up in the mountains of far Northern California, I know what it's like to be essentially house-bound for much of the snowy winter months.

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Ab Circle Pro Review - Does Ab Circle Pro Work for Weight Loss?

Everyone is looking to have a nice and toned mid-section and yes, 6-pack abs would be great! Men and women alike are constantly scouring the fitness market for that new abdominal machine that is going to help them reach their weight loss goals. The Ab Circle Pro may be that product for you.

Weight loss is a total body goal but for most people, their mid-section is their problem area and I am going to help you figure out if the Ab Circle Pro is right for you and your fitness needs.

Does the Ab Circle Pro Really Work?

"You Don't Need the Ab Circle Pro to Lose Weight" ConsumerReports.org

How Does the Ab Circle Pro Work?

This product runs on a friction free track that allows you to smoothly and easily swing your body from side to side utilizing your abdominal muscles only. You will receive a 3minute workout DVD with this product to help you see how it should be used and different methods to use it as well so you are getting the most out of this new product.

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Stamina InStride Electronic Stepper Review

If you’re thinking the time has come to start losing some weight, where do you start? There are so many different pieces of fitness equipment on the market, fitness DVDs and exercise regimes it can be confusing and overwhelming to begin. I’m here to help you get started on the right track and I believe the Stamina InStride Electronic Stepper may be the best place to start and here’s why.

How Does the Stamina InStride Electronic Stepper Work?

This electronic stepper is extremely compact machine that can easily fit in the corner of your bedroom without being noticed. It’s only 12X16 inches in size and 20lbs in weight which makes it an extremely convenient piece of fitness equipment. Now that you have an idea of the size of this electronic stepper, we can discuss its features.

With 2 hydraulic cylinders to create the natural feel of walking you can walk for miles without leaving your home. The Stamina InStride Electronic Stepper also has a battery operated monitor to record your time and steps taken.

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ProForm 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer Review

When it comes to losing weight, it can be hard to know which avenue to take to get the job done. In many cases running has become the popular trend but not far behind this trend is cycling. Cycling can be a fun and enjoyable way to burn away those excess pounds and you don’t have to be outside on those raining days if you don’t want to!

The ProFrom 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer is one of the top rated indoor cycles on the market and it can help you lose those unwanted pounds.

 How Does ProFrom 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer Work?

The great thing about the ProForm 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer is that it is designed to accommodate people of all different levels of fitness and athletic capabilities. This piece of equipment allows you to customize and adjust nearly every aspect of the bike so you are completely comfortable during your workout.

It also has moving wheels to allow you to easily relocate your bike whenever you want without hassle. You have the option to customize resistance and workout programs to get the most out of your workout.

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Ultrabreathe AS17492 Compact Breathing Exerciser Review

Many of us are sedentary these days, and just do not get the physical exercise we need. Because of this, and because of a number of health reasons, anyone can start to suffer from shortness of breath.

Shortness of breath can make it hard to do the simplest things, such as climbing stairs or bringing in bags of groceries. While many exercisers can help to strengthen the entire body, the Ultrabreathe Compact Breathing Exerciser will allow you to focus on building up your lung power.

Even if you are experiencing no breathing problems, you might like to try the Ultrabreathe simply to increase your lung capacity. Many athletes use breathing exercisers for exactly this purpose.

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Stamina AeroPilates Reformer with Free-Form Cardio Review

Pilates exercises are an excellent way to keep your cardiovascular system in top condition and provide a way to strengthen both the body and the mind. These exercises have become very popular as a way to keep in shape and reduce stress.

While Pilates instructions at a gym or workshop can be extremely expensive, the Stamina AeroPilates Reformer lets you get the same level of workout in your home, at your convenience. Anyone looking for a thorough, low-impact exercise machine should consider the Stamina AeroPilates.

How Does The Stamina AeroPilates Reformer Work?

Unlike some Pilates machines, the Stamina AeroPilates requires that you lie down on your back to use it. And, rather than using a hard board of some kind for foot resistance, a rebounder gives your joints a break while letting you get a real Pilates workout.

This exerciser is designed for comfort, and the padded headrest and shoulder pads support you while you go through the exercises. There are elastic cords that provide 4 levels of resistance, and the Stamina AeroPilates comes with 2 DVDs and an exercise chart to help you get the maximum benefit from your session.

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FreeForm Hideaway Home Gym Review

When you’re looking for a good home gym, you probably want one that will be versatile. Some exercise equipment will help to build up one set of muscles or another, but the FreeForm Hideaway Home Gym lets you work out in three positions for maximum effect.

There aren’t too many exercise machines that will give so much flexibility, so it seems to me that the FreeForm Hideaway will enable you to lose excess weight while building healthy muscles easily.

How Does The FreeForm Hideaway Home Gym Work?

The FreeForm Hideaway lets you work out in your home so that no set of muscles will be neglected. You will find your whole body strengthened and slimmed as you follow a regular exercise regimen. Standing up will allow you to do leg presses and calf flexions.

Sitting while facing the machine exercises lets you do back rolls, upright rows, and bicep curls. If you sit facing away from the FreeForm Home Gym, you will find that you can do chest presses and abdominal curls. Because the gym has resistance levels from 10 pounds up to 200 pounds, it will allow you to use the machine as your muscles and strength develop.

If you are looking for one exercise machine that can strengthen every part of your body, this may well be the gym you need.

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Bio Force 1.7 Home Gym review Fitness Quest

Bio Force 1.7 Home Gym by Fitness Quest

Getting into shape, building muscle and losing weight, can often be a lot easier if you use exercise equipment. Finding the right equipment can be hard, especially if you are a beginner and want to be able to progress with the exercise machine you do buy. If this is so, I can see that the Bio Force 1.7 Home Gym might be just the thing to help you reach your goals.

The resistance levels go from 10 pounds all the way up to 170 pounds, so the Home Gym will be with you every step of the way as you grow stronger. This is not a piece of exercise equipment that you will ‘outgrow’ quickly.

How Does The Bio Force 1.7 Home Gym Work?

Rather than rely on sometimes awkward weights for resistance, the Bio Force uses what it calls Total Nitrocell Technology. These are nitrogen cylinders that will provide smooth resistance through your exercise session, and help you to develop exactly the kind of muscles you want. Men might want to build up bulging, dramatic muscles, while women would prefer more elegant muscle development – and the Bio Force Home Gym can help anyone to develop exactly the muscles they want.

Compare Treadmills to Treadclimbers - What Helps Losing Weight Faster?

The dispute between treadmills and treadclimbers, each seen as better than the other to lose weight, is growing day by day. This happens mostly because people tend to praise one or the other.

The fact is you can’t say one is better, but what can be said is that one of them is faster. And as far as my experience goes, people who want to lose weight want to do it fast.

The treadmill is a machine that works with only one belt and uses incline up to 15% and speed up to 13mph. Most treadmills have consoles with useful preset workouts and additional gadgets (such as the heart reading system and entertainment features).

The treadclimber is more diversified

The treadclimber is more diversified, as it works as 3 machines into one, treadmill, elliptical and stair climber. Main difference between these 2 machines is that treadclimbers have 2 belts, one for each foot, which allows users to make two movements at the same time, climbing and walking.

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