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Reading the manufacturer’s enticing opening line product description -“Ever used the following excuse: “I’m too busy to go to the gym!”- I knew this Wii game has been designed with people like me in mind! I actually DO have a gym membership but I hardly use it because there is always something more pressing to do: cook dinner, take my little one to a play area, and watch a programme on T.V..... Anyway, I also dread looking at over toned women lifting huge weights in the gym and feel rather inadequate when my two sets of 12 lunges leave me exhausted. So I much prefer the option of working out from home where its only the virtual trainer who can have a go at my fitness level!

For whom has ExerBeat been manufactured?

The producer reassures the consumer that it has been designed for everyone who has a Wii console in the house and fancies a fun training session from the comfort of their home. The game has over 155 exercises structured in exercise routines like Yoga, Latin Dancing, Aerobics and Karate so there is a lot of variety. The workouts come with instructions and calorie counts and fitness instructors that make the exercises appear very professional. There are competing games to be had as a family, with a section designed for younger players, called Party Fitness, included. A progress tracking system has been designed to keep even the slightest change in check and encourage the user to make use of the game on a recurrent basis.

What do others say about ExerBeat?

The reports are overwhelmingly positive. Out of the 196 reviews, an overwhelming 104 give the product a five-star rating.

Let’s have a better look at the features that have been praised the most. “A great, fun workout” appears time and again, with experienced reviewers like NeuroSplicer placing it above other Wii games like Wii Fit Plus and Zumba Fitness as the perfect blend of new activities and a fitness program.

Variety seems to be the thing that sells it for another reviewer, S. Morris, who praises the choice to be had between creating your own exercising routine to suit your personality and fitness level and the good quality pre-programmed routines.

Anwa, a reviewer who has been using this game for a while, praises it as extremely motivating, rewarding the user for progress and increasing the level of difficulty to keep the exercises suitable for the fitness level that has been achieved.  

Will ExerBeat help me lose weight?

The answer is yes, definitely! There is an impressive number of reports testifying to weight loss or high calorie burn during the workouts.

PhotoMama, who had been using this game for a year at the time she wrote the review, considers it the main cause of her getting into shape; she recommends it for both beginners, due to the very low impact but extremely effective exercises, and more advanced users.

Sweetie410 claims to have lost 18 pounds in a month by using the ExerBeat and watching what she eats.

Asyia, who uses a heart monitor while exercising, averaged a 500-600 calorie burn per hour while using the game and praises it for the fun element included in the routines.

Pros and Cons


  • This Wii game offers a wide variety of exercises and the option of setting and reaching daily, weekly and monthly goals which keeps the user highly motivated.
  • The exercises are designed to be safe even for people who are unfit or suffering from medical conditions as the pace is slow and the moves explained in detail. There were praises from disabled war veterans who used the some parts of the game (the Pilates and the stretching) from wheelchairs!!
  • The game will keep the whole family involved, with games and features (like the walk around the globe) designed especially with the younger users in mind.


  • The game is on the costly side for a workout programme, selling for almost $100 as new. Compared to a DVD (or a set of DVDs, to cover for the various training routines) and taking into consideration that one has to owe a Wii console and various remotes in order to use the game, ExerBeat comes out as a rather expensive workout option.
  • For some consumers, the grievance was the breaking of the exercises into mini-sets and the pause for feedback at the end of each set.
  • Some reviewers found some of the features child-oriented (the round the world, the scoring and the length of exercises) and recommended it for a younger audience.

Is ExerBeat better than similar fitness games?

Obviously, this is a Wii game so it would only be fair to compare it with similar Wii products. There are many reviewers who have done the comparisons for us and the majority declare it as superior, more varied exercise game than the previous Wii games.

PT Cruiser compares it to We Cheer and We Cheer 2 and declares it superior due to the endless exercise variations and to the clear instructions that accompany the routines.

Wei Hsien Li, a clear adept of the Wii games (her collection includes Wii Fit Plus, My Fitness Coach, We Cheer 1&2 and Just Dance 2) was very satisfied with the fact that the game covers a wide ground including cardio dancing (aerobic, hip-hop, latin), martial arts (boxercising, karate), body conditioning (streching, yoga, and Pilates.

For people who prefer a serious workout without many prompts, like Captaink, Gold’s Gym Dance Workout and Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout were recommended.

How does it rate overall?

The video game receives a 4.3 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. It is a enticing exercise video which appeals to young and old alike. It could probably be tweaked by having the Round the World feature removed so that it suits the needs of users who have an advanced level of fitness or lack in patience.

Where can I buy it and where can I read more reviews?

The product sells as new on Amazon for a discounted price. If you need to read more reviews before you decide to buy, head over and have a look.

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