Easy to Prepare Lean and Green Asian Shrimp Stir Fry

Watch Stacy Hawkins of TimeSavorGourmet.com as she demonstrates how to prepare a delicious Medifast "Lean and Green" Meal: Asian Shrimp Stir Fry!

“Lean and green” is a term coined by Medifast diet. Medifast users eat a "Lean and Green" meal as part of their 5+1 Medifast daily eating program. But "Lean and Green" is also a saying that has become a part of our life and daily routine over the last few years.

Stacy’s Medifast Lean & Green recipe is full of flavor and color. Her delicious recipe justifies her fame as "Queen of Lean and Green."

The most important thing is to have a well-stocked refrigerator or pantry where you can dig in and find ingredients, simple ingredients which would aid cooking and preparation at home. Running to the super store for every small item would leave to chaos and confusion and thus you may not be interested in cooking or eating the dish again.

The Asian stir fry shrimp is a quick and easy recipe which can be prepared within minutes and the ingredients would be available in your kitchen or pantry. You may just need to get the sauce for the flavouring. The recipe is quick to help you keep yourself fed when you need an instant fix and would have turned to fast food or junk otherwise.


The main ingredients that would be needed for this dish are a pack of pre-cooked shrimps which are easily available in the market and also a bag of frozen stir fried vegetables. Aside from that you would need some soya sauce which would be used to provide salt and seasoning and also some Asian salad spray which would give the items in the dish a tangy, punch for a taste along with a satisfying force that is needed to control the palate.

The best utensil to be used for such cooking is a wok because it has a large flat surface which can get large quantities cooked easily and evenly. To start with you must put one tablespoon of oil in the wok and allow it to heat up. Give the wok a little swirl to allow the oil to coat the bottom evenly so the vegetables or the shrimp do not stick.

Plan of Action

Once the oil is heated, pour in the frozen stir fried vegetables and allow them to sizzle in the heat and oil for two minutes. The two minutes would be enough to break them from their frozen state and get them warm. If they are cooked any longer, they would lose their crunch and the vegetables would also lose their colour, which remains vibrant and attractive otherwise. A number of researches have established that the taste of food largely depends on the way people look at it and for this reason, beautiful colours are a feast for the eyes, thus making the food a feast for the stomach.

After the vegetables have been cooking for two minutes, add the shrimp and allow another two minutes of cooking time. The shrimp does not need to be cooked longer because it is a bag of precooked shrimp and if it is overdone, it could make the meat tough and rubbery. While the shrimp is cooking, add soya sauce and some Asian salad spray, which is Medifast approved. They two combined with the moisture from the meat and vegetables will form a sauce for the shrimps to cook in. Continue stirring throughout the process to allow even cooking through the items and even distribution of the flavours.

Once it has been cooked, move it to a serving dish and it can be garnished with a mint leaf, or some chopped coriander. Serve it warm.

Do not get hassled about what to prepare during your binge eating sessions where burgers and hot dogs seem like the only option. Just whip up a stir fry using simple ingredients from your pantry and prevent yourself from losing control and losing focus from your diet. Eat health, eat well.

Author Byline: The post is shared by Jefferey Morgan. He is a health and fitness specialist who performs health risk assessments, conducts physical fitness tests, and provides competencies and knowledge to the students. Visit his site http://getthisripped.com/how-to-get-ripped-fast/ to know more on how to remain fit.

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