Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery by Levine, Bontmpo-Saray and Urban-Skuros Review

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One of the biggest questions facing anyone who has had some sort of gastric surgery for weight loss is, “What the heck can I eat?” After weight loss surgery, things have changed, and a different sort of diet plan needs to be followed. Most of the diets recommended for those who have undergone bariatric surgery are tasteless, unimaginative, and bland, and when Pat Levine was faced with this sort of food, she decided she had better do something about it.

The result of Pat’s efforts, Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery, is a collection of delicious and nutritious recipes that will keep the bariatric patient nourished, happy, and on line with weight goals. If you or anyone you know is having this surgery, this book will help to make their post-op life more enjoyable.

What Is Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery About?

When someone has had bariatric surgery, their nutritional needs change. Whatever the method chosen, the capacity of the stomach is reduced, so the ability to absorb nutrients is also curtailed. Your new diet must compensate for this if you are not to become malnourished, and the most important food group you will need is protein.

While the body is capable of storing fats and carbohydrates, there is no way to store protein – it simply must be eaten every day. Protein is important because it is what is used to create new cells, repair damage to the body, and grow hair and nails. Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery addresses this need with more than 140 delicious recipes that will help you fulfill your nutritional requirements every day.

Besides providing the necessary protein, these recipes are designed to be low in fat, so that your weight loss will continue until your ideal weight is reached.

What Others Are Saying – Does Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery Really Deliver?

A woman who has undergone bariatric surgery, S. Kim, found this book invaluable and states, “The recipes are varied, well-written, and most importantly, produce delicious results.” Because of the long recovery time and the need for an altered diet for the rest of the normal life span, Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery provided everything this person needed for good nutrition and tasty meals.

Not having to worry about buying exotic ingredients really appealed to ke11erk. At the end of each recipe, there is also information on what stage of recovery the recipe should be used with, as well as the size of the portion. Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery provided plenty of information for this person, and she says, “Great recipe book! Just what I needed post op.”

Even happiness over the weight loss can pall after a while if the meals you have to eat become monotonous and tasteless. For a long time, robyn58 was depending on the recipes given out at the doctor’s office for her food, and needless to say, it was getting boring and difficult to eat. The recipes in Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery keep her interested in food, but the right food! She finds that, “I can follow these receipts and more importantly I can afford the ingredients.”

How Will Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery Help Me?

Once bariatric surgery has been performed, the needs of the body will change. You will have to make major adjustments not only to what you eat, but when and how you eat. Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery can help you not only to eat the correct foods, but give you advice on how to eat them. Nutritional information about each recipe follows the instructions, so you will know exactly how much protein (very essential for the bariatric patient) you are getting. This book will help remove the guess work involved in post-op nutrition.

Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery will help you to understand why your body is working the way it is now, and how to continue with weight loss until your goal is reached. After you have lost the weight needed, the book will help you maintain that loss, too.

Pros and Cons


  • Provides over 140 recipes appropriate to the high-protein, low-fat diet needed by those who have undergone bariatric surgery.
  • The meals are interesting and tasty, and provide a good variety.
  • Nutritional information for each meal follows the recipe.
  • Most of the meals can be prepared with locally available groceries.


  •  A few people found the recipes difficult to prepare.
  •  Some complained that there were too many omelets.
  •  One person was unable to find the ingredients easily.

Problems and Complaints

Although Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery was generally very well received by those who bought it, there were some people who simply did not like the book. A few thought that the recipes were too complicated for them to follow, and thought they were more in the line of gourmet recipes rather than everyday food.

Some of the ingredients needed for the recipes were not available for one of the bariatric patients. Spectacularone “Angela” did not like the book at all and said, “Truly a book for the chef and not for the average housewife or working mom.”

Is Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery Better Than Other Bariatric Surgery Recipe Books?

From the reviews on Amazon, it would appear that Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery was much more favorably received than Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook for Dummies or Cooking For Weight Loss Surgery Patients. Both of these books (while not reviewed by many people) were perceived as having some faults, including having too much chat and not enough substance, and promoting fatty foods.

How Does Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery Rate Overall?

This book has been very much appreciated by most of the people who bought it after their weight loss surgery. They found that it helped them eat well, and stick to their diet without trouble. Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery received 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews For Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery?

Amazon is the best place to find out more about this bariatric surgery cookbook. In Amazon you will get you plenty of information about Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery. You can buy this product with a 41% discount. Free Super Saver Shipping is available when this book is combined with other eligible items. Read more reviews here.

My companion since surgery

I have had the Lap-Band now for 7 years. It is the first cookbook I seek out when wanting to try new recipes. I have not found it difficult to follow, though sometimes a little tedious, but some prep always is. My favorites are noodle free (zucchini) lasagna, grandma's potroast and the cauliflower w/cheese. Nothing says you can't add your own twist. I often added a broccolli/cauliflower blend. I just made it a little prettier. It has always been well received at potlucks. My sister is now investigating Lap-Band surgery and I will be passing my book on to her, she gave it to me in the first place, and will be ordering another.

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