EAS Myoplex Lite Protein Powder Mix Review - Quality Protein, Boosts Metabolism

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Imagine Sipping on a Luscious Smoothie to Aid in Fat Loss!

When my daughter informed me I should drink a protein supplement while I was trying to lose weight, I thought she was goofy. Then she explained how quality protein helps your body and showed me her EAS Myoplex Lite for Chocolate Lovers. The manner of her presentation made me wonder if she worked for EAS. My furrowed brow, combined with hands on my hips, gave her the clue I needed more convincing. That’s when our research began. Come to find out, she is almost as smart as her mom! A good protein supplement really will help meet nutritional needs, increase muscle mass and aid in fat loss!

How is Myoplex Lite Good For You?

Myoplex Lite is formulated to include essential nutrients your body needs such as protein, vitamins and minerals to maintain muscle tissue. It helps you  reduce calorie intake and optimize fat burning. For many people, using Myoplex might be similar to the reasons my daughter swears by it. As a Division I athlete she takes it with her when the team travels. “My body tells me what I need. If I need protein I stir Myoplex Lite into an 8 ounce glass of water and drink it. That’s okay for me. It still tastes good and I get the protein my body needs. And, it keeps me full for about 4 hours.” She went on to explain other ways she drinks the protein powder to make shakes, but she always uses it once or twice every day. Athletes or people who want to be in good physical condition use Myoplex Lite for several reasons.

Dieters use Myoplex Lite for some of the same reasons, but the intended results might be a bit different. An athletic person might already benefit from a good metabolic rate. On the other hand, a dieter might choose Myoplex Lite to help increase metabolism. The product contains a soy-based element that suppresses or reduces thyroid hormone production. When a person takes in fewer calories, the body often slows down metabolism by producing more of the hormone. In turn, it becomes even more difficult to lose weight. Another benefit in drinking Myoplex Lite is to ensure healthy intake when you may not be eating all the calories or foods you should be eating.

In other words, while my daughter views food simply as “fuel to keep my body running . . . so why would I put bad fuel in my body?” and I view food as a much more complicated choice, both of us benefit from Myoplex Lite for different reasons. Her objective is to stay strong and lean while my goal is to transform my body and become stronger and leaner (meaning not as weak and not as fat). That’s why just about anyone would benefit from using this high quality protein product.

Specific Reasons to Use EAS Myoplex Lite

  • Quick and convenient
  • Faster recovery time after intense workouts
  • Helps build muscle mass
  • Helps in body transformation
  • Trustworthy name brand
  • Quality natural ingredients
  • Supplement for a meal
  • Speeds up metabolism

Ingredients in this healthy protein drink make it unique from other products. Myoplex Lite consists of ion-exchanged whey protein and the soy protein that helps regulate hormones released from the thyroid. The unique blend used in Myoplex Lite is called ProLean II. Each shake provides 20 grams of quality whey protein.

Which Flavor Of Myoplex Lite Shakes Is Best?

Myoplex Lite comes in flavors of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. My daughter likes all the flavors, but prefers chocolate. I like the vanilla flavor and often blend in fresh fruit when I use it to replace breakfast. It works great as a way to start the day. I feel more energetic and don’t get hungry before it’s time for lunch.

How To Use Myoplex Lite

If you want to sit back, relax and enjoy a protein smoothie, just add berries, half of a banana, a cup of skim milk and a serving of Myoplex Lite vanilla protein powder with a few ice cubes in a blender and you’ll have a yummy guilt-free shake! Actually, EAS recommends breaking meals up into 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day to achieve an optimal metabolism, but it seems difficult to get into that habit when everyone else is doing three meals a day.

Another positive aspect of Myoplex is the diversity of products offered by EAS. In addition to the powdered protein mix, Myoplex Lite also comes premade. The pre-mixed shakes might be a little bit smoother than the powder, but the cost is a little higher. Whether it’s worth the extra pennies is up to each person’s individual taste. Obviously, it’s convenient for those times when it’s almost impossible to mix your own beverage. Both types come in a variety of sizes.

Myoplex Lite Cheapest Bargain

The most economical size and the best value is found on Amazon.com. The larger quantity lowers the per day cost of the protein powder as it is discounted nearly 32%. For the powder form, the most economical size can be found here.

EAS Myoplex products contain the highest quality whey protein processed through a special method. The only other protein supplement I would consider purchasing is made by Jay Robb Enterprises. It is a similar quality whey protein with a reputable name behind it. Jay Robb uses stevia in the whey protein supplement. It is a similar price but I like the taste of EAS Myoplex Lite better.

Because the FDA doesn’t regulate these supplements, I wouldn’t consider using an unknown brand name. EAS is a trustworthy brand. Known throughout the world, EAS distributes products to over 50 companies. Some consumers might think Myoplex Lite is expensive. However, the old saying, “You get what you pay for,” is true when it comes to this product. The quality and results far exceed the dollar amount. My daughter, daughter-in-law and I pool our dollars to save on larger quantities on Amazon.


much cheaper at supplementwarehouse.com

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I Don't Think So

I  looked for the EAS Myoplex Lite Protein Powder at the SupplementWareHouse but I did not find it there. I don't think they carry it. Give me the link if you find the product.

Link to Myoplex Vanilla

supplementwarehouse.com/viewitem.asp?idproduct=1684 Here's the other main link where chocolate and strawberry can be found at. it's the box of 20 powder packets. supplementwarehouse.com/search.asp?strSearch=myoplex+lite&submit2=Go%21


I noticed in the information provided about the product you offer, there was no pricing? How is the product priced?

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Here is the Link to the Product on Amazon

Hi Meoshia,

here is the link to the product on Amazon where you can see the price.

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