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When a man is looking to get into shape and for some strength training, it can be hard to decide which program to follow. Signing up at a gym can help, but now your time isn’t really your own anymore, and you will have hefty gym fees besides.

You can buy a piece of exercise equipment, but if you live in a small house or apartment you may not have room for it, and once again, cost enters the picture. What if you could get a strength training and aerobic exercise program rolled into one, and not spend a fortune, either?

This is just what can be possible with "Enter The Kettlebell!" This book will get you started on the road to a strong, powerful body, with instructions by the guy who used to train Soviet Special Forces.

How Does "Enter The Kettlebell" Work!?

Unlike dumbbells, kettlebells not only build strength, they use the force of momentum to develop your body core to the maximum. The greater range of motion and flexibility of the kettlebell builds muscle and stamina fast, and also increases balance and coordination.

"Enter The Kettlebell" can help any man start on the road to body building with a comprehensive and challenging program. Pavel really knows how to get the juices flowing, and if you are serious about getting into shape, increasing your energy level, and building some muscle, you just can’t go wrong with this book.

What Are Others Saying - Does "Enter The Kettlebell!" Really Deliver?

It took Anthony “mrwhy” some time to get "Enter The Kettlebell!", but he is glad that he finally took the step. Anthony has found the results to be exceptional and says, “I have now tried kettlebells and Pavel's program and attest that these are the real deal.” Using dumbbells just could not give this man the range of motion and core building that he was looking for.

Beginners will find "Enter The Kettlebell!" a great way to get started with using these exercise devices. Pavel starts you off slowly with a minimum of exercises, but New England Yankee found that, “I have repeatedly gone back to the book to refine my technique, finding details and emphases I missed in the past.” The detailed explanations for each exercise and the photos accompanying them helped Antonio work out effectively.

Gator70 hates going to the gym, he just doesn’t like the atmosphere, so "Enter The Kettlebell!" has helped him get into shape at home. He has found that “I get more out of a 5 five minute get up drill than I do working out for 30 minutes in the gym.” The price of the book and kettlebells were considered reasonable by this purchaser.

Will "Enter The Kettlebell!" Really Help Me Build Strength And Get Into Shape?

The beginner’s program handled in "Enter The Kettlebell!" can help just about any man get moving on building muscle and strengthening their cardiovascular system. Unlike dumbbells, the range of motion involved in kettlebells gives you an aerobic as well as a muscle building workout.

Even if you haven’t exercised in quite some time, but are looking to get back into shape, you will find that Pavel’s instructions can help you to build muscle fast. In fact, D. H. Kelpinsky “Desert Guy” has found that “Presently, with no diet, my core is getting stronger, and my arms, shoulders, fore arms, legs etc are transforming into muscle! The flab is disappearing!” Desert Guy thinks this book can help anyone get into shape.

Pros and Cons


  • "Enter The Kettlebell!" gives you an effective program that works as promised.
  • Lets you work out when it’s convenient for you.
  • Gives both a cardiovascular (aerobic) workout and a strength building one.
  • Detailed instructions make it easy to follow the program safely.
  • The pictures help you to see how the exercise should be done.
  • Pictures of the ‘wrong way to do the exercises’ will help you to avoid these errors.


  • Some people felt the book was too expensive.
  • The tone of the book, Pavel’s way of ‘speaking’ bothered some readers.
  • A few people were injured when using the kettlebells.

Problems and Complaints

There a few complaints that centered around the fact that the publisher put a lot of advertisements into the book, and some people did not like the bantering tone that Pavel uses.

Also, one person broke his arm when using the kettlebells, so some caution, and adhering strictly to the instructions is necessary. However, most people experienced no problems when using kettlebells and felt that "Enter The Kettlebell!" improved their fitness and strength.

Is "Enter The Kettlebell!" Better Than Shape: Best-Ever Hollywood Workout?

Judging from the reviews given for both programs, it would seem that "Enter The Kettlebell!" gives you a more comprehensive programs for aerobic and strength training. Some of the people who bought Shape thought that it was boring and disappointing.

Shape seemed to add nothing to the exercise program of a number of its users, while almost everyone who used "Enter The Kettlebell!" reported that the program was effective, and no one found it boring.

How Does "Enter the Kettlebell!" Rate Overall?

"Enter The Kettlebell!" received 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon, reflecting general customer satisfaction. Most men who used Pavel’s exercise program got good results from it. This book provides a solid base on which a beginner in kettlebells can work from.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for "Enter The Kettlebell!"?

The price on Amazon reflects a savings of over 30% from list price, too, and the book is also eligible for free shipping under the Super Saver Shipping program. Buy this product at a 34% discounted price. There is no better place than Amazon to give you more information about Enter The Kettlebell! You can also read more reviews here.

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