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There are a number of reasons why diets fail to produce any results: expensive food, odd or nutritionally deficient food, not enough food, or attempting to provide separate meals for the dieter and for the rest of the family. Fortunately, "Everyday Paleo" Book is a way to eliminate all of these problems, and provide meals the whole family will enjoy.

Not only are the menus provided in "Everyday Paleo" Book tasty, they are also nutritious and filling. "Everyday Paleo" may be just the solution to your search for a sensible diet plan that everyone can eat, helping you to lose weight and helping everyone in the family to become healthier and more fit.

What Is "Everyday Paleo" Book About?

Sarah Fragoso had tried for years to get rid of excess weight, but it was not until she discovered paleo diets that she was able to do so. Not simply a book of recipes, Sarah provides you not only with a wide range of tempting meals, but also an exercise plan that will help you to tone and strengthen your body.

Based on the foods eaten by our distant ancestors, "Everyday Paleo" will help you to return to your dietary roots, eliminating artificial foods, such as grains and dairy, that have contributed so much to the epidemic of obesity.

"Everyday Paleo" has a 30 day meal plan, so that the family will not become bored with the same old thing, and also gives you a shopping guide so that you can pick up all that you need for the week, rather than having to stop every day for something for dinner – a real time saver for those working outside the home.

What Are Others Saying – Does "Everyday Paleo" Book Really Deliver?

After suffering from yo-yo weight loss and gain for 30 years, Jeannine Louisell “Jalpiglet” has found that "Everyday Paleo" Book is helping her not only to maintain a previous weight loss, but reports that “I have never felt better in my entire life than I do right now. At age 42, I am currently 15 lbs UNDER my Weight Watchers goal, I am leaner, I am stronger, and most importantly I am happier.” This reviewer has benefitted not only from the diet, but from the exercise program.

Jon also has found that "Everyday Paleo" Book works great for him. He likes the combination of diet and exercise the book promotes and says, “I have lost 20 lbs so far in a month and a week eating Paleo.” One of the things this user likes so much about Everyday Paleo is that it is an easy plan to follow, and the food tastes great.

Chronic pain, whatever the cause, is no fun, but R. Davis has found that the combination of the right foods and exercise has helped alleviate most of her discomfort. Additionally she says that, “I've lost 15 lbs.” This reviewer has found that Everyday Paleo has helped get her husband and children eating healthier food, too.

Will "Everyday Paleo" Book Help Me Lose Weight?

The theory behind this paleo diet book is that our caveman ancestors were among the most fit humans ever to walk earth, and this was because of their diet. These early people ate meat, vegetables, and fruits; grain and dairy products were not really a part of their diet.

Grains are looked upon as being the serpent in the apple tree as far as health is concerned, and "Everyday Paleo" Book will help you to provide great meals that can help those who are overweight peel off the pounds while keeping the entire family well nourished. Some dramatic weight losses are possible, grannieleeannie states that, “I have lost 40lbs., and am feeling the best I have in years.”

Others who have applied "Everyday Paleo" Book have lost 15 to 20 pounds without feeling deprived. An even more dramatic and life-changing weight loss was experienced by Rhonda Shipley, who says, “I'm down 120 pounds.” This reviewer has all but eliminated her diabetes and high blood pressure medicines, too. "Everyday Paleo" Book would be great if you have overweight children in the house, too.

Pros and Cons


  • "Everyday Paleo" Book helps the user return to a healthier and more natural diet, which can result in significant weight loss.
  • This dietary plan can be used by everyone in the family, there is no need to prepare separate menus.
  • Children and husbands enjoy the meals.
  • The 30 meal plan gives you plenty of recipes to choose from, and Sarah even tells you how to pack paleo lunches for your kids.
  • The included exercise program gets you into shape easily, and provides instructions for beginners as well for those who are advanced.


  • Some of the users found the recipes bland.
  • A few people thought that the ingredients for the recipes were expensive.

Problems and Complaints

One of the complaints to surface most was the flimsy way in which the book was put together. Some of the reviewers said that the pages began to fall out almost at once, and some had to have "Everyday Paleo" Book rebound.

A few people thought that the pictures accompanying the recipes were unattractive and shoddy. The fact that salt is very restricted in Everyday Paleo meant that the recipes tasted bland or tasteless to some of those who purchased the book.

Is "Everyday Paleo" Book Better Than The High-Protein Cookbook?

While nearly everyone who bought "Everyday Paleo" Book was happy with it, there was a certain degree of dissatisfaction from users of The High-Protein Cookbook. The High-Protein Cookbook was thought to require far too many expensive, hard-to-come-by ingredients.

The recipes were also considered to contain too much fat and the addition of carbs to the diet in The High-Protein Cookbook means that those looking for a paleo diet should avoid this book altogether.

How Does It Rate Overall?

"Everyday Paleo" Book was a very well received book on Amazon and received 4.9 out of 5 stars. Out of 251 review for Everyday Paleo, 232 were 5 star comments, and there were no 1 star reviews at all.

This book has helped those who are searching for a way to lose weight, as well as provide good nutrition and an exercise plan. "Everyday Paleo" Book is a diet plan that can be used by everyone in the family.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews?

You can purchase "Everyday Paleo" at a 42% discounted price on Amazon. There is no better place than Amazon if you want to take more information about this equipment. "Everyday Paleo" is in stock right now and you can also also read more reviews for the book.

Holistic approach to weight loss

Thanks for the review of the Everyday Paleo. It seems that Sarah Fragoso is taking a holistic approach to weight loss and nutrition. For years I went to the gym trying to lose weight and tone up with no results. It was after as I was taught that it is the combination of workout and diet that bring the desired weight loss outcome. In my experience it is 80% diet and only 20% training and Sarah Fragoso seems to have grasped this in her Everyday Paleo plan.

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