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Identifying the ‘Negative’ People in Your Diet Plans

One of the first things that we do when we start a diet plan is identify the things that we have to do, and the things that we have to not do.  These rules are ostensibly easy to follow, but most of us don’t realize that things become slightly more complicated if there is a person perpetrating the things that you shouldn’t do (especially if that person is someone close to you and influential in your decision making process). 

Although you could argue that you are ultimately responsible if your diet succeeds or fails, you can’t argue that knowing which types of these people you should avoid would save you a lot of energy resisting their negative influence on you.  Here are three (in my opinion) of the most threatening types of people to your weight loss goals: 

 1. The ‘health-nut’ friend:

Staying away from people who aren’t obese may seem extremely counter-intuitive, but a recent study published in the journal Obesity suggests that hanging around obese people could actually increase your motivation to lose weight. 

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The Phenomenon of Internet Addiction Disorder and How it’s Ruining Your Diet

Internet Addiction Disorder has been a subject of much contention, to put it mildly.  Not only is there an immense lack of research on IAD, but the nature of the internet itself makes it open to categorization as both an addiction as well as a new mode of socialization.  

What exactly is IAD?

Where some studies suggest that IAD be compared to a gambling addiction, others attribute overuse of the internet to existing disorders.  Regardless of whether or not IAD should be considered its own psychological disorder, or if the internet is simply exacerbating existing ones, there is fairly strong evidence that spending more time on the internet can directly and indirectly lead to weight gain. 

So how is the internet making me fat?

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